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 Reko Vitellius
Reko Vitellius
 Posted: Jun 7 2017, 09:22 AM

Captain Oblivious

Age / 15 | Height / 5' 10"

Pronouns / He/Him/His

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Somerset, VT

Single /

Post Count/ 179

Kitsune |

Reko Theodore Cyril Vitellius

Age: 14
DOB: February 14th
Blood Status: Mixed blood by nationality only. Pure through at least five generations
Hometown: Somerset, Vermont, USA

Appearance: Reko is about 5’8” in height with a lean frame. He has tanned skin, black hair and the only one in his family to have blue eyes. He’s not really a facially expressive person, more often than not just being ‘neutral’ can give off conflicted signs to others as his face just looks ‘blank/uninterested’. Reko isn’t a very self-conscious person, unknowing if he’s ‘cute’ or ‘good looking’, he just makes himself socially presentable every day to face the world but otherwise doesn’t care for others opinion of him.

Reko is a logical forward thinking boy who doesn’t become part of the ‘crowd’. Through strong ideals and narrow minded vision he has isolated himself from his peers and doesn’t have many friends outside his family. He’s spent most of his childhood following his older siblings and cousins in games and fun until the time his little sister could no longer keep up with them, so Reko held himself back to spend time with her. He has a deep love and respect for books; a serious hobby he picked up the moment he learned to read and hasn’t come across a book he doesn’t like; yet. While Reko isn’t the sporting or outdoors type much, he enjoys long distance running, something he still does with his older brother Nikon during the school year. It keeps the two close and allows time to just hang out.
Reko is very calm, collected and intelligent boy who studies and practices magic well beyond his year. While not possessing the wandless gift like the rest of his siblings (not yet anyway) he is well equipped for any instance and has the confidence enough to duel. Unlike his older brother, Reko isn’t a fan of flying or heights in particular. He was trained to use a broom like the rest of his fellow classmates during first year and retains the skills through short trainings during break but refuses to willingly jump onto a broom in any other circumstance. Unknown to anyone else but his parents, Reko has a deep fear of ghosts as they are the one thing his brain cannot logically evaluate. While knowing every possible written word on the subject, the sight of them makes the pre-teen freeze up and unable to think or move for a matter of time.

Like his older brother, Reko is very family orientated. He is close to his older siblings but none more so than his younger sister; Serenity. The two grew exceptionally close while the girl was little and bonded over their love of reading, magic and wild conversations of magical theory. The boy is much like his mother in regards to seriousness and calm persona but unlike his mother doesn’t have the touch for potions or herbology. Reko doesn’t have a ‘favourite’ subject out of the list but he does have a few that stand above others even if he won’t admit them.

Talents/Skills: Reko is an advanced magic user for his age. Having read most of the books in the home library and many on the shelves of Ilvermorny above his year, Reko was able to perform third year spells the summer before his second year began and continues to perform higher level magic. Unlike the rest of his older family members who have retained their bloodline skill of wandless magic easily, the boy feels himself lacking in this area as no promised mastery has come about no matter how hard he’s tried. Through tutored lessons and hours reading, Reko is able to speak English, Greek and Spanish along with being adapt to read Latin fluently. Like his older siblings before him, the boy learnt to play the traditional wooden flute of his ancestors but after finding the acquired taste for classical music he followed on his lessons to the modern transverse flute and after that began learning to play the violin. Reko has taken his practice to Ilvermorny but doesn’t play for others as he finds such things as ‘performances’ “distracting and meaningless”.

Brief History: Reko is the second son of the Vitellius family and fourth child in order. While the two heir positions to their parents have been taken by his older siblings, Reko finds himself uncaring if he has to legacy to follow or an image to uphold. He always thought himself one to not remain in their community past the age of graduation from Ilvermorny but hasn’t put thought into what he wants to achieve with his life. Excelling at near every subject and immensely enjoying learning Reko figures he has to choose a future plan soon before time runs out.

Having three older siblings Reko knew he couldn’t ever keep up with them in every ability, however this didn’t stop him. As a young child he was outdoors with his brother and cousins every chance he got and while nowhere near their level of athletics Reko found his hidden skill in long distance running. Reko became close to his brother’s best friend, Alphonsine in their mutual love of knowledge as time went on and thought of her as part of the family.
After his younger sister was diagnosed at age six, Reko’s world changed dramatically. The boy no longer felt secure leaving her alone for long periods of time, despite his parents reaffirming nothing would happen, Reko started to spend all his time indoors with Serenity. They read books, played chess and other board games, talked about the magical world and had real bonding time with their parents whenever the elder duo weren’t working. When he had to attend school Reko found it hard to leave his sister behind and so every week he wrote letters to her about his classes and the massive library waiting for her at Ilvermorny.

Reko didn’t have any school friends until his second year. Being a natural introvert and awkward in social situations the boy always came across as a ‘distant know-it-all’ and while very observant of his fellow classmates and year groups; knowing their names, age, blood type and generalized information, he’s made no attempts at friendship as he couldn’t evaluate the outcome until he met his first friend Ariel in herbology. To date, Reko thinks of the redhead as his 'first friend' and while never stating it outwardly holds her in high regard. Through her Reko met Ayla, a very sociable and kind person. Despite the two being very opposites, they get along very well as he finds her view of the world and others in general interesting. Through them Reko has stepped out of his solitude ways and hopes to become comfortable in more crowded scenarios.

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