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This is Atop Mount Greylock, a modern day Ilvermorny rpg. At Greylock, we ignore the existence of the characters of Harry Potter and create all original characters so that we can be free to play in the world created by our Queen, JKR.

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 Eva Blackwood
Eva Blackwood
 Posted: Jul 6 2017, 07:07 PM


Age / 17

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Beverley, England

In a relationship / Nikon Vitellius

Author Alias / Clary


Post Count/ 72

Eva Blackwood
DOB: September 3rd
Blood Type: Halfblood
Age: 16
Wand: Hazel, Unicorn hair, 12 1/4 inch, Unyielding
Patronus: Dolphin
Amortensia: Old books, pencil shavings, vanilla cupcakes, strawberry pastries

General Appearance: Many people say Eva looks exactly like her mother, in many ways she is her mother. She has her golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes that looks much like the sky. She has a radiant tan skin that she worked on very hard while on her California vacations. She has one scar on her right temple from when she ran into the coffee table when she was younger. Eva is average height and weight, she tries her best to keep active.

Personality: Eva has always been the type of person that was shy and kept to herself. She always prefers to be in the library reading rather than going to crazy parties. She loves to learn new things get challenged mentally and physically.
Eva is a good person and has a trusting personality. Many people often go to her if they need advice. She keeps her friends extremely close to her and never lets them feel like they are not loved.
Eva believes rules are a necessary way of life. She is fond of rules and feels as though they bring a balance to the world. That being said, if it comes to someone she loves more than anything she would be willing to bend a few of them.

Brief History: Eva grew up in a household filled with magic and love. However, she was never allowed to practice anything outside of the house. Her mother was a pureblood witch and her father a muggle. She has one younger sister who is also a halfblood 5 years younger than her. She was never a good big sister and always felt that her parents paid more attention to her younger sister than herself. Eva did not embrace and accept her magic until she was accepted to Ilvermorny. Eva thought she was weird and not normal growing up with other children who were muggles. When she realized there were more like her; she embraced it and practiced willingly.
Eva feels like she is more secluded and feels as though she in need of some kind of adventure to make her life more exciting.

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