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 Inferis abound!, Advanced Defense
Alfred Pye
 Posted: Jun 9 2017, 12:15 PM


Age / 32

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / London, England

In Love With / Cecily Girard

Author Alias / "Jane Doe"

Timezone/ CET (France)

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It had been long enough that Alfie could stop pretending like it was his father who had forced him into the position of teacher in the first place. By now he’d had the opportunity to quit if he’d really not liked it, but he hadn’t because he had (loathe as he was to admit it) realized that he really did love teaching and he really did love the community that he had found at Ilvermorny.

His Advanced students had always been his favourites. From the beginning he had admitted to anyone who asked that he liked them best because they actually wanted to be there as opposed to the Beginners and Intermediates who were required according to the school curriculum to be there. However, as time wore on, he was finding that both the Beginners and the Intermediates had their own merits. The new students were so young and so eager to be there—either because they had heard about Ilvermorny from an older sibling or a parent, or because they were new to the whole magic thing and excited to start.

But today he was teaching his long-time favourite class about Inferis and that…that was an exciting thing to behold.

“Have any of you ever encountered an Inferi?” he started off, leaning back against his desk as his chalk hovered in front of the blackboard, ready to take notes on what he was saying. The white stick scratched Inferis onto the board, a slightly off-kilter underline striked beneath it. The pause Alfie took was only a moment as it was highly unlikely that any of his students – under or over-privileged as they were, had ever encountered an Inferi. They were the work of a Dark Wizards, the kind which did not really exist in the majority of the circles which his students probably ran in.

“Inferi are re-animated corpses which a Dark Witch or Wizard can create in order to do their bidding. “They are not to be confused with zombies—“ the chalk wrote and then crossed out the word zombie. “Which can often be found in the Southern United States. We’ll cover those soon as this is the undead unit. However, because Inferi can be found around the world due to their needing any Dark Witch or Wizard to instigate their animation I felt it prudent to begin with them.

“Because these creatures came from corpses, each will look slightly unique from another based on what their living body looked like once upon a time. Their eyes are white and cloudy, indicated an absence of true life. This absence of life is, however, what makes the Inferi truly dangerous as they have no will of their own and no brain and can thus not be reasoned with. They are created solely to do their resurrectors bidding.

“The spell to create Inferi is quite complex and takes years of training to reach that skill level so only someone with a lot of ambition and determination can usually achieve this task. This, coupled with the Dark Arts nature of the spell and its’ result means that the intended purpose of each Inferi is likely dangerous or based in some sort of ill-will.

“Inferi are completely immune to any sort of physical task an opponent uses since they cannot feel. This also makes them physically stronger. Thus, the best defence against an Inferi is some sort of magic. Fire spells work the best since as creatures of the dark, Inferi are adverse to light and heat. Masters will usually charm their Inferi to avoid light and/or heat, so casting spells such as Lumos as a temporary fix will trying to recall further offensive and defensive spells can be helpful.

“Today we’ll be working on Everlasting Fire with an army of dummies in order to practice fending off an army of Inferi. The motion is like so –“ Alfie raised his wand over his head in a circular motion and brought it back down again.

OOC: Have fun and try not to hurt each other. 200 words minimum and be creative and please remember that if anyone was causing too much trouble Alfie would interfere.

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