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 Elsie Caldwell
Elsie Caldwell
 Posted: May 12 2017, 01:05 AM

Not Eleanor

Age / 15 | Height / 5'2"

Pronouns / she/her

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Seattle

Single / and heartbroken

Post Count/ 111

Grace | she/her

Name: Eleanor Caldwell
Age: 13
Birthday: August 3rd
House/Year: Wampus/3rd
Blood Type: Pureblood

Physical appearance:

Elsie is short for her age, but she is very compact and packs a lot of energy into a small body. Although her brothers like to tease her about it, she feels no frustration over being short, as it makes her a better seeker. She has pale skin with a smattering of light freckles and long, dark red hair. She tends to dress practically and often has rips in her jeans.


The first thing one notices about Elsie is typically her high energy. She’s very talkative and often moving, finding it difficult to sit still. She loves to be active and needs to burn a lot of energy during the day, whether it’s practicing Quidditch or climbing trees outside. To go along with this, she is extremely fearless. There is little that will dissuade her from attempting some athletic feat, even physical injury. A childhood in a magical home with a mediwitch for a mother has led her to view injury as a very temporary condition. She has broken more bones than she can count, all healed with a wave of her mother’s wand. By the same token, she is way too daring for her own good, willing to take on almost any challenge posed to her.

Elsie is outgoing and an extrovert. She likes to be around people and will seek people out so she doesn’t have to be alone. Given her energy, she tends to be talkative around people, even those she doesn’t know. She is also very outspoken and, at times, blunt, so does not keep her comments to herself. This can be off-putting for some. At times she can make unintentionally offensive comments. Typically, she doesn’t intend to be rude. She herself has a thick skin, so often can’t see why what she said would hurt someone’s feelings. However, when she is annoyed or angry at someone she doesn’t mince her words.

Although she doesn’t entirely mean to be, Elsie can be a bit of a troublemaker. In class, she is fidgety and her mind wanders, making it difficult to pay attention. She most often gets in trouble for speaking out of turn or not following directions. Curiosity can get the better of her too, causing her to get in trouble for being places she is not supposed to be.

Some might consider her a tomboy. Having grown up with brothers, Elsie has a somewhat warped perception of femininity. She thinks that to be tough and to be taken seriously, she has to not portray feminine traits. However, like most people, she is a nuanced, complicated person with both stereotypically masculine and feminine traits. She’ll roll her eyes at “girlie” things, even when she wants to take part.


Elsie is very athletic and has participated in a variety of sports throughout her childhood. Her first love is Quidditch and she has been flying since practically before she could walk. She is a seeker for her house. She enjoys racing as well and likes to experiment with tricks on her broom. Aside from magical sports, Elsie likes tumbling and climbing. She can walk on her hands, do handsprings and flips etc. There are few vertical things that Elsie won’t attempt to climb. She loves climbing trees, of course, but also any kind of rock climbing. She considers her greatest achievement to be the time, in her second year, she scaled the side of the school building. She made it to the second floor window before a member of staff magiced her down.

When it comes to school, however, Elsie has less success. She knows she isn’t stupid, but school just doesn’t come easily to her the way athletic things do. It frustrates her because she feels like she could be successful in a different setting. However, the busywork and lectures make things difficult as she has trouble paying attention and sitting still. When a class is practical, she does much better and far prefers to learn through a hands on experience rather than memorization.


Jeremy 18
Victor 20
Samuel 21
Parents: Matthew (accidental magical reversal squad) and Helen (mediwitch)

Eleanor was the fourth child and only girl born to Matthew and Helen Caldwell. Although she was somewhat babied by her parents, her brothers took it upon themselves to make sure that Elsie didn’t grow up soft, perhaps partly because she was babied by her parents. She had a rough-and-tumble childhood with her brothers. As both their parents had been athletes at Ilvermorny, all four children grew up flying from an early age. The boys didn’t treat Elsie any different when they played Quidditch or Quodpot out in the backyard. In order to keep up with her brothers and be taken seriously by them, she had to be tough.

Although her family was magical, the Caldwell children attended a muggle school in their hometown of Seattle until it was time to go to Ilvermorny. From an early age it was apparent that Elsie had endless energy. In an attempt to keep her focussed in school, she was enrolled in several sports. Her favorites were tumbling and rock climbing. She always excelled at sports and took to most of them easily. Besides just helping control her energy, they also gave her confidence. Her self-esteem suffered in school, but sports helped her feel good about herself.

It was hard for her when her brothers began leaving her behind for Ilvermorny. Although she would never have said it out loud, she missed them a lot and missed flying with them. There was no surprise when Elsie was accepted to Ilvermorny. She had displayed magic from an early age, just like her brothers, so followed them to the school. Her first year went well enough. Although she continued to have trouble in school, she was able to make friends and overall enjoyed herself.

In her second year, Elsie tried out for and made her house Quidditch team as a seeker. Although young, she was fast, experienced and daring. Being completely without fear was a big asset as a seeker. Injuries and bludgers didn’t keep her from the snitch and she soon earned respect from most who doubted her for her age. It was also in her second year that she gained fame for trying to scale the side of the castle after a bet with another student. She was awarded with a detention for her efforts, but considers it one of her greatest achievements.

Thirteen is often a difficult age for kids and Elsie is not an exception. She’s going through the classic teenage angst of feeling like everyone has everything figured out and knows where they belong except for her.
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