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 Eden Kerrigan
Eden Kerrigan
 Posted: Jul 3 2017, 05:27 AM
Eden Kerrigan

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Eden Connor Kerrigan

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Name: Eden Kerrigan
Age: 16
Date of birth: June 21
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Occupation: Student
Blood type: Mixed

Personality traits (the good...):

Ever the adventurous one, he loves to explore places, find new secrets and just have fun. He loves to experience life and always wants to make the best of everything. He values individuality, especially after having spent most of his childhood being compared to his older brother who could do no wrong. It's always been hard for him to make friends when everyone knew and compared him to his older, smarter, stronger brother. With his strange and quirky ways, he definitely challenges other people's patience. He's a curious one, always wanting to learn new things. He knows he's young and that there's still much to learn in this world, and as such, his beliefs are constantly changing. His ideas, the best ones anyway, always get him in trouble but have given him the most memorable experiences and adventures.

(...and the bad):

Some people might tag Eden as a trouble maker or rule breaker but he doesn't do things to make trouble in purpose. He's all about a good time, whether it's going dancing, partying, building blanket forts or flying on the school grounds. He's a bit mischievous, scatterbrained and all over the place and easily distracted at times (sometimes he gets lost following cats and Kneazles) and sometimes he says the wrong thing without thinking, but he means well. Tardiness is a real concern with Eden sometimes; it comes with being easily distracted. The brunet will react in two ways if he gets upset. He'll either goes ice cold and freezes someone out or he'll explode in anger; he doesn't deal with emotions or hide them well. Eden's not the best at school or studying; he'll probably never be top of his class. He suffers from low self esteem in regards to his grades, brought on by his father's high expectations.


At first glance, Eden might come across as fragile. Eden sports dark brown hair that tends to curl on him if it grows too long. He tries to keep it tamed most of the time. It goes well with his expressive grey eyes. In sunlight, his hair sometimes flashes gleams of gold. Standing at 5 ft 8 and weighing 56 kilos, Eden feels like he's all awkward limbs and sharp angles (except for his baby face), like his nose is too big for his face, his ears stick out too much, he thinks he's far too pale, his hair is all over the place, and he's always bumping or walking into things. It's like he hasn't grown into himself yet. This isn't even his final form. As a child, Eden had been teased for his looks. As it is, he still feels self conscious about them. Unable to help himself, Eden tends to broadcast all of his emotions on his face.

For clothes, he gravitates towards the colourful and the comfortable. Fashion has never been his strong suit. Most of the time, he dresses for comfort, and can usually be found in jeans and t-shirts and a pair of beat-up sneakers.

About a Boy:

When Eden was a child, he always felt like he had a normal, boring Wizarding family. His parents had that white picket fence surrounding the neat little house in suburbia. Though they weren't rich, neither were they poor and lacking in things. There was always food on the table and they had clothes and books and everything they needed. His parents worked hard but they made time for Eden and his brother Tristan. He remembered attending Quidditch matches and Christmases with stockings full and a fireplace crackling with warmth. He remembered bedtime stories from his mum and soup when he fell ill. As he grew older though, things began to change. His father began to change. As his older brother grew into an accomplished wizard in his own right, their father began to push Eden in the same direction, constantly comparing the two, and almost certainly always finding Eden lacking.

The year Eden turned sixteen, his father unexpectedly lost his job. Stress began build up and weigh the family down and slowly, his parents began to fight more and more until there were constant screaming matches in the house. Home for Christmas, the brunet witnessed these fights for the first time. He witnessed his father try to strike his mother and stepped in, taking the brunt of the blow. It would horrify Eden to learn this wasn't the first time it had happened, and seeing her child get hit was the final straw for Eden's mother. One big, hasty divorce later and Eden and his mother moved to San Francisco while his father and brother stayed in London. He gets angry when his mother even mentions his father, and while he's on shaky grounds with his brother, they don't much get along since his brother decided to stay with his father. There is no subject that is taboo to Eden, except for his family. His father's betrayal is something he can never forgive.


Eden loves fun and games. He loves tag, hide and seek, Quidditch (even though he's not the best at it), skiving off class, parties and letting loose.

He doesn't mind reading as long as it's not boring things, like textbooks. The brunet enjoys a good adventure novel here and there, though of course, he'd rather be out living the adventure.

With a giant sweet tooth, Eden almost always has some form of sugar on hand. Lollies, chocolates, gummies; he loves just about all sweets. He doesn't mind some good sour candies either.

He loves colourful things and cute things like kittens, puppies and baby dragons.

If you have a good pun or joke, Eden will always want to hear it.

...and dislikes:

Talking about his family and being compared to his older brother who could do no wrong.

He's also not a big fan of homework and thinks it cuts into time for other, way more awesome things.

Eden doesn't like people who are too serious all the time or people who don't know how to let loose and have fun.

He thinks snow is great but gets easily cold and much prefers the warmer weather. He thinks rain tends to put a damper on things.


The brunet doesn't have any lingering hobbies. He's more of a jack-of-all-trades type. He's dabbled in a little of everything, from chess to dancing to reading to sports. A bit all over the place, Eden likes to let his mood decide for him. One day he'll be doing arts and crafts, the next he'll be building a tree house somewhere on the school grounds. He'll show a keen interest in Potions for a week before deciding he wants to try his hand at learning the harmonica or maybe cooking. It's hard for Eden to keep focussed and keep his attention on one thing for long; he's always looking for the Next Great Adventure. The only exception is flying. Though he's not the most confident playing Quidditch, Eden feels at ease on a broom. He loves taking to the sky and letting it take his mind off his problems. He could fly for hours and never get bored.
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