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 Kiri Allain, The Swamp Witch of Greylock
Kiri Allain
 Posted: Jun 15 2017, 05:41 PM
Kiri Allain

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Name: Kiri Allain
Age: Old
Blood Status: Pureblood
Home Town: New Orleans

Physical Appearance
At her best, Kiri can still own the room. Wrapped in the magically-shaped, seamless, floor-length gown she keeps in her closet, she glows and knows it. More typically, Kiri has settled into a "swamp witch" aesthetic, with a mottled orange woolen shawl and small collection of oddments from her voodoo origins. She smells of cigars and slightly dusty, like a museum exhibit that hasn't been maintained well.

Physically tiny, Kiri carries herself with the sublime confidence of an elderly wizard. Her hands are typically in her pockets, amid the myriad of candy and critters she keeps there. Her voice has developed an impressive rasp from too many decades of smoking the smelly cigars she keeps in her office.

Kiri's wand is housed in a walking stick she may or may not require. She enjoys mystique where she can get it. Topped with an osprey skull, the stick squawks emphatically when she's running late, which is often. This has endeared her to students somewhat, as her arrival is heralded with enough warning that she'll rarely catch them doing something wrong. Plus, you know, pockets full of candy. Her gris-gris is worn around her neck, or wrapped around her upper arm in formal setting where a necklace is inappropriate.

In The Classroom
Kiri assumes a parental role with most people she interacts with, encouraging them to pursue their interests and hobbies. She has, on four occasions, been forced to intervene for student safety, and takes the matter very seriously when it arises. A previous student gave her a needlepoint pillow she keeps in her office with "I've yet to have anyone die in my class and you will not be the first" stitched across the front. It's been a theme, though thankfully rarely.

While generally friendly with the class, overt bigotry, a disregard for safety, and academic dishonesty will all earn students a quick exit. All that's really expected is that students show up and try their best.

Out of Class
A cozy cottage-like room, Kiri's office walls are thick, musty timbers, and there's typically incense hanging in the air over the assorted furs on the floor. Lazily swaying, a hammock floats in the air, but moves out of the way so as not to be inconvenient. Kiri is happy to be approached by students and staff outside of class. Her door is always open.

At home, Kiri keeps her pet jarvey, Hortense, and a tank of miniaturized alligators from back home. Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde are pretty harmless at their current goldfish size, but a scolding voice warns away anyone who puts their hands in or on the tank. The style and furnishings are almost identical to her office.

Office Hours
While students are welcome to drop into Kiri's office or house in town any time, they have been reminded that Tuesday and Thursday 5 to 6pm is her religious service time. That will not be interrupted by your problems, shy of another Occamy lose in the kitchens, or something equally drastic. Any more students attempting to interrupt with questions about homework or exam times will find themselves locked out until 6pm.

Magical Aptitudes
With her introduction to magic through wandless Louisiana Voodoo, Kiri is very proficient at a limited array of wandless effects. True to the magic of her youth, she is quite accomplished at protective and luck-based magic (though only for people, voodoo doesn't do much for bolstering a weakened wall or the like). She also casts some truly impressive wandless hexes and curses. Her Conjunctivitis, Jelly-Limb, and Slug Vomiting curses, in particular, are things of... well, not 'beauty'. But impressive nonetheless.

Since voodoo offensive magic tends to operate under a belief that "if you wish someone harm, you should commit to it", she finds a wand very helpful for more middle-of-the-road hexes and jinxes. She still struggles with complicated transfiguration, but has largely gotten around that by becoming reasonably proficient at identifying transfigured things and returning them to their original shape. It's a work in progress still; she refuses to give her students the excuse to neglect a school of magic.

She openly encourages advanced Defence Against students to take up wandless magic, and will happily tutor them, especially those interested in pursuing a career in magical law. "An auror who has to stop casting spells just because they don't have a wand is an auror who is going to lose their last duel," as she has told many a student. She also insists on mandatory attendance at her Necromancy classes, where she feels its her job to explain clearly the differences between zombies, inferi, and how cultures across the world see spirits and the remains of the dead. As a side-effect of her particular brand of wandless magic, some of her students who become quite proficient will report ghostly figures in the corners of their vision while casting, or the feeling of support from invisible beings. But she maintains that the loa are there to help, so it's hardly a problem.

Annoying Habits
It's not that she thinks she's always right, but Kiri really likes dispensing advice. It makes her feel like she's helping. To that end, there have been a lot of "when I was your age" lectures.
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