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 William Urikhvost, Auror
Will Urikhvost
 Posted: Jun 22 2017, 01:33 PM

Age / | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown /

Single | Broken / N/A

Post Count/ 7

Redshirt | They/them

We make our luck. -Will Urikhvost

General Information

Name: William Uzeal Urikhvost.
Age: 28.
Birthday: February 16, 1989.
House/Year: Slytherin alumnus.
Blood type: Unknown.
Wand: WIP.
Amortensia: WIP.
Patronus: Wild boar.

Place of Birth: Svoboprudny, Russia.
Home: N/A
Spoken Languages: Russian, English, Gaelic, Bulgarian, French.
Unspoken Languages: N/A
Allergies: N/A


user posted image

Eyes: Cold blue.
Hair: Dark brown.
Height: 6’1”.
Complexion: Tanned.
Face claim: Stephen Amell.

Dress Style: Business dress is his casual dress.

General Appearance: Perhaps the first thing people notice about him is the darkness around his ice blue eyes that suits his dark hair and stubble. He has a classically handsome face that’s made of pleasing sharp angles and straight edges, an aquiline nose that points down to thin lips. Though his suit hides the plains and dips of his muscles of his peak physical condition, he wears his tailored clothes loose enough to not advertise the fact. Regardless, he’s the posterboy of good health. He stands at 6’1”, but his forceful presence often makes him feel bigger than he is.


He’s unapologetically Russian though he does not carry the accent when speaking in a foreign tongue unless he’s asked to. While he may seem serious, he’s fun-loving when around those he considers friends. He’s picked up plenty of Americanisms and Briticisms though, and is capable of blending into whatever culture is necessary.

When he’s angry or upset, which isn’t often [WIP]



Family & History

Father: Mr. Urikhvost, biological, Russian, deceased. No memory, just carries the name.
Mr. Breathnach, foster father, Irish. Loves his father and tries to never take anything for granted as a result of his upbringing. His father taught him many things and was more than just a placeholder dad, he was a dad to him growing up.

Mother: Unknown biological mother, Russian, deceased. No memory.
Mrs. Breathnach, foster mother, American.

Siblings: Louisa Breathnach, Sister, 23, Healer. There is nothing Will wouldn’t do for her. He misses her while he’s traveling. When he visits, he enjoys sharing what few unclassified stories he can in exchange for the horrors of her field. They’re loyal to each other. Whenever one or the other would get into trouble with the parents, the other would step up to take half of the blame.

Will scraped through life on the coattails of privilege of his own making. Through sheer force of will and his “luck,” the precocious five-year-old managed to circumvent the awful system set in place in Russia’s young wizard fostering program to finagle himself into an English-Irish family of some wizarding renown. He’s the oldest child to the Breathnach, a half-Irish, half-American family, and they taught him love, acceptance, and gave him the opportunities that were afforded to them. The precocious young Russian knew only conversational English until they pressed him with an accelerated course schedule with a motley of in-home tutors.

There were articles proclaiming that the Breathnachs finally had a child as it was believed that they could not have one of their own. A year later, to their delight and surprise, Louisa was born. Will was worried that her presence meant he’d have to go back (to Russia’s orphan slum). After lashing out, a magical storm (his first large scale magical act) destroyed their home’s interior. The electrical storm ripped down paintings, sleet and rain damaged all of the wood of their furniture, and any fabric was torn up in the gale-force winds. Fortunate that they had the money to spare for renovations, they realized his tears of anger were those of fear.

Will was ashamed of his “difficult behavior” after he met Louisa. She quickly became his favorite person, a hard position to beat once he’s set his mind to it, and he decided that she would want for nothing so long as she was his sister. The Breathnachs found both children special. So it was no surprise when Will received his Hogwarts letter. Louisa was loathed to see him go and pleaded her best six-year-old case as to why he should remain. “You can come to my birffday if you really want to.” He left with tears once again in his eyes. Louisa is, as of today, the only woman capable of this feat.

His years in school were unremarkable. Sorted into Slytherin, he as gregarious and charming as he was manipulative, he made many friends and very few lasting enemies. Will was considered an exotic student and friend, having learned Gaelic and English prior to school and went on to learn Bulgarian (a housemate taught him), French (Beauxbatons transfer student), and would apply his heavy Russian accent to either titillate or terrify the other students for shits and grins. His foster parents having set the example, however, he took his schooling seriously. He excelled in his coursework though he struggled with Herbology which required nurturing and care.

When Louisa joined him at school, in time for his fifth year, they were thrilled. Despite the age differences, he would sit with his Hufflepuff sister and share library space when she worked on her assignments. She tutored him on gardening and herbology, and he practiced DADA and potions with her. If anyone thought their friendship was odd, nobody dared mention it to him. Louisa was the kindest soul at school, destined to be a great Healer.

Will picked up the pace with his studies, he ditched his interest in girls early to make room for his obsessive studies to fast-track him to become an Auror. His purpose was to prevent circumstances like his childhood. A message had been sent to him in his third year from his orphanage concerning the straits of his childhood, of which he remembered little outside of his foster family, and he was hell-bent on revenge.

During one summer vacation, his foster father explained that their family inheritance would likely be split between the two children. Will insisted that his sister receive it all. He did not explain why though his father understood that he was a promising candidate for the Auror program and money was no obstacle.

He graduated from Hogwarts with the grades necessary to put forth a competitive application. He was received by the Auror office with due haste and pushed through three difficult years of training. Among many things, he learned how to conceal objects on himself, how to disguise himself, the applications of various poisons and antidotes, the necessitation of the dark arts against wizards and witches who would do you harm, how to coax information out of an unwilling assailant, stealth and tracking among many other schools of thought pertaining to his internship. All of this and a steady and solid schedule of practical defensive magicks. His dueling prowess was remarked as “unforgiving.” The same “luck” that he said he made for himself was the pit of determination that carried his purpose. He graduated, the only successful graduate from the program that year.

With his training completed, he was permitted a short leave with directions for his first assignment pending. Not one to squander an opportunity, he immediately set out to spend time with his family. He reacquainted himself with old friends and his family. Louisa was in the midst of her healer’s residency; he couldn’t be more proud of her.

With his free limited time in service as an Auror, he explored the contents of the correspondence he’d received while he was in school. The clues pointed to his hometown in Russia. He bided his time, promising himself he would exact painful revenge. Years of his work with the Ministry took him as far as France, but never Russia. His frustration was palpable. Somewhere in that festering country were the people that stole his blood from him. Finally, seeing that his jobs were mostly localized to undercover missions within the UK, he put in for a leave of absence.

Undeclared in Russia, he had a run-in with a dark cult there. Unable to pursue that line without the express permission of the Ministry of Magic, he turned to anonymous vigilantism to destroy the dark nest, obliterating it from inside. However, that was only one location, another he traced back to America.

On returning to the Ministry of Magic, he posted a request to fill the position of a temporary hire by MACUSA, where he’s been accepted and has been sent to his new post in Massachusetts.
Will Urikhvost
 Posted: Jun 23 2017, 08:17 AM

Age / | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown /

Single | Broken / N/A

Post Count/ 7

Redshirt | They/them


Will's threads are listed in chronological order with the exception of the arcs.


REPORTING FOR DUTY.: Introduction and transfer of Will to the MACUSA. Raphael, an industrious secretary for the Auror Head Ambassador to America, introduces lawyer, Brianna Japos. [FIRST OF THREE THREADS.]
Biting the Bait.: Will attempts to make progress on Brianna's case over dinner with a tour of Greylock following. [SECOND OF THREE THREADS.]
[+]Due Diligence: Further establishing himself in Greylock, Will honors his promise to Brianna and helps close her wheelchair assault case. WORK IN PROGRESS


[+]New Arrivals: Will vets Robin, a potential roommate.


Misguided Love: A stalker threatens Clara Abernathy’s love life and love of her life. Auror Will is asked to step in. The first installation in a two-part plot, they try to hunt down the culprit and find a bizarre shrine devoted to Clara and (NPC) Antoine Laveau’s obsessive love for her.
A visitor?: Like a superhero, Will saves a puppy. He meets Ms. Adeline Rose and has a brief run-in with his long-time mentor and friend, Kiri Allain!


Misguided Love: A stalker threatens Clara Abernathy’s love life and love of her life. Auror Will is asked to step in. The first installation in a two-part plot, they try to hunt down the culprit and find a bizarre shrine devoted to Clara and (NPC) Antoine Laveau’s obsessive love for her. [FIRST OF TWO THREADS.]
Update on Case: Clara requests an update on her case.
Pour some sugar on me.: The second thread in the stalker plot that threatens Mark Pickle's life and Clara's livelihood. [SECOND OF TWO THREADS.]


[+]A Cluster of What?: After slogging through a gruesome crime scene, Will requests Lee's help in drug-related case. WORK IN PROGRESS


[+]A Cluster of What?: After slogging through a gruesome crime scene, Will admits to his close friend, Lee, that he'll be on assignment for a while. WORK IN PROGRESS
Eyes wide shut: Will under the guise of Uri meets Nina Locklear, the beautiful Care of Magical Creatures professor, and enjoys tea and a tour on his first day in.
Lost and Found: Will tries to establish a routine his first week at the school while he acts lost as Uri. He meets Sata, the librarian who's fluent in Russian, and bumps into Kiri who leaves suspicious of Uri.

[+] indicates WIP.
Underlined threads indicates completed thread.
Strikethrough indicates a completed arc.
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