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 Jule-Rae Morrisett, Everything is Temporary
Jule-Rae Morrisett
 Posted: Jun 17 2017, 10:47 PM


Age / 18 | Height / 5/4

Pronouns / She, Her, Hers

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Stratford, ON, CA

Single / n/a

Post Count/ 27

lari | still a muggle

Jule-Rae Morrisett

user posted image

Name: Jule-Rae Morrisett
Age: 18 – May 4th
Hometown: Stratford, ON, CA
Blood type: Pure-Blood, goes way back in the family.


Free spirited, open minded, bold and a bit of a tease. It seems like she doesn’t have a care in the world. She’s straightforward and known for being impulsive. Jule’s good by nature, she does pay a lot of attention to and try her surroundings and always tries to help the people around her. Closer friends of her tell that she thinks too much about lost causes or things that “won’t get her anywhere”, she also gets bored way too easily and has problems paying attention to stuff she doesn’t feel like she really needs to know. Jule is haunted by some egoistic thoughts and mannerisms but she tries her best to overcome them. Since Jule-Rae was a child she held grudges, most of the time for serious stuff, and she knows she has some problems with letting things go easily.


Jule’s face is covered by subtle freckles that are only likely seen up close. Her shoulder length hair is always running wild but still somewhat in place. She isn’t very attached to hairstyles so she changes it from time to time. Jule-Rae have hazel eyes that sometimes are looking greenish and other times look blueish. Rae also has a small birthmark on the right side of her face. She stands at 5’3” and doesn’t care much about her weight, last time she checked she was about 104-107 lbs.

Story so far:

Jule-Rae was raised by her grandmother, and what a character her grandma was, since age four, as both of her parents were assigned to work in completely different places, her father started traveling the world doing research on magical fields and her mother always had to move around to do her journalist work. They then decided that Jule would live with her grandmother, simply to avoid any kind of trauma that the child could get from moving around all the time.

The child Rae could be described as a storm. She was mischievous, courageous and wouldn’t care a bit about rules or risks, she would willingly put herself in harm’s way for just a bit of fun or to even prove a point. Causing her grandmother a ton of troubles while the kid was growing up.

Jule-Rae always knew about her magical aptitude, what ended up with her convincing her grandmother, who was more than eager to teach, even though she had promised to child's parents that she wouldn’t, to train her on easier spells and apothecary.

With the coming of the age of nine soon to be ten, Jule was well aware of the downhill her parent's relationship was in, but she decided not to care too much about them, as there was a huge distance between the three, she also thought that she had her grandmother and that was more than enough for her. Until, well, probably one of the saddest Junes of Jule-Rae life. When her Grandma passed away. Jule noticed that her grandmother was acting weird, maybe even being too kind and cautious on a contrast of the careless old lady from before, Jule thought it probably wasn't anything, and sooner or later her grandmother would come back to her former self... She didn’t, she actually got worse and worse as she would not be able to use her elixirs to hide the disease. A lot of bedside conversations followed and the grandmother would do a good job of comforting Rae even before her own death.

Jule-Rae ditched her grandmother funeral to try to hide from her parents, but she was more sooner than later found by her mother, who took her back to the funeral. She knew that she would probably have to move but she didn’t want to go anywhere, she also couldn’t simply choose which parent she would like to live with. She didn’t even know what to do. Until the muggle mother of one of Jule’s friends volunteer to take the child in for the time being, as Rae parents explained that in one year or two Jule would attend a “Boarding School”.

The short time that she spent in her friend's household was a pretty overwhelming experience, she never thought about how a normal suburban life really is. She completely felt like an outsider looking in. It was so different for the then ten years old how siblings and parents would fight to end up hugging in just a bit later, parents being… parents… being around. A household that was… whole in a kind of way.

After a tad more than one year, the time Jule-Rae spent with the muggle family would come to an end as she would finally receive the Ilvermorny letter. She was more than ready and eager to go to the school of witchcraft and wizardry, as she would be dreaming about the day she would get to study there since her first visit to Greylock with her grandmother.

Ilvermorny was the place that reawakened the courageous and impulsive Jule-Rae, where she never felt like an outsider and neither alone. She realized that everything that was wrong in her life wasn’t her parent's fault as she would finally send and receive letters from them, always coming from two different places, but she had figured that part before.

She realized that everything is temporary, she let herself go, carried by her passion to the idea to make all these moments count.

Hobbies, Talents, and Misc:

• Jule-Rae’s name was decided after a… exchange of arguments between her parents, the father wouldn’t let go of Jule, he wanted a French name as the family original plan was to move to France after the child’s birth. The mother wanted to name the child Rae, to honor an old college who passed away on a tragedy years before. They ultimately decided to stop arguing and figured they liked the sound of Jule-Rae. Thus, the name was chosen.

• Jule became an addict to muggle TV shows, she became a full-fledged Doctor Who fan after having a lot of free time during the school breaks. She loves reading comics and such, and the books she read are usually to research about doubts she has.

• Jule-Rae loves conspiracy theories, no she doesn't strongly believe in any of them, but she loves the ideas of it.

• She has an undying curiosity about the outer space and alien existence, and yes, she did spend time researching it.

• She tends to tuck her hair behind her ear when she’s nervous with something, it doesn’t matter how nervous she is and what she is nervous about.

• Rae writes with her right hand, but she uses her wand and the majority of other tools with her left hand.

• Sometimes you can hear her fading Canadian accent on certain words.

• Her wand is made of Yew wood with a Horned Serpent Horn core, about 11” ¾, Slightly Springy flexibility. She got it in Greylock with her grandmother when she was eight, to start her early studies. The wand was given to her to return a favor the grandmother had done for the wandmaker.

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