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 Character List, Staff, Students, and Around Greylock
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 07:12 AM

Layls, Cuts, Ayla

Age / 1 year | Height / 7 ft

Pronouns / All

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Everywhere

Taken / Atop Mt Greylock

Post Count/ 30

Mysterious Ones | All

Heads of House and Student Council | Seventh Years | Sixth Years | Fifth Years
Fourth Years | Third Years | Second Years | First Years | Greylock
Additional Non-Ilvermorny Characters

Note: The provided links will take you to that character's profile, not the user profile.
Character names in italics are NPCs or inactive characters.

Last updated 6/08/18
Ilvermorny Faculty and Staff
Headmistress Lucrezia Webquish
Deputy Head Mistress Erin Smythe
Care of Magical Creatures Robyn Lawson
Charms Lydia Chambers
Defense Against the Dark Arts Haia Yamaguchi
Herbology Jonathan Lucas
History of Magic Erin Smythe
Potions Mae O'Reilly
Transfiguration Lyall Blair
Astronomy Connor Sagewick
Divination Amelie Vieira
Ancient Runes Craig Meyers
Non-Magical Studies Theodore St-Pierre
Substitute Professor Briar Rose Scribe
Substitute Professor OPEN
Medic Edda Eir
Nurse Shelby Maddox
Counselor OPEN
Librarian Sata
Groundskeeper OPEN
Quidditch Coach Dimitri Porter

House Authorities and Student Council
Student Body Presidents Layla Dawson and Laila Kennedy
6th Year Representatives Veronica Willow and Caleb Rowan
5th Year Representatives Poppy Everheart and Olyvia Okoye-Jara
4th Year Representatives Reko Vitellius and Buffy Stratford
3rd Year Representatives
Wampus Head of House Mae O'Reilly
Thunderbird Head Theodore St-Pierre
Pukwudgie Head of House Craig Meyers
Horned Serpent Head of House Lydia Chambers

Student List
Seventh Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Cian Chevalier Sebastian Holtzer Layla Dawson Chloe Chevalier
Aleckzander Ryles Edwin Murray Laila Kennedy Jake Daniels
Ayumu Mori Blaire Vice Arne Reinhardt
Jacob Rhoads

Sixth Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Caleb Rowan Julia Lopez Kiernan Chevalier
Danni Rowan Walter Willow Cassandra King
Diego Salvatore Veronica Willow Imogen Morrison
Eden Natter ShaiAnne Davis

Fifth Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Tanya Rhonimus Niamh Chevalier
Kurt Reagan
Elsie Caldwell
Isabel Paine Iris Everheart Poppy Everheart Madeline Robertson
Basil Sage Lennox
Damian Holger
Ethan Murray Dominic Holger
Olyvia Okoye-Jara

Fourth Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Tanner St-Pierre Buffy Stratford Claire King Ariel Blackburn
Coda Pearson Ezri Starstrider Daniel Park Agda Gardie
Kyra Whitmore Alejandro Salvatore
Reko Vitellius Ayla Tremaine

Third Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Adonis McCleod Loughlin Chevalier Izumi Matsuki Milo Tremaine
Lily Lovell Iniath Kinich-Ahau
Wysteria Myrios

Second Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Eoin Chevalier Lucas Keston Lucy Blackwood Erin Chevalier
Sacha Novoselić Rosemary Moon Eric Dobson
Sorin Voronin Akira Tanaka William Everheart
Xavier Willow Serenity Vitellius
Tallulah Ahkram Sorcha Voronin

First Years
Horned Serpent Pukwudgie Thunderbird Wampus
Viv Barnum Cyprus Myrios
Rory Chevalier
Jacob Cook

Nancy Bishop
Agnes Duvall
Ryan 'Ryder' Burrows



In Greylock


Greylock Gazette
Owner Mr. Everton (NPC)
Shop Assistant Talia Peterson
Official Newspaper 2
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN
Gossip Magazine 1
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN
Gossip Magazine 2
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN

Isolt Street

Aconite and Elixers
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant Kai Baxter

Whale and Pen Co. Bookstore
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant Saoirse Chevalier

The Menagerie
Owner Misha Song
Shop Assistant OPEN

Enchanted Essentials Wand Shop
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN

The Flower Shop
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN

Oasis Fashion
Owner Alani Vargas
Shop Assistant Sofia Moon

Clara's Confections
Owner Clara Pickles
Shop Assistant OPEN

Sports Supply Shop
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN

Joke of all Trades
Owner Nikon Vitellius
Shop Assistant Mark Pickles (NPC)

Heart of Art
Owner Brett Heart
Shop Assistant OPEN

James Avenue

The Blind Badger
Owner OPEN
Manager/Bartender Lucas Grey

The Grind
Owner OPEN
Barista Kai Baxter
Barista OPEN

The Manky Boot
Owner OPEN
Bartender Peyton Browning
Bouncer OPEN

The Battered Seas
Owner Caleb Durant
Shop Assistant Vittoria Errico

Pizza Shop
Owner OPEN
Manager OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN

Webster Way

Owl Post
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN

Greylock Medical
Chief of Healing OPEN
Healer Louisa Breathnach
Healer Kiera Voronin
Healer Enzo Florentin
Healer-in-Training OPEN

Shady Acres Motel
Owner OPEN
Shop Assistant OPEN

Additional Non Ilvermorny Characters
Character Name Location Occupation
Blackburn, Morgan Greylock, MA Paralegal
Bren, Cayln Greylock, MA Street Performer
Chevalier, Mia (OPEN) East Haven, VT Child
Cooley, Brenden Greylock, MA Unknown
Elinsson, Oskar (Gardie) Sweden child
Fletcher, Ava West Coast Muggle University Student
Kelly, Riley Chicago, IL MACUSA
Kilkenny, Oria Salt Lake City, UT Child
Lucan, Caelia Unknown Unknown
Lutero, Robin San Diego, CA Investigator
Miranov, Gabriel Greylock, MA Chef
Morrisett, Jule-Rae Unknown Unknown
Myrios, Sycamore Gladeville, TN Child
Novoselić, Anton Unknown Unknown
Peterson, Talia Greylock, MA Journalist
Pye, Barnaby Unknown Unknown
Ramsay, Kyle "Cutter" Greylock, MA Auror
Sato, Harley Greylock, MA Historian
Tremaine, Declan Palo Alto, CA Child
Urikhvost, Will Greylock, MA Auror
Vinchente, Raphael Greylock, MA Auror Handler

*We will always be accepting shop assistants
unless numbers become too obviously uneven
in which case we will put up a notice.
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