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 Gia Donovan, Greek Goddess
Gia Donovan
 Posted: Feb 22 2017, 07:04 PM
Gia Donovan

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Character Name: Gia Donovan
Face claim: Tania Raymonde
Blood Type: Pureblood
Hometown: Magical town in Greece
Current Residence: Ireland/Greece

Character Personality:
Gia is the exact opposite of her brother, Jax. She is fun, carefree, and happy. Most of this is a ruse to get people to like her. She has a fear that her brother will be found out and the both of them will be rejected. Gia feels that she has to protect her brother from the world and the only way to do that is to get them to become a part of it. Gia does what she can to fit in, to make friends. Her sunny disposition probably makes it easier for her to make friends.

Gia has a need to please both her mother and her brother. Being the youngest and not really remembering her father, just the aftermath of what had happened, Gia has grown up watching her family suffer as a result. She wants to see them laugh and happy, so she overcompensates this by being exceedingly happy, never complains, and makes sure she’s on top of her studies. She basically tries to be the perfect daughter and sister.

She is not ashamed of her family the way her mother and brother are, but she knows best to keep their history a secret. It’s an internal struggle for her because she wants them to be happy, but they cannot be happy with this heavy burden. She does not want her brother believing he is a beast and she doesn’t want to have to stay hidden. It’s a terrible weight on their shoulders.

Character Background:
Gia was raised by a single working mother. They lived poorly, in a small one bedroom apartment in a small magical town outside of Seattle. His mother worked long hours and tried to pick up as many shifts as possible in order to keep up with her bills and put food on the table. Gia’s father died when she was only four year’s old.

Gia’s father is from a small Pureblood family in Ireland. He had traveled to Greece on business and met a Greek woman whom he later married. Shortly after they were married, they conceived their first child. After Jax was born, by chance, two months later, they found that they were having another child. Two weeks before Jax turned one, he was blessed with a baby sister. They look identical and when they were both walking around, people believed that they were twins.

Just after Gia’s fourth birthday and a few days before Jax’s fifth birthday, everything changed. Her father and brother and gone on a little father/son camping trip in Folóï Oak Forest when they were attacked by a werewolf. Her father, trying to protect his son, died in the process. Jax ended up getting away, but he was bitten. The small Greece village where they lived believed their family to be cursed and ran them from their home and out of town. Grief stricken, their mother did her best to support them, but they moved around often to keep his secret from those who might oppress him. Being a werewolf was worse than being a Squib.

Their mother finally moved from Greece to America when Jax was ten and Gia was nearly ten. She felt that they might be given a better if they were in a more accepting country. When both his and Gia’s letters came for their first year at Sonora Academy, his mother wrote to the board regarding his special requirements in hopes that they would still accept him and keep him safe. She worried that if Jax was not accepted, Gia would refuse to go as well. Their mother wanted them to have a future. That was what their father had wanted.

Being Pureblood, they had some status in Europe before the incident, but little of that is likely to be known in America.

****UPDATE**** The summer between Gia's fifth and sixth years was dramatic, to say the least. She and her brother were taken from their home in Seattle to a remote Manor somewhere in Russia. They were tortured for a couple of weeks and held captive by the men who had sent the werewolf to attack and kill their father.

They were held up until the night of the full moon when Jax transformed while they were locked away and nearly killed Gia. She has scars on her arms and legs where his claws cut into her, but she survived by falling from the balcony to the ground. The background to this can be found here

The information that the public is aware of can be found here

Character Appearance: Like her mother and her brother, Gia looks Greek. She has dark wavy black hair, bright blue eyes, a long prominent nose, and full lips. While her brother’s eyes are rather cold in appearance, her’s are warm and welcoming. Gia smiles as often as she can and does her best to appear to be as friendly as possible. At a younger age, Gia is awkward, but not in a social sense. She is learning to adjust to her body changes and life in America where her looks aren’t necessarily accepted.

Gia wears homemade dresses, crop tops, oversized shirts, skirts, leggings, etc. The majority of which she handmade herself. Her mother is a decent seamstress, having grown up with very little money, her mother learned how to make clothes for Gia. She was not as good with boy clothes, so Jax’s clothes were purchased from secondhand shops. People might think that she and her brother look run down, but Gia does what she can to make the two of them fit in and for people to overlook their financial status and to see them as equals.

Talents/Skills: Gia’s first language is Greek, but she speaks English fluently and with a slight accent. She also is falling her mother’s footsteps with learning to sew. Over the years, Gia has developed quite the skill with a needle and a thread. She has even taken up embroidery. Her mother has also taught her the basics of cooking, but she mostly only knows how to make soup as that is what they ate while their mother worked late nights. Gia wants to be able to sing and dance, but her mother did not have the money to provide her with lessons, but that doesn’t stop Gia from attempting to do both.

She’s also picked up every book she could find regarding her brother’s condition, Dark Arts, and Potions. She is knowledgeable in Dark Creatures, Dark Magic, and various potions that help her brother during his transformation times.

Patronus: Dapple Grey Mare.

Patronus Meaning: If the Dapple Grey Stallion is your patronus then you have a passionate soul.

Your passion for the things you love is hard to beat, you become very involved in your friends, family, hobbies & study.

If the Dapple grey stallion is your patronus then it is likely you are very sensitive and emotional. This means you can be hurt easily and may often feel melancholy. However, this emotional intelligence allows you to understand others and empathize extremely well.

Those with this patronus are often very creative and intelligent.

Boggart: Although some might assume her worst fear would be that of a werewolf, it is not. Gia does not fear them because she does not fear her brother. Her greatest fear is something much more common, spiders. She finds them disturbing and just the idea. of them being on or around her brings her into panic mode.

Mirror: Her greatest desire is something she feels is rather normal, to have her family happy. She just wants to not have to worry any longer and wants both her mother and her brother to have normal lives.
Gia Donovan
 Posted: Feb 28 2017, 08:08 PM
Gia Donovan

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