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 Blaire Vice, Adventure Awaits
Blaire Vice
 Posted: Jun 9 2017, 11:59 PM

Age / 18 | Height / 5'7"

Pronouns / She/Her

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Rye, England

Single /

Post Count/ 78

Bear | She/They

Full Name: Amberlyn Blaire Vice
Age: 17
Blood Status: Pureblood
Home Town: Rye, England
Amortentia: Burning wood, the smell of the sky when you're at the top of a tree or high up on a broom, and a comforting smell she's found sometimes around the school.

Appearance: Blaire is, in a word, ginger. She's covered head-to-toe in freckles, her hair is orange, and her eyes are green-brown. She loves the fact that she's the only ginger in her entire family. It sets her apart from the bigots she calls her parents. Her mother spent a long time trying to make her absolutely perfect. Her once crooked teeth were painfully rearranged to be beautifully straight, her hair was kept long, and she was kept thin. She was taught to walk in heels, look modest in dresses, wear subtle makeup, and always smile at new people - "but don't make eye contact for too long! Women are meant to be small, submissive. Eye contact establishes dominance."

Needless to say, whenever she escaped her parents at school, all of that changed. She cut her hair nice and short - so it wouldn't dangle on her back or shoulders - and dyed the ends red. She collected fake nose rings, dramatic makeup pallets, ripped jeans and Muggle shirts. She was perfectly fine with being daring and confident in the way she carried herself. She could make eye contact, speak her mind, do whatever she wanted without someone behind her to scold her for it. After an altercation with her father and finding out she was being sent to Ilvermorny, she angrily cut off her long hair and shaped it into an even pixie cut. For the first time in a while, she was happy with her hair. She didn't feel it constantly brushing against her back. It was freeing.

Blaire stands at 5'7" and is around 115 pounds. She has a thin, athletic build, and is much stronger than she appears. One of her collarbones juts out noticeably more than the other due to falling out of a tree and breaking it summer after her third year. All in all, she's usually confident in how she looks. If she does makeup, which is usually only for special occasions, it's dramatic, but most of the time she goes without it.

Personality: From the outside, Blaire is a troublemaker. She doesn't care about breaking rules or doing what she wants. She's a confident socialite who would never turn down the chance to have fun. She's determined and fanciful, shooting for the stars and refusing to fall until she reaches them. She's constantly engulfed in wanderlust. She longs to see the world and explore places no being has been before. She's incredibly imaginative and adventurous. When she was younger she'd come up with her own adventures in her mind for her sister and her to do. Her thirst for adventure has never been quenched, but the small adrenaline rushes sneaking out after curfew or speaking out of turn in class gives her short-term highs that she's nearly addicted to. She has a particular sense of humor, usually exhibited through sarcastic insults or remarks. Most of her actions are done on a whim with very little - if any - thought given to them. She's a very proud person, which can lead to her becoming competitive if she's challenged - even jokingly. She never admits it if she's wrong, which means arguments can last ages with her, and she isn't afraid to hold a grudge. She's pretty much the least empathetic person in the world, meaning she almost never understands how other people feel - unless it's clear through a facial expression or it's verbally stated. She also tends to assume things about people before understanding them, meaning she can already feel a certain way towards a person without them ever having met.

Deep down within her, Blaire suppresses her worst thoughts and fears. She's self-conscious of her ability as a witch, knowing she's absolute rubbish. She hates the way she looks and the way her dimples look when she smiles. She constantly worries about disappointing people, even people she doesn't give a damn about. It's like she constantly has to do her best, or else she's not worth living. She's scared of hurting people by accident. She's scared of people hating her. She's scared of being ignored. She's scared of her parents and facing their wrath at home. Being at home is torturous. She's most afraid of losing control of everything, the world happening around her without her having a say in it. Growing up with constantly verbally abusive and occasionally physically abusive parents led her to become wary of people. She'll warm up to new people easily, but will never truly open up to anyone unless she's drunk or she really trusts you - the latter being incredibly rare. Whenever these feelings and fears bubble up to the surface on their own - usually triggered by an angry letter from her parents or a fight with a friend - she loses all of the kick her personality has. She goes out of her way to avoid people. She skips meals, isolates herself, gets irritable. She sometimes even cries - tears, for her, are incredibly sparse. Usually, she'll try to drown these feelings through alcohol. If she can't get her hand on alcohol - which she will go to any length to do in this state - she may self-inflict pain. Not to punish herself or because she likes the feeling, it's because it gives her control over something.

At home or around people similar to her parents, she changes. It's as though she retreats into her mind, only vaguely aware of what's going on around her, and allows her body to control itself, as if on auto-pilot. In this state, an outside observer may find her to be exponentially more submissive, seeming to just endure whatever is thrown at her. She keeps up her appearance, remembers her manners, obeys commands and rules. When the real Blaire comes back, her memories of whatever happened while she retreated are extremely fuzzy. She may remember if her parents were angry or if she met someone new, but most details are forgotten.

Quirks, Hobbies, and Talents: She tends to run her fingers through her hair a lot as a habit. Usually, she doesn't even realize she does it. With free time (which is anytime she's not doing something mandatory. School work is not something she considers mandatory), Blaire will do whatever she wants. Hang out with friends, explore the school, pull pranks. She greatly enjoys music and is often humming to herself or tapping out a rhythm. She wants to learn guitar, but her parents think it's a waste of time. Partying is also one of her favorites. If there's a rule, she'll usually make it her job to break it without getting in trouble. She doesn't necessarily mind getting in trouble, but the wrath of her parents is not fun to deal with.

Likes: She loves her sister, even though her memories of her are growing fuzzier and more difficult to recall. She likes being around people, especially close friends. She loves partying and doing anything that will get her adrenaline pumping. She loves music, especially Muggle "alternative rock". She'd listen to it for hours on her friend's enchanted record player at Hogwarts. She loves exploring places she's never been in before or climbing to the tops of tall trees or towers. The view from there is usually breathtaking and the feeling of being bigger than the rest of the world is empowering. She loves exploring in general and wants to explore the world, or maybe space since most of the world has already been discovered. Defense Against the Dark Arts is one of the few classes she likes. She loves the rush dueling gives her. If she didn't have to be married and take care of a family, she'd love to be an Auror.

Dislikes: She doesn't dislike that many things, preferring to not care about them instead. The feeling is very strong if she dislikes something. Some examples include serious situations, her parents, physical contact with people she doesn't know too well, going stir crazy, unhappy emotions, focusing on boring schoolwork for long periods of time, focusing on boring schoolwork at all, feeling weak or small, having no control over anything, and being home.

History: Blaire was born three years after her older sister, Genevieve. The entire family was proper and well put together. They all had matching dark-brown hair, blue eyes, and a clear complexion. Blaire, however, was the runt of the family. She was ginger, loud, messy, and the most unconventional. She climbed trees, played in mud, swam through lakes and creeks, all with her uncomfortable dresses on - which were almost all torn or stained. Genevieve, of course, always accompanied her baby sister everywhere she went. Any passerby would see a perfect family; the ideal housewife, the hardworking father, two inseparable sisters. And that's exactly what Silas and Vivienne Vice worked hard to enforce. Perfection.

From a young age, Blaire knew she wasn't the favorite. Her sister was constantly praised while she was ignored. Despite this, Blaire worked hard to please. She tried to learn how to walk in heels and do makeup and cook and clean, but her attention kept wandering outside. At five, after she ran out during one of her lessons to climb a tree, her mother pulled her back. "You can't do that," she'd say, "That's for boys."

Her meals were restricted to make sure she didn't gain weight. She learned manners and to behave like a lady, even though she hated every second of it. Any free moment she got, she dragged Genevieve outside to go on some adventure she had made up. Blaire was always the hero and Gen was always the damsel. Her sister was her closest friend in the entire world.

She was eight when her sister disappeared. Her parents explained that it was because she wasn't right. That she wasn't magical, like them, and that meant she was bad. Blaire had grown up understanding that Muggles and Muggleborns were bad, never questioning it. But when she found out her sister was one of them, she began doubting. How could anyone like her sister be bad? A particularly strong thought struck her one day. What if she were the bad one?

Her parents were so ashamed, they pretended Genevieve had died. They hosted a funeral for her and everything. Blaire didn't find out what truly happened to her sister, and her parents forbade her from mentioning any of it.

When she was nine, she made the mistake of voicing her concerns to her father, who lashed out, angrily. He yelled at her, pushed her. "No daughter of mine is a blood traitor!" he shouted. She had a bruise on her eye for a week from where he had struck her.

Blaire was lonely at home without Genevieve, forced to endure her parents' lessons and irritability all on her own. At ten, she learned how to retreat into her mind and let some subconscious alternate state take over her body when around her parents. Alternate Blaire learned to focus on her school work, obey her superiors, and be the perfect pureblood daughter. While retreated, real Blaire learned to suppress her worst feelings and fears. Her memory lapses were strange at first, but over time she became used to them. Memories of her parents yelling at her were not things she wanted to remember. She figured they were just suppressed and went on with her life.

Her years at Hogwarts were the greatest years of her life. She made friends and had freedoms. She could do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She could eat however much she'd want without anyone warning her about gaining weight. Summers and Christmases back home, she spent as much time as she could outside. She retreated into her mind as often as possible around her parents. Only occasionally did she choose to endure it. With every strike, every word, she added another brick to the wall she built up in her mind. She learned that at night when everyone slept and retreating into her mind did nothing to calm her, she could escape through her father's unlocked liquor cabinet.

Halfway through Christmas break of her fifth year, she received a letter. She hardly had time to open it and see the sender when her father took it from her. Genevieve.

"How many letters has she sent me?!" she shouted.
"That's none of your business," her father spat, "She's a disgrace, she's a Squib, and our family will stay far, far away from her."
"Maybe non-magical folk aren't that bad!"

The bruise on her face cleared up just in time for her to be sent off to Ilvermorny. Her father wasn't the happiest with the choice of school, since it was founded by a muggle and all, but decided it'd be the best place to get her away from her sister. He forbade her to befriend any Muggleborns, a rule she was determined to break. She missed her friends, but the farther she could get from her parents, the better. Besides, now she didn't have to worry about them constantly watching her every move. They were all the way across the world.

She never felt so free.
Blaire Vice
 Posted: Jun 11 2017, 08:33 PM

Age / 18 | Height / 5'7"

Pronouns / She/Her

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Rye, England

Single /

Post Count/ 78

Bear | She/They

The Vice Family
The Vices are a bigoted, snobby bunch, obsessed with perfection. Nothing less than perfect will do. The manor is always perfectly clean, the family is always perfectly behaved, and appearances are always perfectly maintained. Most people are intimidated by the family, as they constantly give off a more-important-than-you aura. The family values tradition and honoring the past - the good parts of the past, that is. Any alcohol is properly aged and the walls are covered in vintage portraits. The family is quite powerful in the wizarding art world, collecting and selling famous works of art. The Vices are one of the few families that can actively boast a completely pure bloodline - the fact that such a statement is completely untrue has never stopped them.

In the past, in an effort to maintain the purity, inbreeding was popular in the family. They didn't care about the psychopathic nature of their offspring, nor the early death rate. The only problem was the lack of fertility. Every once in a while, a half-blood was brought into the family, bred with, and disposed of, not leaving a trace.

Behind closed doors, the family is cruel. Rumors have spread of house elves being killed if not living up to expectations, threats to the family being blackmailed or tortured into silence, deaths or murders being brushed under the rug, among many other things. Recent rumors involve money laundering and the death of the eldest daughter, Genevieve Vice, being a murder. "Of course, rumors are simply rumors," Silas Vice V, the current head of the Vice family, would like to remind the general public, "and are nothing to be taken seriously."
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