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 Site Rules, Read us first!
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 05:51 AM

Layls, Cuts, Ayla

Age / 1 year | Height / 7 ft

Pronouns / All

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Everywhere

Taken / Atop Mt Greylock

Post Count/ 30

Mysterious Ones | All



Welcome to Atop Mount Greylock, A Modern Day Ilvermorny RPG! We’re a friendly group of nerds that love Harry Potter and writing. When you join our site, you are also joining a community. Here is what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you as an author.

  • We’re a drama free zone, at least OOC. We expect you to be respectful to other authors, and treat them like you’d want to be treated. Any type of harassment, abuse, or bullying will not be tolerated, this includes badgering for replies or application approvals. We’re all here to have a good time, and we’re (mostly) all adults, and should be able to deal with issues privately. If you need an admin to mediate a situation, please PM us so we can intervene.

  • We have an open door policy, and want our writers to feel comfortable in the event that any of the things above occurs. We know that being new to a site is sometimes hard, and you might feel awkward speaking up, but please know that issues are handled anonymously and confidentially when possible. Should you find that you are not comfortable with any of our admins or leadership (something we hope will never happen), you are welcome to privately PM any of us for resolution. Help will always be given at Atop Mount Greylock to those who ask for it.

  • Attention seeking behavior (such as being overly demonstrative in discord, constant negativity, self-deprecation, etc), advertising for other RPGs in chat or anywhere other than the ads section, plot stealing/spoiling, and open criticism of other authors and their writing is also frowned upon.

  • We also expect you to be welcoming and accepting of new authors, and be inclusive whenever possible. We want everyone who signs up to feel like they are part of our AMG family.

  • Our leadership team is comprised of 3 admins and 5 moderators. When an admin isn’t available, our moderators can answer any questions you might have. They also have various roles throughout the site, including monitoring posts for content and word count, moderating chat, and making sure rules are being adhered to. They also run our random plot generator, word of the week, open thread forum, and OTM awards. They work alongside the admins to ensure that things are updated and running smoothly at all times. Plus they are just overall awesome people.

  • As admins, you can expect us to be approachable, open-minded, and fair. It’s important to us that you feel heard, and that you feel comfortable coming to us with ideas, questions, and concerns. All decisions are made after being discussed by all three admins with the idea of being as inclusive and accepting as possible. We value our authors and their input and look forward to providing you with a fun and accepting environment to write in.


  • Ours is a premium jcink site; however most of the main site rating is “2-2-2”, or PG-13. Per JCink TOS, and our site rating, you must be 13 or older to register. Most of the authors on site are 18+, with a median age of approximately 25.

  • Our site rating allows for some mentions of sexual content as long as it fades to black before things get too heated, violence to be kept minimal and not gory, and obscenities should be used sparingly. For those wishing to explore heavier topics including sexual content in detail, a particularly graphic scene, or swear to your heart’s content, we invite you to Greylock After Dark, our password-protected MA forum. Please ask an admin for the password.

    You must be 18 or older to access Greylock After Dark and characters in the forum must be at least 16 years old for sexual content.

  • We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe writing here, so any post that may be a trigger for other authors (such as assault or abuse) must have a warning tag of either [m] for mature, or [tw] for trigger warning in the subtitle of your post so that authors can be aware that there may be trigger material within.

  • Threads containing adult and sensitive topics will also be required to be hidden behind [restricted] tags. We now have a button for this very thing, located in the button bar above the post windows. This requires individual posts to have age verification in order to be viewed and will help prevent guests and underage authors from accessing material that may not be suitable for them. It also helps protect our older members from content they may not be comfortable with.

  • Admins may at any time edit a post for trigger warnings and sensitive content, as well as request that posts or sections of posts be removed if we feel they violate our rules or Jcink TOS. If you are unsure if something is appropriate or not, please reach out to an admin. We’re here to help.


  • When registering for the site, please register with your character's first and last name in proper caps. If you fail to do so, it will be corrected for you. Accounts with names other than those of a character will be deleted.

  • We are an AU site, which means that we ignore the existence of the Harry Potter Characters, but stick to the canon universe. This doesn’t apply to Ilvermorny school history, however. Because we are largely a non-canon site, NO names or characters from the Harry Potter Series, relatives to said characters, or combinations of obviously canon names will be accepted. (Example: Harry Weasley, Lavender Longbottom, etc.) Cannon face-claims may be used, but please refrain from duplicating the canon characters with different names and faces.

  • There is currently not a maximum number of characters per author but this may be instituted in the future. New authors may start with a maximum of two characters, of any type. Having new character ideas is fun and exciting, but it takes time to develop and write already established characters, so we have increased the number of posts required for new applications. This is to help ensure you’ve taken time to get to know your characters before moving forward and to help keep all of our characters active.

  • Additional students will be accepted after each old student or non Ilvermorny character has been posted 20 times, and each staff character has been posted 10 times. After this initial requirement has been met, characters have to be posted at least five additional times in the month leading up to your application.

    Example 1: Student A and Adult B are the starting characters. Once they both have 20 posts each, you may submit a new application for student C. Once Student C is at 20 posts, and A and B are at 25, you may submit your next application and so on.

    Example 2: Student A and Staff B are the starting characters. Once A has 20 posts and B has 10, you may submit a new application for student C. Once Student C is at 20 posts, and A is at 25, and B is at 15, you may submit your next application and so on.

  • As with any roleplaying site, we ask that you to keep your characters realistic and within the constraints of the HP Universe. No one is without their flaws, and not everyone is pretty, rich, and pure-blooded. Ilvermorny is more accepting of diversity than other wizarding schools, so characters of different races, genders, sexualities, backgrounds, religions, and blood types are also encouraged. If you do decide to write an LGBTQ+ or character of color, we ask that you do so in a respectful manner. Resources are available if needed. Also, since we are a North American school, please keep in mind that most students would be from Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.

  • We will carefully consider ideas outside of the HPU, as long as they are well thought out, can fit into the world and presented to us prior to the application.

  • Characters with special abilities will not be allowed as your first or second character. We need to make sure that you’re willing to commit to the site before doling out special characters and want to ensure that they will be written well. Additional information on special characters and abilities can be found HERE.

  • At Atop Mount Greylock, we use onsite applications, that have built-in face claim request forms and also double as profiles once accepted. More information about the applications and approval process can be found HERE. Please keep in mind that shippers are optional but helpful in allowing other authors to get to know your character.

  • Please note that if a character is not posted within the first month after being accepted, the character will be archived and the face claim will be released and opened once more for anyone to claim.

  • Face claims are now built into our application, but if you decide down the road to change your claim, or to view the current list, you may do so HERE

  • Character graphics are a great way for authors to showcase their other artist talents as well, and those who are interested in making graphic sets for others may sign up to do so HERE.

  • All images must be hosted using an image hosting site such as tinypic or Imgur and not hotlinked.

  • Please keep images within the site rating of PG-13.
These should be approximately 200x200px. This image shows up in the top left hand corner of the home screen and shows next to your PMs and tag alerts from you.

At a maximum size of 400x200px. Since this is a wizarding site and wizarding portraits move, we will allow slow moving gifs as part of signatures. We request that any gif used is not too distracting. Flashing or blinking gifs not only make it hard to focus, but can also dangerous to those with epilepsy and we want to respect any visitor or author who might come to this site.

Mini profile image and gif
The dimensions for these are 250X400 for images, and 200x100 for the gif. These are edited in your profile settings.

Any RPG* terminology which a new author might not understand has been bolded and marked with an asterisk and the explanation provided at the bottom in a glossary in alphabetical order.

  • Firstly, NO God-modding*/Power-playing* or Metagaming*. These behaviors will result in a pm from staff or moderator asking for your post to be edited. Failure to do so, or repeated offenses will result in disciplinary action. Only write for your own characters unless you have permission. If you do have the other author’s consent to write actions for their characters, please make an OOC note at the bottom of your post and then tag them to prevent any confusion.

  • Keep your posts realistic and written in third-person past-tense. Please remember, your characters are only human, they are not perfect and that's okay. Keeping your part of the story realistically makes the game more fun for everyone. On occasion, you may be asked to edit a post to reflect missing or conflicting information. If this happens, you will be notified via PM that changes need to occur. Please note that this is not meant to be an attack and is strictly to help maintain site continuity.

  • Posts should be a minimum of 200 words (roughly two paragraphs long). What is your character feeling? What are they wearing? What past events would have affected them in this situation? These are things that can help you reach the suggested minimum including imagining facial expressions or gestures your character might make while talking or thinking. The more detail the better!

  • Please note that if you are taking written word from someone else's post, ooc notes, and tags are not counted towards your total. Your 200 words are only what you created yourself. There’s a handy-dandy word counter on the left side of your reply box, under the Clickable Smilies.

  • Make sure your threads had the appropriate tag in the subtitles, and be respectful of other peoples tags. Tagging a character in the subtitle denotes that the thread is for that character. If you were NOT tagged in a thread, but wish to join it, it is common courtesy to ask before posting. "Open" in the tagline means that anyone may join. "Closed" means that no other replies other than those tagged are admitted to post. Though a thread may remain listed as "open," it is no trouble to ask the posters how you character may join or if, after several posts between other characters, if others are still welcome to join. There is an exception to closed threads comes when it involves students at the school. The threads must still allow a staff member to intervene if the students are breaking rules or in need of help. If you close these threads to staff, you are removing their ability to do their job as staff (this is God-Modding). So please keep that in mind whenever you want to do a thread where a staff member may be required. Remember, there are paintings and Pukwudgies all around the school, who report to the Headmistress.

  • Make sure the post you are writing is in the appropriate forum, and that OOC stuff is limited to OOC forums, with the exception of short notes or class related information at the bottom of your post.

  • While we have an overarching site plot, most of our plots are character driven. This means you have control over your own destiny and plots that involve your own characters. Larger plots that impact multiple characters, those including dark magic, or anything that toes the line regarding the rules will require admin approval.

  • Sport, classes, and special events, all have their own special rules, which you can find by following the provided links: Quidditch rules Classes & Events
God-modding: is when an author controls another author's character without the permission of the other author.
Metagaming: is when a character performs an OOC* action which uses knowledge that character shouldn't have (e.g. something another character thinks or another author says OOC).
OOC: is an RPG acronym which simply means Out of Character.
Power playing: see God-modding RPG: stands for Role Playing Game, people who play such games are referred to as RPGers.


Most of these things are likely to be common sense, but we wanted to make some things clear in regards to either IC site things or OOC author things so that everyone is on the same page.

  • As is human nature, there may be miscommunications and misunderstandings between people. ICly, this is fantastic drama. OOCly, we foster a culture of understanding and patience.

    We have a zero tolerance policy on OOC bullying, being disrespectful to each other, and excessive inappropriate behavior (i.e. sexual harassment and the like). While there is a three strikes policy for minor infractions, these offenses will result in being banned.

    Emotions makes for some fantastic writing if, while aggrieved, you write about your character suffering through some grief. Or while you're suffering from a migraine, can accurately depict what it feels for your character having a migraine. Some authors find that their writing or their day-to-day life is swayed by their emotions in (or out) of their writing. This is called, "bleed." When you feel a high from your character's successful relationship, or your heart races because your character did something daring is a type of bleed.

    It is important to recognize when something is impacting you or your character. If you take emotions that you feel for the player and write them into your character, this is generally an out of character interaction. Just as it would be uncomfortable to think you have a crush on the player because your character is in love with theirs! There are ways to mitigate role-play bleed. However, it is never okay to take your OOC issues against a player and retaliate in a thread.

  • For any plots you wish to do, please keep them reasonable for the time being. We have a thread that you can suggest plots for found HERE, but we ask that site-wide plots be handled by leadership only. You may suggest a plot and then work with the Admins to make it happen, but we want to keep things under control for obvious reasons.
    ----------This means, no dark witches or wizard at this time.
    ----------No random deaths within the school
    ----------No crazy creatures in the forest or the lake (this is a school, they won't just allow kids to wander if there were seriously dangerous creatures out there)
In the future, there is a chance that we may do one of these plots, but they will be leadership run.
  • IC, we ask that you keep as realistic to things as possible. That means, people can't fly without a broom, a first-year will not know how to cast a seventh-year spell, and if you are going to break the rules, your character will be caught.

  • Please keep the school history in mind when you are wandering the school. This school was never involved in a war of any kind, so weapons will not be on site. There was no reason for a secret dungeon. There are no death traps.

  • Please do not change the layout of the school or the grounds or add anything additional to either that is not in the forum descriptions. (This is not to include statues or little things like that). If the forum does not specify that there is a waterfall in the courtyard, then there is no waterfall.


This section is new to Atop Mount Greylock! It’s no question that real life comes first--sometimes things require you to step back, or step away for a while. Everyone posts at their own rate, some reply right away while others require a little time. All of these are ok! We don’t want you to feel pressured to post, particularly when you may have other stressors in your life. Take care of yourself first, the site will still be here. If you are going to be away for extended periods of time, we ask that you post in the Vacation Forum so that we know what is going on, and you will not lose any of your characters. More on that below. With that said, to help us maintain our character lists and to help your fellow authors, we are going to be instating activity checks every three months.

  • These checks will be during thread wrap up, and last until the start of the new term/half.

  • You’ll be required to reply to the Activity Check thread with a link for each character showing their most recent post. This lets us now that you’re around and intend to continue writing these characters.

  • Once the two weeks is up, any characters without threads will be moved to inactive.

  • After a month of inactivity, your character will be retired, and the attached account will be deleted.
With the addition of activity checks comes character retirement. We want you to be serious about the characters you create, hence our post requirements for new applications. This doesn’t mean we want you to carry around a character you’re no longer inspired to write. People leave, plots change, and sometimes it’s hard to continue writing certain characters, so every activity period you are allowed to retire a character.
  • To do this, all you have to do is nothing, and one-month post activity check, they will be archived and deleted.

  • This will have an impact on future applications, however, as post counts reset. If you are found to be retiring characters regularly, we reserve the right to decline future applications.

  • There is potential to un-retire a character, which will require a new account registration, but this will be handled on a case by case basis taking into account activity with all other characters.


We use Discord as an extension of our online community. We understand that it’s not for everyone, but encourage you to join us as it’s a great way to get to know other authors, plot, and share fandom related content. As a site, we are still new to the platform, so features may change.

  • Be welcoming to everyone. We gain a lot of new authors every month who have a difficult time feeling like they belong. Sometimes it’s hard to really let go of the plotting to say hello and pull the new author in. We ask that you try, and really show these authors just how awesome you guys are as a group to write with.

  • Respect. This is the most important rule for our member chat. If we find you are in any way intentionally and consistently disrespectful to another author or to an admin, you will be banned from chat. End of story. We will not tolerate that.

  • Most of the time an admin or mod is present in the chat to help keep things from getting out of hand. In the event that something does escalate, it will be dealt with privately. Please reach out to someone if you are uncomfortable with something happening in chat so that it can be dealt with anonymously by an admin.

  • Keep the conversation as close to PG as you can. This means, do not discuss illegal activity (this includes personal stories of underage drinking or drug use), sexual experiences, topics that can offend or cause arguments (such as politics, religion, so on), no inappropriate relationship discussions where the law of consent is broken (even as a ship), or any other inappropriate discussion.
This also includes voice chat, please keep everything PG in there as well.
  • If an author states that a topic makes them feel uncomfortable, stop all discussion on said topic.

  • Shipping characters can be fun! And on occasion, people like to attempt to ship people as unlikely friends or more. However, if an author requests that you leave their characters out of the game, please respect their wishes.

  • Please be respectful of other people’s boundaries. We all want to be friends and get along, but some people may not wish to add you as a friend, or may have their private messages set to friends only. These are privacy settings that they have set for a reason, please do not badger them about it in chat.

  • With Discord, we have the ability to create different channels for different things (I.E. Photos, videos). This prevents from spamming in the general chat so please keep things in the right categories. This is hard to do with plotting, we know, but try!


Players breaking site or Discord rules, will be handled with a three strike rule. We will always approach you with respect and dignity, please extend the same courtesy. If anyone is disrespectful towards staff or other authors, you will gain strikes.

  • First strike
    An admin will reach out to you through either Discord PM or site PM to advise of the post/thread infraction, conversation topic, or behavior that we found inappropriate and ask that you stop or do not bring the topic up in the future.

  • Second strike
    An admin will reach out to you in the same manner as the first warning and provide the same feedback. The second warning does not have to be on the same topic or behavior, but the fact that the rules were broken again. You will also be banned from Discord for 24 hours.

  • Third strike
    After the soft ban is removed and an author is let back into Discord but continues to post inappropriate/unacceptable posts on the site, behave or discuss topics that are against the rules, the author will be permanently banned from the member chat and the site. All characters will be deleted. No other chances will be given.
The admins discuss all issues before reaching out to any author in an PM. This is a joint decision between us. Do not attempt to sway decisions by attempting to pit us against each other to achieve a different outcome. This will not work.
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