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This is Atop Mount Greylock, a modern day Ilvermorny rpg. At Greylock, we ignore the existence of the characters of Harry Potter and create all original characters so that we can be free to play in the world created by our Queen, JKR.

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 Site Rules
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau
 Posted: Feb 18 2017, 01:22 AM


Age / 52

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Albuquerque, NM

Married / Jeff Jareau (NPC)

Author Alias / Sarah/Kiva

Timezone/ EST

Post Count/ 89

When registering for the site, please register with your character's first and last name in proper caps.

Here are the site rules for Atop Mount Greylock. Any RPG* terminology which a new author might not understand has been bolded and marked with an asterisk and the explanation provided at the bottom in a glossary in alphabetical order.

NOTE: Quidditch and/or Quadpot have their own rules. For those, please click here. Failure to follow the rules will result in losing points for your team and may result in being banned from playing.

1. NO names or characters from the Harry Potter Series, face-claims okay.

2. NO God-modding*/Power-playing* or Metagaming*.

3. Keep your posts realistic and written in third-person past-tense. Please remember, your characters are only human, they are not perfect and that's okay. Keeping your part of the story realistic makes the game more fun for everyone.

4. No foul language or extreme violence. We are asking that all posts have a PG-13 requirement like the Harry Potter series. As the students get older they will inevitably experience heavier topics. Please avoid graphic descriptions as we may have younger authors or authors who could be upset. If unsure, include a warning tag. **Unless you are posting in the 18+ forum where adult language and actions are allowed**

5. In the Harry Potter series most characters were simple witches and wizards. Not everyone can be a veela or a werewolf otherwise it would no longer be special. Please refer to the Special Characters sub-post for rules regarding having special characters at Atop Mount Greylock.

6. Remember to write detailed posts which should be a minimum of 200 words (roughly two paragraphs long). What is your character feeling? What are they wearing? What past events would have affected them in this situation? These are things that can help you reach the suggested minimum including imagining facial expressions or gestures your character might make while talking or thinking.

***Please note that if you are taking written word from someone else's post, these are not counted towards your 200 total*** Your 200 words are only what you created yourself.

7. Character limits: in order to make sure you are not overloaded, we are requesting that authors can have a maximum of two characters to start off with. Additional students will be accepted after each old character has been posted 10 times, and each adult character has been posted 5 times. After this initial rules, characters have to be posted at least five additional times for every new character you wish.

There is currently not a maximum number of characters per author but this may be instated in the future. Having new character ideas is fun and exciting, but it takes time to develop and write already established characters. Don't neglect your babies, please!

We will be monitoring the posts of your characters and if it shows that you are not posting a character regularly but continue to request new ones, you will be denied the new characters

God-modding: is when an author controls another author's character without the permission of the other author.
Metagaming: is when a character performs an OOC* action which uses knowledge that character shouldn't have (e.g. something another character thinks or another author says OOC).
OOC: is an RPG acronym which simply means Out of Character.
Power playing: see God-modding
RPG: stands for Role Playing Game, people who play such games are referred to as RPGers.

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