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 A "Charming" Game we play, Advanced Charms Class
Lydia Chambers
 Posted: Jun 16 2017, 04:23 PM

Age / 33 | Height / 5'9

Pronouns / She/Her/Hers

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Surrey, England

Currently Single /

Post Count/ 183

Candie | She/Her/Hers

Lydia spent a great deal of time working on her lesson for her advanced students after the return from their Winter Break. Lydia had enjoyed hers immensely, despite having to go home for Christmas Day and being half way ambushed by her mother. Lydia still shook her head in disgust over that one. It was not how she wanted to tell her mother about Paras, but found herself having to tell her anyway when her mother had postponed her Holiday Party for Christmas Day that year just so Lydia would have to attend. After being introduced to the third self-absorbed pinhead that evening, Lydia took her mother aside and told her that parading her around wouldn't be necessary since she was already seeing someone. Lydia had felt guilty about having to use Paras as an excuse to deter her mother, but Lydia was not about to be paraded around again like a show poodle. Besides, she had managed to say very little about him, keeping his privacy intact, while appeasing her mother at the exact same time.

As usual, Lydia arrived early to her classroom to set up whatever materials she needed for the students and to make sure any spells that needed casting on the room were all in place before the students arrived. It did not do to be casting the spells she needed after the students got there. Lydia was putting up the finishing touches for her class that day on the board when the first of her students began to arrive. “Good Morning,” she greeted them cheerfully as she finished writing on the board. Once everyone had arrived and was seated, Lydia took attendance and then began her lesson for the day.

“Good Morning Class,” she greeted all of her students. “Today we're going to do something a little different, but extremely fun. We're going to play a game,” she told everyone, glancing around the room. “In a moment, each of you will receive a piece of parchment with five spells listed on it plus a bonus spell and instruction. The object of today's game is to be the first pair or group to complete all 6 spells including the instruction in order to win within a certain amount of time,” she told her students. “The first pair or group that does so will earn 200 points for your house plus a prize. This will be a timed event so time is of the essence,” she explained to them.

“You will all have approximately ONE HOUR to form your pair or group and complete all the spells on the list including the bonus spell and instruction,” she told them all. “If, after one hour, no one has clearly come out the victor, then the team that completed the most spells in the allotted time will be the victors,” she told them all. “Feel free to be creative with the usage of each spell, but keep in mind that you are not to use any of them on your fellow classmates without their permission. The only student(s) you may do that with are the ones in your grouping since they volunteered to work with you,” she warned them all. “Bear in mind, that also means that you have given them the same permission since you agreed to work with them as well.”

Lydia flicked her wand and a piece of parchment appeared on each of the students' desks. “Here are your lists...remember...you all have one hour to get everything on that piece of paper done or be the closest to doing so in order to win,” she reminded them. “As always...I will be wandering around the room, monitoring your progress should you need assistance. Your time will start..........NOW!” she told them, turning the hourglass on her desk upside down.

OOC: As with any other class posting, the 200+ word count still applies. You will be awarded extra points for any spell on the list whose counter-charm you know and can cast just as successfully as the one listed. Each spell will mark itself off the list as you complete the spells to eliminate any form of cheating. You will also be awarded extra points for how creatively you decide to use the spells on the list. The team that wins will receive a bag of assorted candy as their prize along with NO HOMEWORK due on their next lesson. Please note that wards have been placed on the doors and windows to the room to alert the Professor should anyone try to sneak out during the lesson. Anyone found setting off a ward will receive detention and lose points for their house. Happy posting everyone!! I look forward to reading your posts! Remember to feel free to tag Lydia should you have any questions or concerns.

Spell List and Instruction:

1)Color-Changing Charm
2)Germinio Charm-makes duplicates of objects
3)Freezing Charm-Causes subject to go completely stiff as if Frozen
4)Accio or Summoning Charm-only to be used on OBJECTS in the room, not people
5)Switching Charm

BONUS Spell and Instruction:

Invisibility Charm!! Must make yourself and your teammate(s) completely Invisible and are able to write your names in your own handwriting on the board behind the teacher's desk before the time runs out to win.

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