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 Kijewski-Jareau Journal, History of and Journal entries by
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau
 Posted: Feb 23 2017, 07:44 PM
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau

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Title: Husband and Wife discuss adoption of two teenagers

Kiva’s hands were firmly pressed in a prayer fashion against her lips with her eyes closed as she leaned against the wall of the corridor. To anyone passing by her, she would look as though she were in a silent prayer. In a way, she was. Kiva wasn’t a religious woman and the ups and downs of her life proved to her that faith was something a person had to be strong in to really be able to cling to it and Kiva just didn’t have that sort of strength anymore.

“Kiki, he’ll be okay.” Jeff said from beside her, wrapping his arm around her in a comforting way. Kiva didn’t say anything but accepted the comfort from her husband. Instead of praying, Kiva thought back to when she was a young twenty something and had the strength for prayer that she often turned to when her father’s cancer had been at its worse. It hadn’t worked even then though because the cancer had taken the life of her wonderful father.

However, it was her father’s illness that caused for Kiva to leave the research team and become a teacher instead. If she hadn’t become a teacher, she never would have thought about becoming a mother and then she never would have met Jeff or had these five incredible children. Even so, the thought only made it worse for her. Her father’s disease led to this beautiful life and that was something that tortured her.

Healers rushed around her and she opened her eyes to figure out what was happening. She heard some say that his heart had stopped, they needed more time, they needed a miracle…. Was it Angel that they were talking about? Was it her son?
Kiva began to cry while Jeff tried to stop people to find out anything that was going on. They had been there for what felt like hours and no one would tell them a thing.

“He’ll be okay.” Jeff said, repeating his earlier comment. “He always bounces back.”

“Do you think he knows we’re here?” Kiva asked, clutching Jeff’s chest. “I don’t want him to think he’s alone. He looked so scared when the Healers took him away. I just want to be with him!”

“I know, I know and he knows that too!” Jeff reassured. “He knows how much you love him. How much we all love him. You fought so hard to get us to the point where adoption was possible for us. He knows.”

Kiva remembered just how difficult it had been for her just to convince Jeff to take him. It was around their third argument when he finally agreed to it.

”He has no one, Jeff. His parents are both dead and the woman who cares for him treats him like a monster!” Kiva told him, desperate for him to see her point of view. This little boy needed help. He needed someone who cared and Kiva really felt that they would be able to provide that to him.

“I just don’t understand why this is our concern? I understand he’s a student of your school, but why do we have to get personally involved like this?”

“Imagine Angel was Chloe. You couldn’t take care of her and she was sick. How would you feel if the person who stepped in to take her was someone who knocked her around and felt that she was a burden instead of a gift? And if this person who stepped in to help no longer wanted the responsibility of her because they felt it was too time consuming and stressful but the only other option was a Foster Care which was basically signing her to her death? Would you let that happen to your own child?” She was pleading quietly to him in their study while Chloe and Emery played outside.

Kiva really didn’t know why she was so adamant about taking Angel into their home but she felt it in her bones. This was something that she had to do. She had to keep him save. Watching him walk around barefoot and alone. He was so weak and never had known a day of love in his life. Kiva couldn’t allow that to continue. She refused and she needed Jeff to support her with this and allow the adoption to take place.

Jeff sighed. “Why is he different?” Jeff asked. It was a valid question. There were kids in need everywhere.

“Because he’s ill and lost and no one has ever loved him the way that we can. He absolutely perfect and he needs to know that with a family that will never push him away.”

Jeff stared at her for a long time before finally nodding. “Okay, you’re right. We have the financial stability to support a child like him who needs the amount of potions and Healers that he does.” Jeff stated. “But, more so than that, this family has had our own heartbreaks and love and family is what got us through it. He deserve at least that much.”

“He deserves so much more than that.” Kiva replied, hugging her husband in relief. He had agreed to bring a stranger into their home. A dying little boy. Kiva had cried into his shoulder. The pregnancy hormones might have been at play, but she felt so happy to know that they were giving a child a chance at a better life.

“Mommy, what’s wrong with Angel?” Harper asked. Kiva’s mother had been watching her while Jeff and Kiva waited at the hospital, but they brought her by for dinner. “Is he really badly sick now?”

“Yes Baby. Angel needs all the love that you can muster for him so that he can get better.” Kiva answered, opening Harper’s juice for her. “He had a really bad breathing attack, the Healers are trying to help him breathe normally like you and me.”

“I wish I can make him all better, Mommy.” Harper said, her usual childhood innocence shining through. “Then he wouldn’t have to live in the bubble anymore and can come play with me whenever he wants.”

“That would be really wonderful, Baby.” Kiva stated with a smile.

“Is Aya on her way?” Jeff asked.

“I think Mom’s trying to fire call her. She might not be home from work yet though. Walter’s going to wait at the house for her.” Kiva advised. Aya was another child with whom she had pleaded with her husband over.

”Again Kiva?” Jeff asked, clearly irritated. “We have our hands full with Angel and the kids, plus one on the way.”

“I know, I know, but she’s a completely capable young lady who has been living on the streets for the last couple of year because her parents basically treat her as though she’s dead. She’ll just get shuffled around Foster Care until she’s Of Age and then thrown out onto her own.” Kiva explained. “She won’t be any trouble for us.”

“Where will we put her?”

“There’s plenty of room in the basement. We were trying to figure out what to do with that one side of it. We can turn it into a bedroom for her.” Kiva said. “I know it’s not where the rest of us will be, but she’s a teenager and they like their space.”

“I don’t understand these parents at your school. They just throw their child away…” Jeff rubbed his eyes, tired from the day.

“I think it’s a cultural thing.” Kiva explained. “She’s from a Native American tribe.”

“Okay. Have Walter set up the paperwork.” Jeff replied. Kiva knew he was more accepting of Aya simply because she didn’t have the same medical costs as Angel did. “I’ll work on finishing the basement for her.” Jeff said before pausing, “What color do you think she’ll like it to be?”

Kiva laughed. “We can leave it white and let her choose.”

“Yeah, that’s probably best…. Teenagers.”

They were back in the waiting room and still waiting for the Healers to let them know what was going on. Aya had been told and Harper was sent home to be with her. “Mr. and Mrs. Jareau?” The Healer on call asked into the waiting room. Kiva and Jeff stood up and moved forward. “We did what we could for the time being. His lung collapsed from excess fluid that had been seeping into it. A new condition from what we are able to tell. He’s stable now, but he’s on shaky ground.” The Healer advised them. “We’ll have to see how he is in the morning.”

“Can we be with him?” Kiva asked. Her brain was too mushy with worry to even think about what was going on with him.

“Of course.”

Without any word, both parents ran off to their son’s room.

Kiva Kijewski-Jareau
 Posted: Feb 23 2017, 08:36 PM
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau

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In response to The Day She Learned the Truth about her Biological Mother

Title: Return of the Biological Mother Chloe at 16

The kids had been home from school for less than a week. While Jeff worked, Kiva spent her days in the midst of keeping Harper busy, making sure the teenagers didn’t get sunburned while they spent their days out by the pool, and with keeping Angel on top of his medicine treatments. They were long days for Kiva, but she never let it show. As much as she was exhausted going to bed at night, she was so elated to have all of her children home again.

Kiva was finagling the food arrangement for the party when the bell rang. Sometimes Emery’s and Chloe’s old Muggle friends came to use the pool and hang out (Kiva suspected they were coming around more because of Chloe’s bikini choices than to spend time with Emery), so Kiva suspected that was who was at the door and took her time to reach it. Some of Emery’s old friends were still the sweet boys they had been back then, but a couple of the others bothered her. They felt fake and forced and Kiva didn’t really want them around, but she couldn’t very well tell Emery to only allow one or two over without some sort of teenage rebellion.

When the bell rang again, Kiva sighed and made her way from the kitchen to the front of the house to open the door. Surprise sprang to her face when she found, not a gaggle of teenage boys hoping for a leg show, but rather, a haggard looking face of Chloe’s mother. “Oh, hello.” She greeted, a little uncertain. “How can I help you, Lottie?”

“Oh, um, hello Kiva.” Lottie greeted. Her eyes shifted around as though she were terrified of something jumping out at her. The look in her eyes and the way she fidgeted had Kiva deeply concerned. Lottie had been out of their lives, out of Chloe’s life, so almost a whole year and Kiva had been hoping to keep it that way. But, it was clear that Lottie would not have it and she had not given up on her choice of pastime. “I was hoping to see Chloe.”

Kiva hesitated for a moment while she thought about whether or not it was a good idea to expose her daughter to the woman in front of her once again. Chloe had been having a difficult time adjusting after what had happened and Kiva wasn’t sure if she wanted to put her through it all over again. Seeming to sense her hesitation, Lottie interrupted her thoughts, “Please, it will only take a few minutes.” Sighing inwardly, Kiva left Lottie at the door and went to find Chloe.

A moment letter, Chloe entered the hall opposite of her mother and slowly made her way to her. She had put on a cover and ran her fingers through her hair in an attempt to make it look neater (the downside to swimming made one’s hair dry terribly) and for some reason Chloe wanted to look decent for her mother – that is, her birth mother. “Lottie.” Chloe greeted somewhat coldly. Chloe really hadn’t planned to see the woman ever again, despite the letters she had written to the Pembroke family.

Lottie grinned widely when she saw her daughter. Chloe was everything Lottie wish she could be, mind, body, and soul. She just knew that if Chloe was in her life permanently, she was bound to get better. Her Healers said that she needed something positive in her life to hold on to and what was more positive than her own daughter? “You look beautiful, Daughter-“

“Please don’t call me that.” Chloe interjected. Lottie looked sheepish at the request.

“Of course, I’m sorry.” Lottie responded. “You must be so livid with me…” It seemed like Lottie was looking for some sort of reprieve for her previous behavior. Chloe gave her none. Lottie hesitantly started again. “I am so ashamed by what happened but you have to know that I have been working very hard to remain sober.”

“Good for you.” Chloe commented, still frigid.

“I, um, I was hoping that you might spend some time with me for the summer?” Lottie asked, her hesitation due to both Chloe’s attitude and because she felt awkward asking. The look of disbelief on Chloe’s face, had Lottie hastily adding, “My Healer says that in order to really make my sobriety work that I should have positives in my life and I just know that you would be the best positive to have!”

Chloe couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her mother wanted her to spend time with her simply to help her get sober? She was being used again? What was wrong with this woman? “How could you ask me to do that after what you did? After what you continue to do?” Chloe asked, clearly upset. Lottie tried to calm her down with what she would have hoped to be a calming hand, but Chloe tossed it away. “No! No!” Chloe repeated. “I owe you nothing. Please, just leave me alone!” Chloe turned quickly and ran off, afraid that she would start crying if she stayed a moment longer with the woman.

Kiva, who had been in the next room, gave Lottie a sympathetic squeeze before letting her out the door. She really hoped that would be the last that they would see of Lottie Pembroke.
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau
 Posted: Feb 23 2017, 09:01 PM
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau

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Title: Confronting the Biological Mother (part of the Chloe saga)

A couple of days before the party, Kiva was in the house cleaning when she heard Harper scream for her from outside, near the pool. Kiva started to jog toward the sound, but Harper can charging through the back door crying. “Mommy, she’s trying to take Chloe away! Don’t let her take her away from us!”

“What?” Kiva was mystified. Telling her youngest to stay inside, Kiva ran to the back and paused on the deck. She saw Emery standing in between two blondes trying to get one to let go of the other. One blonde, the one being tugged on, was her daughter Chloe. The other, her biological mother. Anger raged through Kiva at the sight of the woman. Taking her wand out, Kiva waved it at the other woman.

Lottie shot through the air and landed in the pool, wet, but otherwise unharmed. Looking at her children, both stunned, Kiva shouted at them to get into the house. Both jumped but did as they were told. Kiva turned to the pool and leaned down to help Lottie out of the water.

“Why did you do that?” Lottie asked, upset and soaked to the bone.

“What are you doing here?” Kiva demanded.

“I came for my daughter.”

“She is not your daughter.” Kiva spat out, her anger showing.

“I want her to come stay with me. I am her mother, I should be allowed to see her.”

Kiva moved so that she was only inches away. “I will say this one more time and never again, so you listen real carefully. You are not her mother. I am.” Lottie moved away, but Kiva just kept pace with her. “I was there for her when she started eating solid foods, there for her when she learned her first word and how to walk. I was there for her do help her with her homework. I learned how to braid hair just so that I could teach her how to do it too. I cleaned up her booboos, tucked her in at night, kissed her goodnight. I was there to talk about boys and about periods. About her first crush and heartbreak. And I’m here for her now while she tries to grasp everything that has happened to her this past year because of you.” Kiva took a breath.

“Giving birth to her does not make you her mother. You think that after one year of a few letters and then a couple of weeks of a handful of meeting that ended with you nearly dying in front of her makes you her mother?” Lottie opened her mouth to argue, but Kiva lifted her wand and Lottie thought better of it. “You are never allowed on this property ever again. If you so much as look at this house, I will have the authorities take you away with a snap of my fingers. I have tried, Lottie, I have tried to be understanding and supportive, but I swear to God if you do anything more to hurt her I will throw you in that pool without the water in it. Now get off my property.” Lottie didn’t move. “NOW!” Kiva’s raised voice was enough for Lottie to react and she apparated away.

Immediately following her departure, Kiva placed wards around the property to prevent anyone from apparating and disapparating from their home and then fire-called Jeff. They took Chloe to both the Muggle and Magical Authorities to make formal complaints regarding the attempted kidnapping and continued harassment. By the time they had returned for dinner, Chloe was in complete meltdown mode and spent her dinner in her room crying.
Harper Jareau
 Posted: Mar 30 2017, 05:19 PM
Harper Jareau

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Title: Missing A Brother

Dear Diary,

I dreamed of Angel last night. I haven’t dreamed of him in so long that it was almost scary. In my dream he hadn’t been sick anymore. He was drawing like he used to. Watching us and drawing. He looked so… happy. I know he wasn’t smiling. I will never know what that looks like. Mommy said that he had gone for so long without love that all his smiles were stolen away from him. I know now that she doesn’t actually mean ‘stolen’ but I still want to find his smiles for him so that I can see it just once even if it’s only when I dream of him.

Large tears began to blotch the ink on her pages as she thought about her late brother. He had died three years ago from the many illnesses that had plagued his small body. Harper missed him so much. She missed spending her days in his bedroom playing on his bed while he humored her with his attention. She knew that he didn’t care about her games or anything, she had known it back then too, but she hadn’t been able to stand the idea of him being alone in bed all the time and he enjoyed her company. Even if she was just a child.

Angel had been her very first best friend. He was always there. He always listened. He never minded her chattering. He never minded her imagination. He never minded her oddities.

Harper dropped her head down onto her now folded arms on her desk, letting the tears fall for a moment. She couldn’t remember the last time she had cried for her big brother and she hoped he didn’t think that she had forgotten about him. She hadn’t. She thought about him every day, but this day, this morning, she just remembered that he was forever gone and it hurt her heart so much that she thought she was broken again.

Harper picked up her quill again and wiped her eyes. There was so much about her brother that she had never been able to do for him or tell anyone and now it was all lost.

I wanted to be the one to save him. I wanted to be his hero. I wanted to find the cure that would heal his body. I wanted to have him with me forever. I wanted Angel to know how to smile and laugh. I wanted him to find someone to love and to live happily ever after like they do in fairy-tales. I wanted… I don’t know. I don’t know anymore.

I know that it wasn’t possible. His body was rejecting his life. Daddy said that his life was always going to be a short one because of his family’s history. His real family. I hate them. I love Angel and all that he is but I hate them so much for making him too broken for me to fix. Too broken for Mommy and Daddy to fix.

Harper sighed.

I think I’ll ask Chloe or Aya to take me to Angel’s grave today so that I can lay some flowers down. Angel always liked pretty things and flowers are beautiful….
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