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 Clara Pickles
Clara Pickles
 Posted: Jun 2 2017, 07:38 PM

Curly Top

Age / 26 | Height / 5'10

Pronouns / She/Her/Hers

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Napa Valley

Wife of Mark /

Post Count/ 299

Candie | She/Her/Hers

Clara Marie Pickles
March 17th
Napa Valley, California
Former Wampus
Shop Owner
Petsch, Madeline -- Pickles, Clara
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: If you were to ask Clara what she looked like, her only description of herself would be “Incredibly Cute”. Standing at 5'10” tall, Clara is a little taller than most of the women in her family and she doesn't particularly like it since she also has noticeable curves that emphasize her height. Dark auburn curls, that are merely wild on a good day, come to rest just above her noticeable chest, while a pair of dark, chocolate brown eyes twinkle with mirth and excitement. Her nose is slightly stubby with just the faintest hint of a cleft at the tip that sits on top of plump, pretty lips. Bright white teeth flash whenever Clara smiles as do the dimples in the cheeks on her mostly round face.

PERSONALITY: Clara's personality has always been very bubbly and cheerful. She was always a very happy and excited child and it just carried over into adulthood. Clara was always know to be pretty talkative, blunt and a little crass at times. She has a great sense of humor, finding a bit of humor out of any circumstance. Clara is very protective of friends and family and has been known to be extremely unreasonable should either one be threatened. While Clara doesn't really believe in harming anyone physically, she will do so if the situation requires it to protect someone she cares for. Clara is extremely loving and kind and treats everyone she meets with respect unless they give her a reason not to. Despite being a sarcastic, smartass sometimes, Clara can be extremely charming when she wants to be. Clara has found that most people feel one of two ways when they meet her...they either love her to death or they can't stand her. Clara has never cared enough about people's opinions of her to care either way.


LANGUAGES: French, English, Bad English, BSL, FSL, ASL

BRIEF HISTORY: Clara is the only child of Brian David Abernathy and Sofia Marie Portier (aka Abernathy), both from Pureblood families. Clara was only 5 when she lost her mother to breast cancer, leaving her father Brian to raise their daughter alone..mostly. Between Brian and a muggle nanny named Claudette, Clara did rather well, all things considered. Her father owned and operated a rather successful vineyard and winery in the middle of Napa Valley, California, which grew specific grapes for specialty wines. Since she grew up on a vineyard in the middle of California's “Wine Country”, surrounded by muggles, Clara was used to dealing with them day in and day out since quite a few of them from the local area worked for her father at the vineyard and winery.

Being surrounded all the time by muggles meant that Clara and her father weren't allowed to do magic openly which made Clara's magical education almost non-existent. The one time she managed to get ahold of a broom and “taught” herself how to fly, she damn near killed herself. Barely 9 years old, Clara found her father's broomstick and decided to try flying with it. Thankfully, none of the muggles on the property saw her little flying trip so she didn't have to worry about exposing the magical world to the muggles, however, they did discover her after the fact and took her to the hospital where her father met up with her. From accounts given at the time, it was reported that Clara apparently took a nasty fall from the giant oak tree on her father's property. A fall bad enough that she wound up with a broken collar bone, a broken arm and 2 cracked ribs. After a “firm” scolding by her father, Clara was forbidden to ever attempt flying again. Her injuries were magically treated back at home and the event was pushed to the backburner. Being forbidden to fly stopped her up until she had turned 11 and began attending Ilvermorny School. Once she began going to magic school and discovered it was not only taught, but encouraged after their first year, Clara made it a point to learn.

Despite a very rocky beginning in a lot of things, Clara finally found her niche with Potions, flying and Charms. Clara tried out for the house Quidditch team, but found that she had no aptitude for the sport and opted out of playing on the team. Clara's father remarried when she was 16 to her stepmother Danielle, whom Clara adores. She also discovered at that same time that her grandparents had arranged a betrothal for her with the grandson of one of her grandfather's business partners. She and her betrothed met and were told about the betrothal at her father's wedding. He seemed nice enough and Clara figured they'd grow to like each other by the time they both finished school. Clara was far less inclined to think so when she found out that he had a serious girlfriend back at the school he attended, effectively cheating on her and she despised cheaters. She told her grandparents about the situation and insisted that they dissolve the arrangement, as she refused to marry a lying, cheating scumbag. Her grandparents agreed and the betrothal was dissolved.

After graduation from Ilvermorny, Clara traveled around Europe for a bit with her grandparents, then by herself before deciding what she wished to do with her life. She decided that she wanted to go to pastry school and learn to be a pastry chef. After finishing pastry school, Clara had gotten a job as a pastry chef at a cafe in France for a few years before she decided to return home to the states. The last few years she was away, Clara's dad and her stepmother welcomed a baby boy they named Jordan. With her parents being new parents back at home in Napa Valley, Clara decided it was a better plan to find a place of her own. Taking the inheritance left to her by her mother's parents, Clara found a store front for sale in Greylock, Massachusetts and decided to buy it and start her own business back in the same place where she had attended magic school. She is now the proud owner of Clara's Confections, the candy/pastry shop in town. About a year after opening her shop in town, Clara met and fell in love with her now husband Mark Pickles.

After a bad stalking incident and an accidental pregnancy, Clara and Mark were married in August just before the start of the new term for the school. She and Mark welcomed identical twin sons to the family, naming them after men that were very important to them both...Archibald Brian Pickles and Clayton David Pickles. The boys were named after the Clara’s and Mark’s grandfather and fathers. The Pickles Family resides in Greylock and have no plans to leave their happy little home away from home.

Candie, 29*, EST, She/Her/Hers

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