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 Dimitri Porter
Dimitri Porter
 Posted: Jun 1 2017, 03:38 AM


Age / 24 | Height / 6'3

Pronouns / He/Him/His

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Salem, Mass

Single Guy /

Post Count/ 69

Candie | She/Her/Hers

Dimitri Martin Porter
December 15th
Salem, Massachusetts
Quidditch Coach
Eisenburg, Jesse -- Porter, Dimitri
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Standing tall at 6'3”, Dimitri stands taller than most of the members of his family. Dark brown, curly hair that usually does its own thing adorns Dimitri's head, while dark gray-blue eyes take in everything around him. His nose is a little crooked from being broken a few times playing Quidditch. Dimitri considers himself to be pretty average looking on good days and awkward looking on not soo good days.

PERSONALITY: Dimitri considers himself to be a pretty laid back kind of guy most days. He laughs easily, ready to make jokes even at his own expense. He is a really friendly guy most of the time unless someone rubs him the wrong then he can be a jerk. The only time he's purposely a jerk is when dealing with his twin sister Darina. Then he's jerk to her on purpose...usually jokingly so. He's fiercely loyal to friends and family and doesn't take kindly to anyone who's rude to them. Someone can be rude to him all they like...he'll just ignore them, but if someone is rude to his friends or family, his hugely protective streak rears its head. Dimitri has a very even temper when it comes to things. It actually takes a lot to make him truly angry.



BRIEF HISTORY: Dimitri is one of two children born to Charlotte Annette Abernathy (now Porter) and Daniel Martin Porter. The other child is his twin sister Darina. Dimitri grew up in Salem, Massachusetts right in the middle of “Witch Central”, surrounded by muggles and magical people alike. Growing up in Salem wasn't much different than growing up in any other tourist trap, except for the whole historical background of the place. Dimitri used to think it was strange to see soo many people, Muggles and Magical folks alike, flock to the place where so many were persecuted and murdered, but it stopped being strange after so long. After a while of helping out in his parents shop in town, Dimitri found it more amusing than strange.

Because they lived in a place with soo many Muggles hanging around, he and Darina didn't get much of a practical magical education at home so they had to wait until they went to school to be able to do any magic. They both had attended a muggle school up until the age of 11. When their letters for Ilvermorny arrived, their parents were thrilled that their children would finally be able to start learning how to truly be what they were born to be. Dimitri had seen magic used at home by his parents, but only rarely to avoid exposure. While at school, Dimitri was kind of a quiet kid, but he had a very adventurous spirit and wound up in Thunderbird House, unlike his twin sister who wound up in Pukwudgie.

After his first year at school, Dimitri tried out for the house Quidditch team and earned himself a spot as one of the Chasers and occasional Keeper. He would spend the rest of his years at school honing his skills at Quidditch along with his interest in Transfiguration. While he wasn't a horrible student, Dimitri also wasn't what anyone would have called a “Brain” either. He did well enough in his subjects to pass his courses and nothing more. He took a particular liking to Transfiguration however, doing better in that class than any other. Since his record for Quidditch was rather impressive: Quidditch Captain, most Quidditch Cup wins for House Thunderbird, fastest flier...Dimitri was offered a sports scholarship to BSU in Boston, where he would play for the college's Quidditch team.

There, Dimitri earned the spot of Co-Captain and main Chaser. He helped his team take the state championship 3 years running and was offered a tryout for a pro Quidditch team. The day of the tryout, Dimitri was injured during the tryout when a rogue bludger slammed into his shoulder and arm, knocking him from his broom. Dimitri woke up in the hospital and was told that due to the nature of his injury it was likely that he would be unable to continue playing Quidditch. Dimitri took the time needed to try and heal from the injuries, but suffered a small relapse which caused more damage to his already injured shoulder. By the time Dimitri was finished with his physical therapy sessions to start training again, the college team had already filled his spot on the team and the Pro team had removed their offer as well.

Feeling pretty bruised both emotionally and physically, Dimitri decided a break from school was in order to re-prioritize. Not wanting to return to his parents house in Salem and be smothered by his overly protective mother, Dimitri found a job opening in the Sports Shop in Greylock and decided to move there to re-discover himself. While working at the Sports Shop, Dimitri learns that his injury was too severe to ever allow for him to play Quidditch ever again, killing his dreams of ever becoming a professional player. Dimitri began dating a wonderful girl he used to go to school with and had a crush on who helps him apply for the Quidditch Coach position at their former magic school. Dimitri left the Sports Shop to accept the Coaching job, teaching the next generation to play and helping them to follow their dreams.

Candie, 29*, EST, She/Her/Hers

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