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 Taylor, Nova, Hey HI Hello.
Nova Taylor
 Posted: May 13 2017, 06:23 PM
Nova Taylor

Age / | Height /

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We could worry about them what ifs
'til the world stops turnin

'What ifs by Kane Brown'
user posted image

Name: Nova Taylor

Age: 15

House: Thunderbird

Blood Type: mixed

Friends can break your heart too,
And I'm always tired but never of you

'I hate you I love you, Gnash'


Nova is sweet, although a little absentminded, she can be clumsy, and indecisive. Nova doesn’t always know what’s going on, other times her mind is as sharp as a knife. She loves to dance, and sing even if she thinks she can’t sing. Nova doesn’t like to be the center of attention, and if she is it makes her nervous. Her friends she does fine when she is in the center of attention, and often pulls it without noticing that she is doing it. She considers herself and optimistic person, she likes the outdoors, well all except sleeping outside because ew bugs.

Appearance: Rowan Blanchard

Talents Hobbies and Skills:

Nova doesn’t always feel like she has talent, but the thing she does well in is ballroom dancing, her parents sent her to a prestigious instructor, and taught her how to dance. Her hobbies include gossip, getting dressed up, reading, going for a hike. She likes to shop, what 15 year old doesn’t like to shop. Her favorite class is transfiguration, and she does pretty well it in.

The small town of Greylock

Her parents trying to set her up with someone
being the center of attention

Biggest fear:
Not finding the adventure of a life time.

It's that elm shade,
red rust clay you grew up on

'Dirt by Florida Georgia Line'

Father James Thomas Taylor
Mother Mikayla Taylor (nee: Langham)

A brief history:

Nova was born in Manhattan, to Mr. James Taylor and a Mrs. Mikayla Taylor (nee: Langham). She was born on January 17th, in a bad snow storm. Her parents were afraid that they weren’t going to make it to the hospital, but they made it with plenty of time to spare. Nova’s parents were proud to have a little girl they could bring up in high society, and could have a coming out party to meet all the eligible boys. Her parents were freaky old school types, her father was a rich no-maj, while her mother was a Pureblooded witch. It wasn’t news to her father when Nova started showing signs of magical ability. Mikayla was forced into an arranged marriage to keep her family afloat, and James agreed to this. For the first few years until Nova came along that had a loveless marriage, and then when nova was born it was like something clicked for them. This made sure Nova had a happy childhood, and well it would have been normal if her parents wouldn’t have brought her up in socialites’ graces. They had her taking manner lessons at the age of 3, and piano at 4 but she kicked and screamed and got out of the piano lessons. Instead they made her take ballroom dancing, which she didn’t mind doing she loves to dance. Some people around her family talked around her like she wasn’t there, and how her parents were ignoring her and thrusting her into all of the activities that they wanted her to do, how she was an unhappy child. True betold she had a wonderful childhood. She had a doting father, and caring mother. Nova got the best of everything, she got the best of education her parents could buy for her until she was accepted into Ilvermorny, her mother wanted her to attend Beauxbatons, but well Nova didn’t want to go that far away so her daddy let her go to Ilvermorny. Her first year she was excited that she got to learn magic like her mother; she took to it like a fish took to water, she soaked up every bit of information she could about magic. She wanted to make her parents proud. Although her first year was rough because she was known as a spoiled rich kid who got whatever she wanted, but as the year progressed, the other students learned that she wasn’t spoiled even though she was rich. She was sad to see her first year end, but was excited to see what the next several years held for her. She is almost through her 4th year and is still excited every day about school, even if some of her friends have to drag her out of bed in the morning.

Spin you around on some old dance floor
Act like we never met before for fun

'Head over boots, Jon Pardi'
Nova Taylor
 Posted: May 14 2017, 01:37 AM
Nova Taylor

Age / | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type /

Hometown /


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