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 Just Anna
Annabella Johnson
 Posted: May 16 2017, 11:55 AM


Age / 12 | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Muggleborn

Hometown /

Single /

Post Count/ 34

Anna |

user posted image

Personality: Anna is generally a nice polite girl who finds it easy to make friends. Though she does prefer to observe than to be the one to initiate a conversation, as she finds people fascinating and loves how they interact with each other. She also have a very active imagination as she loves to read and allow the words to take her off to a far off place. Before finding out about magic she could only dream of magical beings and creatures. Being at Ilvermorny is only a dream come true. Waiting is rather hard for Miss Ann as she can be rather impatient and can get slightly irritable when forced to wait for long periods of time. Otherwise she is very laid back.

Hobbies: books and people watching

History: Anna is the youngest of the Johnson family that consists of four people which includes her Mother, father, and an older brother who is her best friend in the whole world. They had always known she was special but none of them would have guessed she was capable of performing magic other than the card tricks you saw people at birthdays and carnivals performing. She grew up in the rural Midwest plains of Missouri close to the Mississippi river where she’d tag along while her brother went fishing or for other things during the summers, though they were scolded for going near any water in the winter in fear of the ice braking under the children weight.
She had attended a typical school for the area with a class of about thirty to fifty students per grade. So when her initial letter was received her parents believed it was a joke other kids were playing due to Annabella’s love for fantasy books that contained witches and wizards and other magical beings. So they brushed it off. It wasn’t long until an older woman clad in an odd style of clothing showed up knocking on their front door inquiring about the girl. After some convening the Johnsons have allowed their daughter to start attending Ilvermorny starting the next semester.

user posted image
thank to Ayla for the Graphics
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