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 Star Charts, Beginner Astonomy
William Carlisle
 Posted: Jun 14 2017, 07:23 PM
William Carlisle

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William could typically find something to complain about, but enchanted quills were not one of them. Pens broke, and covered you in ink. Pencils snapped and had to be sharpened. Computers were great, but he didn’t really understand them. An enchanted quill worked quickly, neatly, and if he were being totally honest he found the scratching of it on parchment very relaxing. In fact, he found it nearly relaxing enough he forgot he was working on a last minute lesson plan for his new students. This whole teaching thing was new to him, having recently been hired on as the Astronomy Professor at Ilvermorny. Now, Astronomy was totally his thing. Tracking the movement of celestial objects was something he was very good at and had used in practical situations (though he wouldn’t delve too deeply into that with his students – his previous employer at the MCUSA had been quite serious-looking when he’d told Will to keep his trap shut.). Teaching, however, was new.

Noticing the clock, he jumped to his feet, narrowly avoiding spilling his coffee all over his new suit and robes. It felt strange to be so dressed up, but then again, bills had to be paid. He entered the classroom about thirty seconds before a student followed, and breathed a sigh of relief, casually acting like he’d been waiting for them to arrive. He straightened his notes out, and took to scrawling his name on the board at the front of the room.

“Hello class. I’m Mr. Carlisle. Professor. Professor Carlisle. Gods that’s weird.” He took a deep breath and refocused. “Welcome to Astronomy class. Now, I don’t know what your last astronomy teacher taught you, but we’re starting new. We’re starting practical.” He hadn’t actually inquired about the previous professor, or whether there had been one. “As you probably know, astronomy is the study of celestial bodies and their movement. What you probably don’t know is why we study them.” He smiled and waited to see if any of the beginning astronomer’s would pipe up. “The stars and planets and moons, and just about everything up there can have a big impact on what’s happening down here. But beyond that, it is also very useful to know what’s above you in the sky. If you were ever stuck somewhere, without magic, what would you do? Assuming no muggle tech. Location is something you can always tell if you can see the skies.”

Will lifted his telescope, a gift from an old friend, and asked the students to find theirs - had they not purchased one, he indicated they could use one of the classroom ones. “Tonight’s lesson will be mapping your first star chart. Don’t worry – I don’t expect high quality. Just mark down what you see. What stands out to you. We’ll go over it after and see what you kids – sorry, young witches and wizards – spotted, okay?” Blank star charts floated their way over to his students, hovering in the air near them so they could make their notes without needing to place it on a table. "Oh, and check for ink on the eyepiece before you try the telescopes." Will was all too familiar with the kind of pranks people pulled when telescopes were involved - not just in school, but even at work.

Overall the evening was clear, and Will hoped the students would capture some of the more important things in the star charts they produced.

[[OOC: Alright, welcome to beginner astronomy. He's just trying to gauge what sort of an eye the young folks have for astronomy. I'll be checking all the responses, but please tag Will if you need professor intervention/answers/assistance!]]
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