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 Lydia Chambers
Lydia Chambers
 Posted: May 1 2017, 12:21 AM

Age / 33 | Height / 5'9

Pronouns / She/Her/Hers

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Surrey, England

Currently Single /

Post Count/ 183

Candie | She/Her/Hers

Lydia Marie Chambers
March 6th
Surrey, England
Charms Professor
Biel, Jessica -- Chambers, Lydia
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Lydia isn't what she would call classically beautiful or stunning. If she had to describe herself, she would say that she was passably pretty. Dark honey brown hair that has a slight curl to it on a good day, cascades down her back to sit just between her shoulder blades while green eyes observe everything around her. Her full lips hide a set of pearly white teeth that look a little croocked to her. Her best feature she tells people is her slightly tanned skin that hasn't held a blemish on it since she was a gawky teen. Standing at 5'10”, Lydia tends to avoid wearing heels as she feels she is already too tall without them. Between her height, her noticeable chest size, flat stomach and curvy hips, Lydia has always felt a bit disproportionate.

PERSONALITY: Lydia is a pretty down to earth person, despite having the bad habit of sticking her foot in her mouth occasionally. Despite lessons in manners her mother insisted upon, Lydia has been known to throw protocol out the window and behave however she sees fit. Lydia is known to be fair, dealing with people on a case to case basis since she doesn't like to judge people. Lydia has a bit of an adventurous spirit, trying new things and passing on her knowledge of it onto others. Lydia loves teaching people new things, even if its only new to her. She's a very loyal person once you've gained her loyalty. She's also very outgoing and friendly. She can be socially awkward at times, but it usually works out in her favor.


LANGUAGES: Speaks fluent French, Spanish, Latin and ASL

BRIEF HISTORY: Born and raised in Surrey, England, Lydia is an only child born to somewhat affluent parents. While her parents are by no means as affluent as some other wizarding families, they are fairly well known amongst the society types. Lydia's father made a name for himself as a successful businessman, working with stock trades while her mother was the daughter of a very wealthy trader and a socialite. Her mother was brought up as a proper lady and expected the same of her own daughter. Despite several lessons from private tutors on Charm, Manners, Music, Languages and anything else her mother felt her daughter should know to attract a High Society husband, Lydia couldn't keep her curious nature at bay or mouth under control and longed to go abroad. She had no interest in becoming a High Society wife despite her mother's insistence.

Lydia continued the lessons her mother insisted upon along with her studies, graduating a year ahead of her classmates. Lydia talked her parents into allowing her to attend a muggle university in the States and they agreed under the conditions that she would keep the fact that she was a witch away from her classmates, she would finish her degree in a university back home and that she would agree to a betrothal of her parents choosing upon her return. Excited about the prospect of being able to travel and study somewhere away from England and her overbearing parents, Lydia agreed. She then traveled to California and attended San Francisco State University in the heart of the city. While away at college, Lydia discovered a love for all things muggle and immersed herself in Muggle nerd culture.

She found she had a distinct appreciation for graphic novels and comic books, amassing herself a rather extensive collection. Once her senior year of college came, Lydia headed back to England as was agreed and finished her final year at Oxford where she received her teaching degree. Upon her completion of school, Lydia's parents announced her engagement to the son of one of her father's colleagues whom she knew since childhood. Her betrothed insisted upon a long engagement as he wished to finish his own apprenticeship within his father's company before they married. While he was doing that, Lydia left for the States, accepting a teaching job at a small wizarding school, where she taught Muggle Studies. She was on her way back to England to attend the wedding their mothers had planned for them on the school's winter break when she found out there wouldn't be a wedding.

Her fiance had gone on a skiing trip with some of his friends before the wedding was to take place and had an accident. He later died in the hospital as she was making her way home. She spent the winter break helping to prepare his funeral instead. She went back to the States shortly afterwards much to the upset of her parents to deal with his loss on her own. While back at the other school, Lydia decided she needed a new start. She heard of an opening at Ilvermorny for a Charms teacher and sent the headmistress her resume. She received her acceptance letter a week before the other school let out for the summer. Lydia packed up her belongings and moved from Nevada to Massachusetts to begin her new life. Despite a couple of failed attempts at relationships, Lydia is still confident that her match is out there somewhere.

Candie, 29*, EST, She/Her/Hers

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