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 Kiernan Chevalier, From a Donovan to a Chevalier overnight
Kiernan Chevalier
 Posted: Jun 2 2017, 10:58 PM


Age / 17 | Height / 6'2

Pronouns / He/Him/His

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Ireland

Dating Gorgeous Veronica Willow /

Post Count/ 252

Candie | She/Her/Hers

Kiernan Matthew Donovan Chevalier
March 25th
Northern Ireland
Keynes, Skandar -- Chevalier, Kiernan
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Kiernan is marginally tall for 16, standing at just under 6'1” tall and weighing in at about 130 pounds. Kiernan sports a short, shaggy-ish haircut of dark, black/brown hair with a slight curl to it, dark, whiskey brown eyes with hints of gold flecks in them, a straight, slightly pointed nose and smooth full lips. He has a small amount of freckling along the bridge of his nose and across his cheeks. Kiernan isn't what he would consider classically handsome or overly attractive. He would call himself passably attractive to most.

PERSONALITY: Kiernan is pretty much the typical older brother type. He loves to tease his siblings (especially Loughlin), but he's never cruel about it. He is very loyal to friends and family and will protect them fiercely if needed. Kiernan tends to be pretty reserved most of the time, preferring his own company to that of other people (excluding his siblings), but will interact with them if needed. He usually spends more time observing people than speaking with them, but has found that communication amongst himself and his fellow classmates is not only tolerable, but enjoyable in some cases. Kiernan is slowly encouraging himself to interact more with other people besides his own siblings. Despite being a chronic teaser, Kiernan has a good heart under it all, though he tries to hide it more often than not. He is prone every once in a while to bouts of anger and rebellion, but nothing that gets him into too much trouble. Kiernan tends to deal with people on a case-by-case basis and reacts accordingly. Kiernan is also big into sports, particularly Quidditch, having developed a taste for it early.



BRIEF HISTORY: Kiernan is the 4th oldest child from a family of 10 children, 3 of which are deaf just like his father was. Kiernan was born and raised on a farm in Northern Ireland along with the rest of his brothers and sisters. Born to a pureblood witch and a deaf muggle father, Kiernan learned BSL and ISL so that he could communicate with his father and siblings. Because of a prejudice his mother had against the wizarding community, Kiernan and his siblings were home-schooled on his family's farmland, not really being allowed to leave unless it was for shopping trips or special occasions. Kiernan had very few friends outside of his siblings and was only allowed to see them once a week since they lived in the town closest to the Donovan Family farm and since they were muggles, Kiernan wasn't allowed to tell them anything about being a wizard or use magic around them. Kiernan had led a pretty sheltered life up until the week of his little brother Loughlin's 11th birthday.

Kiernan had been asked to stay home and help his older siblings watch his younger siblings while his parents took Loughlin into town to let him pick out what would be his new wand. Kiernan had been having one of his rebellious, angry bout days and decided he didn't feel like helping to babysit. Rather than tell his eldest sister Saoirse that he was going outside, Kiernan snuck out of the house and went to his friend's house to hang out instead. He had figured that with three older siblings there at the house, his youngest siblings were pretty well covered. Kiernan had no way of knowing that while he was goofing off with one of his muggle friends, his parents and Loughlin had gotten into a car accident that killed his parents instantly and put his little brother in the hospital with a pretty mangled foot.

By the time Kiernan had snuck back into the house, his uncle Waylon had called and told his older siblings about the accident. Kiernan thought his older sister Saoirse was lying and after yelling at her, Kiernan had run off to hide in the loft that served as his, Cian's and Loughlin's room, refusing to leave it for any reason. Over the week that followed, Kiernan and his siblings were checked on by neighbors while his sister Niamh spent most of her time at the hospital with Loughlin. Kiernan went to sit with his brother one time and couldn't bring himself to do it again, fearing he was going to show up to see him and Loughlin's bed would be empty. After a week or so of being “watched” by neighbors, Kiernan's Uncle Waylon came to Ireland to take Kiernan and his siblings with him back to America.

He and his siblings were moved into a large house somewhere in Vermont with his Uncle Waylon (his mother's brother) and Waylon's partner Edmond. Since he moved in with his uncles, Kiernan and his siblings have been officially adopted by their uncles, being given the last name Chevalier after his uncle Waylon's husband Edmond. Figuring that the kids would need some type of education, Kiernan's uncles enrolled the children into an actual school, the Olders being sent to Ilvermorny since it was the closest magic school to where they were now living and the littles into a local muggle school until they too were old enough to go to Ilvermorny to learn magic. Kiernan is still sorting through feelings of guilt and anger a year after the accident that changed his entire life.

Since entering into Ilvermorny, Kiernan has learned to move passed his feelings of guilt and anger regarding his parents death. He has also made several friends of his own and even had a girlfriend for a while. Kiernan is mostly trying to navigate himself through his sixth year of school with his Captaincy and his sanity intact.

Candie, 29*, EST, She/Her/Hers

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