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 Cian Chevalier
Cian Chevalier
 Posted: Apr 23 2017, 01:37 PM


Age / 17 | Height / 5'11"

Pronouns / he/him

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / East Haven, Vermont

Crushing / on Laila Kennedy

Post Count/ 356

Grace | she/her

June 20th
East Haven, VT
Horned Serpent
Isaac Hempstead-Wright
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Cian is of average height, though on the skinny side. He has gangly limbs, making him look somewhat stretched out. He has pale skin, dark brown eyes and brown hair. He also wears rectangular glasses and recently hearing aids, although he sometimes takes off the latter when they’re bothering him. He tends to wear very practical clothes, as fashion wasn’t exactly an important part of his childhood. However, he is still generally well put together, despite not having expensive or fashionable clothes. When out of uniform, he can typically be found wearing sweaters, button downs and jeans.

PERSONALITY: Cian has always been the intellectual sort. He loves to read and learn new things, simply for the sake of learning and knowing. Their mother let them self-direct their education back at home, a situation in which Cian thrived, surpassing his current peers in multiple subjects. He doesn’t believe that there are boring subjects, only boring ways to present information. He can read and process information quickly. When he’s signing with his family, he can communicate himself effectively, but he often gets frustrated with writing because he cannot write as quickly as he thinks.

Back on the farm, Cian had all the books he wanted or needed. If he asked for something, his parents would get it for him. There was a part of him, though, that wasn’t completely satisfied with only reading. He wanted to know things, but his world experience was so lacking. Although he was very bookish, there is an adventurous streak to him, one that drives him to want to go out and experience things for himself. Despite the fact that the family farm was comfortable, Cian still wanted to experience other things. Since his parents’ death, he has felt very guilty about these feelings.

The most important people to Cian are, of course, his family. Back at home, he often got frustrated with some of his younger siblings, especially when they were being disruptive, but since their parents’ deaths he’s drawn closer to his siblings, especially Kiernan and Chloe. When it comes to other people, Cian isn’t shy exactly, but he does get frustrated sometimes with the language barrier. If someone is willing to make the effort, though, he will too. For the most part, he enjoys talking to different people, particularly learning about their experiences.

Cian is typically very even tempered, so it takes a lot to get him angry. When he finally does get angry though, it almost makes up for the time he spent being calm. He may be deaf, but he can make a whole lot of noise when he wants to. Angry Cian involves a lot of kicking things, sometimes throwing things and door slamming. Lately, he’s had more trouble with his anger. There was much less to be frustrated about at the farm and these days he feels frustrated all the time. Over the past few years things have gotten better for the most part. With friends by his side, Cian is managing his own emotions better. However, he still worries a great deal about his siblings.

TALENTS/SKILLS/HOBBIES: Cian has always loved to read and will read almost anything, from fantasy to history. He’s the kind of person who can spend hours reading if you let him. At home, there was plenty to be done, but Cian would often find ways to read. A baby needs to be fed? He can do that with one hand and hold a book with the other.

Like many of his family, Cian is also fond of plants and animals. Once his mother started his magical education, he began reading about more magical plants and animals as well, which he greatly enjoyed. Since starting at Ilvermorny, he’s found that he’s actually ahead of his yearmates in Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and History of Magic because he had read so much about them. The practical stuff, however, not as much. Being deaf, he has to perform all his magic non-verbally, which is far more difficult. At this point, his wandwork has gotten better, but it’s always a struggle and he lags behind his classmates.

Apart from reading, one of Cian’s favorite past-times is puzzles, from jigsaw puzzles to word puzzles. He’d often have an enormous jigsaw puzzle going for days that he would forbid anyone from touching. In general, he likes working through problems that have a definite answer. He finds it relaxing, particularly because so few things in life have a neat solution. Over the summer after his fifth year, Cian picked up model making after his uncles gifted him a model set.

Of course, Cian’s primary means of communication is sign language. He uses a mix of Irish Sign Language and British Sign Language that he grew up with at home. Since moving to the United States, he has been trying to learn American Sign Language, but so far hasn’t found much use for it at Ilvermorny. After Chloe began teaching ASL to several other students, Cian started to work harder on his ASL skills. He is now fluent and uses on a regular basis around the school. He has some lip reading ability, but cannot rely on it for full communication and does not enjoy trying. Although he has hearing aids now, he has very little spoken language ability as his parents never forced him to learn. He does not use his voice with anyone except his family, although he does sometimes mouth words.

Throughout his sixth and seventh years, Cian has been learning signed magic. Although magic without a wand is more advanced, he finds his easier than the non-verbal magic he has always had to perform otherwise. He has managed a few spells and continues to work on it. He has also been working on developing a spell to make sign language easier for others to learn and understand. While he doesn’t quite know what he wants with a career, he is now considering something that would involve this new line of studies.

LANGUAGES: Irish Sign Language, British Sign Language (Native), American Sign Language (proficient), English (reading/writing)

Mother - Samantha Carthe (deceased)
Father - Ardan Donovan (deceased)
Maternal uncle and adoptive father - Waylon Chevalier (squib)
Uncle and adoptive father - Edmond Chevalier

Saoirse Chevalier (19)
Chloe Chevalier (twin)
Kiernan Chevalier (16)
Niamh Chevalier (15, Deaf)
Loughlin Chevalier (13)
Eoin Chevalier (12, Deaf)
Erin Chevalier (12)
Rory Chevalier (11)
Mia Chevalier (8)

Cian was the third child born to Samantha Carthe and Ardan Donovan, the second of a set of twins. His sister Chloe loves to point out the fact that she is older than him, which he just rolls his eyes at. For some families, finding out that their child his deaf would lead to stress and uncertainty, but not for the Donovan family. Cian is like his father and his family rejoiced in this fact. From the beginning, Cian had no language barriers. His entire family used a mix of Irish and British Sign Language, making communication a non-issue for Cian. On the farm, he found little use for spoken English.

Cian and Chloe were followed by seven more children, bringing their entire number up to ten. Niamh, like Cian, was also born deaf. On their farm, things were easy. Yes, there was a lot of hard work involved in taking care of animals, plants and younger children, but communication was easy and his abilities were never doubted. For the first few years of his life, Cian did not know that the rest of the world wasn’t like his home. He still remembers being four years old and signing to a store clerk, thinking something was wrong with him for failing to sign back. For awhile, Cian was content to stay on the farm, but as he grew older, he began to want to experience more of the outside world.

When Hogwarts letters arrived to invite the children to the school, they were bought a wand, but did not board the Hogwarts Express with the other magical children in Britain. Instead, Samantha introduced magic to their homeschooling and unschooling. Cian thrived in this environment. He read books faster than his parents could pick them up for him. He loved to take care of the magical plants in his mother’s garden and is thus very knowledgeable in Herbology. He found practical magic to be a challenge, as he has to perform everything nonverbally, but has gotten better over the last couple years, as he’s gotten older.

Everything changed on January 15th. Loughlin had just turned 11 and, as per tradition, their parents had taken him to get his wand. The next few days are still somewhat of a blur for Cian. He remembers being told that Loughlin was in the hospital, that his parents were dead, but it didn’t seem to make sense. He kept thinking that there had been a mistake, that someone was wrong and that their parents were going to come running in, explaining the misunderstanding. That didn’t happen though.

The children were taken in by their uncle on their mother’s side, Waylon, and his partner Edmond. Waylon was a squib, who lived in the United States, and Edmond was a muggle. The next few weeks were hectic. The farm was sold, Waylon and Edmond bought a new house and all 10 children were moved to US. It felt like every single thing about their lives were changing. Cian appreciated his uncles greatly and the fact that all the siblings were able to stay together, but it was often overwhelming. Like Niamh, Cian was also given hearing aids, an attempt to help him adjust. He has been more resistant than Niamh, however, finding them distracting more than helpful.

In addition to all this, Saoirse, Chloe, Cian, Kiernan and Niamh were all sent to Ilvermorny for their magical education. This was a difficult change for all the children, but especially for Cian and Niamh. The language barrier is frustrating to say the least. He has found, however, that he is ahead of his yearmates in Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and History of Magic, even if he is behind in practical magic. While Loughlin is experiencing survivor’s guilt, Cian is experiencing some guilt of his own. He had wished he could see more of the world outside their farm. Now he is, but it certainly wasn’t worth the price.

Grace, 26, Central, she/her

Cian Chevalier
 Posted: Jun 6 2017, 06:33 PM


Age / 17 | Height / 5'11"

Pronouns / he/him

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / East Haven, Vermont

Crushing / on Laila Kennedy

Post Count/ 356

Grace | she/her

Thread Tracker:

More or less attempting to put in chronological order.

Fifth Year
Sorting Thoughts Sorting People with Chloe Chevalier
Description: (Fuzzy time - takes place at the beginning of the year). Chloe and Cian's sorting. Nerves all around for both twins. Cian is disappointed to be sorted into a different house than all of his siblings.

Hairy Situation with Chloe Chevalier, Abigaile Gifford, Annabelle Hope Evans
Description: (Fuzzy time - takes place early in their first term). Chloe appears at breakfast with blue hair. Cian is surprised, but tries not to be too judgmental. Chloe opens up a bit about wanting to look different from their mum. Cian suggests that Chloe might have better success with her magic if she worked on non-verbal spell casting. They agree to work together on it. They are joined by Abigaile, the Tiny Terror, who requests signing lessons. Chloe dumps salt in her coffee. Annabelle drops by.

9 Crimes with Kiernan Chevalier, Loughlin Chevalier and Sata.
Description: The Chevalier boys find themselves in the kitchens at the same time. Sata discovers them and is none too happy. Cian prompts Loughlin to lie about their houses, which Cian eventually confesses to at a later date.

Last Warm Day with Paras Byron
Description: Cian goes to the Greenhouses and finds Professor Byron already there. They chat about potions and herbology. Paras offers Cian an apprenticeship, which he accepts.

Forget-Me-Not with Niamh Chevalier
Description: Cian finds Niamh crying in the greenhouses. They have a heart-to-heart about how difficult Ilvermorny is.

Do I Want to Know? with Bridget Lavale
Description: Cian goes to send a letter and finds Bridget having trouble with her own.

You Get a Plant, I Get a Plant with Laila Kennedy
Description: Cian and Laila chat about family out on the grounds. She is the first person he tells about the accident.

See What I'm Saying? with Dominic Holger
Description: Formal r/f thread. Cian mistakes Dominic for Damian. Luckily, both twins can sign. They chat about being twins.

A Very Chevalier Christmas with Chevalier Siblings
Description: The Chevalier children wake up on their first Christmas as orphans. Immediate bickering and crying ensues.

Let's Play! with Mia Chevalier
Description: Cian has a tea party with Mia and Francis, his childhood signing puppet. They talk about how Mia is doing at home and how Cian is doing at school.

The World is too Heavy with Dominic and Damian Holger
Description: Cian is feeling rather down at the feast after Christmas break. His spirits are somewhat lifted by Damian and Dominic. They have a nerdy chat about old maps.

Girl Trouble with Chloe Chevalier
Description: Cian has a crush for the first time. Of course, this requires talking to his twin. He eventually agrees to send a carnation, but it's anonymous.

Gone but Never Forgotten with Chloe, Niamh and Kiernan Chevalier
Description: It's the one year anniversary of the Donovan parents' death. Loughlin and Saoirse don't show up. The others manage to get a few things off their chests regarding their parents' deaths. Cian accuses Kiernan and Chloe of having things easier. Cian and Chloe admit to feeling guilty about having wanted to get off the farm.

You what? with Chloe Chevalier and Blaire Vice
Description: Cian and Chloe are hanging out when Blaire comes along.

Tour de Force (part 1) with Chloe and so many
Description: Feeling bad about Cian's isolation, Chloe begin teaching several students ASL. On Valentine's day, she arranges a tour for Cian around the castle, at each point, he is greeted by a student or teacher signing to him. Things become emotional.

Tour de Force, Scene II with Still so many
Description: Same.

No Foolish Wand-Waving or Silly Incantations with Kiri Allain
Description: Frustrated by his lack of success with spell work and inspired by their recent Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Cian approaches Professor Allain for more information about alternative magic. He hopes she can offer some guidance and ideas to help hi with his spell casting. Kiri introduces Cian to more voodoo magic.

Practice Makes Perfect with Chloe Chevalier
Description: Cian and Chloe finally get to practicing their wand work. The discuss the possibility of using signed magic. Cian does some practice with his hearing aids.

C Cubed with Charlie Antonin and Caleb Rowan
Description: Cian is working on a puzzle and is joined by his two housemates.

It Takes Two to Tutor with Logan Beaumont IV
Description: Cian begins his tutoring lessons with Logan.

See Me After Class with Will Urikhvost/Professor Uri
Description: After Anger is a Short Madness - Professor Uri calls Cian to his office after Cian gets frustrated in class. They talk about his struggles with practical magic, which gets Cian even more angry. Although Professor Uri offers some good advice, Cian leaves annoyed.

Home Is Where You Make It with Briar Rose Scribe
Description: Last day r/f event. Early morning on the last day of school. Cian runs into Briar in the greenhouses. He sees him doing wandless magic. Briar offers to start teaching him for next term.

Reunited and It Feels so good with All the Chevaliers
Description: All the littles visit Greylock for Saoirse's graduation. Cian suggests going to the wandshop for Chloe's wand, which ends in everyone else being bored and Cian feeling bad. The others go off to play on the Merry-Go-Round while Cian takes Rory to the Menagerie.

All the Lonely People with Chloe Chevalier (and Kiernan Chevalier)
Description: Chloe and Cian reflect on their year at Ilvermorny on the train back home. Kiernan comes in later.

Can Someone Please Give Me a Hand? with Damian Holger and Niamh Chevalier
Description: Potions class. Cian partners with Damian who he discovers can sign. Niamh joins them.

Rown Gossips, Chessnut Drones with Arne Reinhardt
Description: Herbology class. Cian and Arne talk about wands and the Formal. Arne convinces Cian that it's worth going.

I'm Not Sure I Buy This with Blaire Vice
Description: Divination class. Cian is not very convinced by numerology. He works with Blaire and helps her out calculating her numbers.

Anger is a Short Madness with Kiernan Chevalier and (briefly) Bridget Lavale
Description: Potions class. Cian gets frustrated with his difficulties casting a shrinking charm. Kiernan pokes fun at him and Cian lashes out, which leads to a request from Professor Uri for Cian to see him after class.

Tell Me More with Chloe Chevalier
Description: Alternative Magic in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Cian comforts Chloe after the drama with Cecilia.
A Broken Heart and a Big Brother to Mend with Mia Chevalier and Chloe Chevalier
Description: Mia is upset about Jeremiah's new girlfriend. She feels as if everyone spends time with her only because they feel obliged to do so. Cian's attempts to cheer her up are a total failure. After Chloe finds Cian in his room, she suggests pretending that Mia and Cian were just playing hide-and-seek. Mia is still not receptive.

Midnight Snacks and Kitchen Chats with Bridget Lavale
Description: Cian gets up in the middle of the night to get water and ends up in the kitchen with Bridget. They have a comfortable talk about family and get closure about the awkwardness of that potions lesson.

Silent, but Deadly with Niamh Chevalier and Eoin Chevalier
Description: Cian shows Niamh and Eoin what he has found out so far about signed magic.
Sixth Year
Walk Beside Me with Aleckzander Ryles, Charlie Antonin, Coda Pearson and Michaela Newton
Description: The Welcome Feast. Cian catches up with friends and meets a few new people.

Karaoke Bar with Adventure Club
Description: Cian attends Chloe's Adventure Club party since he has missed the others. He and Chloe sign Party in the USA.

No Wand Required with Briar Rose Scribe
Description: Cian's first wandless magic lesson with Briar. It is certainly less flashy than voodoo magic, but Cian is still determined to try.

I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud with Charlie Antonin
Description: Cian visits Charlie in the infirmary after his bullying incident. Charlie confides in Cian about what happened.

Muffins and Memories with Saoirse Chevalier
Description: Cian meets up with Saoirse over the weekend. They manage to have a somewhat open conversation about their feelings and the reasons for Saoirse's absence from the memorial.

I Need Some Words of Advice with Damian Holger
Description: After Damian kisses Chloe. Cian confronts Damian about the kiss. He asks whether or not he has real feelings for Chloe or if it was just the effects of the potion.

Painting Machine with Chloe Chevalier, Eoin Chevalier, Daniel Park and Logan Beaumont IV
Description: Chloe does facepainting for Halloween costumes. r/f

Tattoo-ween with Loughlin Chevalier and Coda Pearson
Description: Chatting with Loughlin and Coda at the Halloween party. r/f

Are You Picking Up what I'm Putting Down with Laila Kennedy
Description: Chatting with Laila at the end of the Halloween party. r/f

I Need a Tour Guide with Katie Lavale
Description: Cian meets Bridget's sister in the library. They chat about their respective projects.

Use the Force with Briar Scribe
Description: Cian's next wandless magic lesson with Briar. Cian feels he is improving.

Your Pain is Painful with Charlie Antonin
Description: Cian confronts Charlie about the bullying and apologizes for how he feels he has failed as a friend.

Come to the Dark Side with Arne Reinhardt
Description: After they both walk out of potions, Arne invites Cian to hang out by the lake.

He said, She said with Chloe Chevalier
Description: Cian is upset after potions and takes out some of his anger on Chloe.

Milk and Honey with Chloe Chevalier and Bridget Lavale
Description: Directly after "He said, She said". After their talk, Chloe and Cian go looking for Bridget to clear up what Chloe believes is a miscommunication. The conversation quickly turns into more of an argument. Bridget commits what Cian feels to be the near unforgivable offense of intentionally speaking in front of him so that he cannot understand what she is saying.

Chair/Table Thoughts with Chloe Chevalier
Description: The twins catch up in the library and Chloe lays out her social frustrations.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word with Niamh Chevalier
Description: Niamh tells Cian about her breakup with Aleck.

Christmas with Mia with Mia Chevalier, Kiernan Chevalier and Saoirse Chevalier
Description: The four siblings go sledding after returning home from Ilvermorny.

Heads Up with Loughlin Chevalier
Description: Cian and Loughlin have some fun while doing winter chores.

I'm Turning the Pages, but Nothing Changes with Caleb Rowan and Poppy Everheart
Description: Return feast. Cian chats with Caleb and Poppy. Bridget makes an entrance.

No Wand Required P2 with Briar Rose Scribe
Description: Cian's next lesson on wandless magic in which he first successfully performs wandless magic.

The Late Night Snack Club with Mae O'Reilly, Laila Kennedy, Logan Beaumont IV, Arne Reinhardt and Bridget Lavale
Description: The detention following the potions walkout. Cian must write a love letter to Bridget. He works with Laila on his potion and discusses her letter to the headmistress.

Feels Easier to Just Swim Down with Bridget Lavale
Description: Letters between Bridget and Cian discussing what happened in the library.

Making Amends with Kiva Kijewski-Jareau, Laila Kennedy, Logan Beaumont IV, Arne Reinhardt and Bridget Lavale
Description: The detention group meets with the headmistress.

Death Doesn't Discriminate with Kiernan Chevalier and Sofia Moon
Description: Death Anniversary of their parents. Cian is sitting in the cemetery in Greylock when Kiernan shows up. They have a relaxed chat about their parents, able to talk about them without getting upset. A chow chow shows up who turns out to be Sofia in her animagus form.

Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object with Logan Beaumont IV
Description: Cian and Logan have a confrontation in the library, letting each other know what they really think. It doesn't go well.

Somebody that I Used to Know with Bridget Lavale
Description: Bridget invites Cian to the astronomy tower. She apologizes for the things that happened before and admits that she used to have a crush on him. Cian is still left feeling like she does not trust him enough to really talk to him. They leave on better terms, but Cian is still unsure where they stand.

Will You Be My Valentine with Arne Reinhardt and Cassandra King
Description: r/f Valentine's Day weekend. Cian runs into Arne and Cassandra on the way to Greylock. The two invite him along.

Quality Time with Eoin Chevalier
Description: r/f Valentine's Day weekend. Cian and Eoin spend some time together in Greylock. Cian is worried about Eoin's disbelief that anyone would bother to send him a carnation.

Down for the Count with Arne Reinhardt
Description: Cian gets hit with the love potion and finds himself obsessed with Kyara Valentino. He seeks out Arne to talk about it, feeling like his friend can give him advice.

Helpless with Arne Reinhardt, Kiernan Chevalier and Kyara Valentino
Description: Takes place after Down for the Count. The day after Valentine's Day, Cian becomes a victim of the love potion. He accidentally lets Kiernan know that Kyra used to like Chloe.

Growing Apart with Arne Reinhardt
Description: r/f field day. Chloe tells Cian that she is not coming back for her final year.

Love is Literally in the Air with Bridget Lavale
Descriptions: Potions lesson on amortentia. Bridget leaves him on his own, which upsets him and leads to his subsequent walkout.

The Mute Leading the Deaf with Barnaby Pye
Description: Ancient Runes. Cian and Barnaby make quick work of the assignment working together.

Happy Memories with Sofia Moon
Description: Working on patronuses. Both Sofia and Cian have trouble coming up with happy memories. They talk it out and eventually find some that might work. Cian feels a sympathetic connection to Sofia's struggles.
The Past is Certain, The Future Obscure with Rory Chevalier
Description: Cian senses something not quite right in the house and goes looking. He finds Rory hiding in his room under the bed. They have a discussion about magic and Cian learns that Rory is trying to suppress it because he still blames magic for what happened to their family.
Seventh Year
Puppy Love with Eoin Chevalier
Description: The opening feast. Cian sees a kiss between Eoin and Harper. Eoin comes back for advice.

Manning Up with Arne Reinhardt
Description: Cian finally talked to someone about his crush on Laila. Arne gives Cian advice on how to win over Laila.

Light that Up, Forget the Funk with Arne Reinhardt, Sebastian Holzter and Laila Kennedy
Description: Arne comes up with a plan for Cian to impress Laila. They head to the pureblood exclusive party, only to run into Sebastian helping Laila back toward the castle. Cian offers to take her back. Things aren't going as planned and Cian can't bring up his feelings. He ends up dropping her off at her common room entrance.

Just us Chevalier Boys with Kiernan Chavalier
Description: Cian and Kiernan catch up on a trip to Greylock.

A Place in the Sun with Niamh Chavalier
Description: Halloween r/f. Cian and Naimh hangout at the lake party, enjoying some much needed sibling time.

Guess Who's Back?! with Chloe Chevalier
Description: Chloe comes back to Ilvermorny! Cian and Chloe catch up at breakfast after Chloe makes her return. Cian brings up the spell he and Arne are working on. Chloe has some ideas.

King of the Mountain with Chloe Chevalier and Jemma Bishop
Description: Cian and Chloe are hanging out when Jemma comes up and sees them signing. They start talking about wandless magic and alchemy. Chloe departs but Jemma and Cian keep talking.

New Beginnings with Samuel Acres
Description: Cian stops by the new counselors office. They get to talking about the future, which has been stressing Cian out.

What about Breakfast at Tiffany's? with Chloe Chevalier and Arne Reinhardt
Description: Chloe, Arne and Cian head to the Greylock Gazette headquarters to look at some of the books that Chloe got her hands on. On the way there, Chloe and Arne tell Cian what happened between Laila and Eddie. At HQ, they have a breakthrough the spell.

When You Wish Upon a Star with Laila Kennedy
Description: The r/f Winter Formal. Cian picks up Laila at her common room. They have a good talk. Cian is sad that Laila still doesn't know how he feels.

The Start with Chloe Chevalier, Eddie Murray, Kiernan Chevalier, Arne Reinhardt, Sebastian Holtzer and Erin Smythe
Description: The r/f Winter Formal. The big event. Cian sees Eddie kissing Chloe. Has a meltdown and punches Eddie in the face. Others come to break up the fight. All are called to the Deputy Headmistress' office.

One at a Time with Deputy Headmistress and others
Description: The r/f Winter Formal. Continued from The Start. Everyone is called into the DHM's office. Cian gives a highly abridged version of events and leaves Laila out of it.

It's a Supernatural Delight with Laila Kennedy
Description: Chloe and Laila pair up for herbology. They talk about magic, Arne and eventually Laila asks Cian to the formal. But only as friends. Takes place sometimes after Breakfast at Tiffany's
Cian Chevalier
 Posted: Oct 7 2017, 02:09 PM


Age / 17 | Height / 5'11"

Pronouns / he/him

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / East Haven, Vermont

Crushing / on Laila Kennedy

Post Count/ 356

Grace | she/her


Saoirse Chevalier - Cian considered Saoirse, Chloe and himself to be the "main bigs" and a team when it came to looking out for the others. However, he knows that he and Chloe sometimes cut her out of their close relationship, leaving her somewhat isolated from the rest of the siblings. He felt very betrayed when she pulled away from them after their parents' deaths. He is working on rebuilding that relationship.
Chloe Chevalier - As twins, he has a particularly close relationship with Chloe. They can read each other well and keep little from one another. Cian has been struggling recently with the number of friends she has made since coming to Ilvermorny. He has been trying to be supportive, but still often feels left out.
Kiernan Chevalier - Kiernan and Cian have an up-and-down relationship. While Kiernan's joking can be appreciated when Cian is in a bad mood, Kiernan can also get under his skin and push his jokes too far.
Niamh Chevalier - Cian and Niamh have gotten closer over the past year. They shared the experience of being the only Deaf students at Ilvermorny and were there to support each other.
Loughlin Chevalier - The past year has been rough for Loughlin and Cian's relationship, with the former retreating after the accident and the move. Cian hopes to mend that relationship.
Erin Chevalier - Cian worries about the number of fights that Erin was getting into at muggle school. He's glad that she was looking out for the others, but hopes that things will be better at Ilvermorny.
Eoin Chevalier - Cian has always felt a close bond with Eoin. Not just because he is deaf, but also because they share many personality traits. He is hoping that he will be able to make school if easier for Eoin and that they will be able to work on signed magic.
Rory Chevalier - With Rory's mutism, he has been worrying many in the family. Cian initially insisted that it was all fine, particularly since Rory was using sign to communicate. He felt that his uncles were putting too much emphasis on speech, but after a stern talking to, Cian has conceded that he needs to encourage Rory.
Mia Chevalier - As the baby of the family, Mia holds a special place in Cian's heart. He is always willing to play with her, evening breaking out his old puppet for tea parties. He has been especially worried about her recently, as she has been withdrawing from the rest of the family. He feels as if he has been failing at helping her in what she is going through.

Waylon and Edmond Chevalier - Cian's relationship with his uncles has been complicated. While he is thankful that everyone was able to stick together and live with family, things were still hard. When they first arrived, neither Waylon nor Edmond were capable signers. This required a sibling to be present whenever Cian wanted to have a conversation with his uncles. While they put in effort to learn to sign, they learned ASL, which Cian resisted learning until Chloe began teaching Ilvermorny students. Recently, he butted heads with them over Rory's speaking.


Charlie Antonin - As Cian's roommate, Charlie is an obvious friend. Cian was one of the few people let in one what was happening when Charlie was being bullied. He is still wrestling with feelings of guilt over not stepping in or telling a teacher.
Damian Holger and Dominic Holger - The twins were the first people at Ilvermorny to sign with Cian and Niamh. There is always interesting conversation with the twins and Cian loves to learn about their travels.
Aleckzander Ryles - Another roommate of Cian's. The two always get along when they talk to each other. This relationship has been somewhat complicated after the breakup between Niamh and Alec.
Arne Reinhardt - Arne was very friendly and inclusive to Cian when they talked. At the time, Cian had not been planning on going to the winter formal, but Arne managed to convince him. They have since developed an unexpected friendship. -- They are now best friends. Cian and Arne have been working on a spell together to make signing easier for hearing people to understand.
Laila Kennedy - Cian likes Laila, although they have not had much chance to interact. It was a friendship he failed to pursue, too caught up in his own feelings when he first came to Ilvermorny. He greatly appreciates the effort put in to learn sign. -- Cian currently has a crush, for the first time, on Laila. He finds her easy to converse with, despite there still being communication barriers, but has not done anything about his feelings.


Coda Pearson - A friend of Loughlin's. The few times that Cian has interacted with Coda, he has found him interesting and entertaining.
Blaire Vice - A friend of Chloe's. Cian enjoyed working with her in Divination and found it extremely entertaining that she didn't realize he was deaf.
Caleb Rowan - A younger housemate. Cian has only interacted with him briefly.
Kyara Valentino - A friend of Chloe's. -- Things are awkward after the love potion incident. Although he knows he wasn't, Cian still feels responsible.
Sofia Moon - Cian had never really interacted with Sofia until she showed up in the graveyard as a dog. It lead to an enjoyable and funny conversation with her and Kiernan. They worked in DADA on patronus charms later as well. Cian can see that Sofia is struggling with something, but doesn't know her well enough to know what it is. He's disappointed that he only started to get to know her right before she graduated.
Sebastian Holtzer - Laila's best friend's boyfriend, Cian ends up in the same circles as Sebastian sometimes. Cian doesn't really hold anything against the boy, but they always seem to be part of awkward situations.
Jemma Bishop - Cian is impressed with her alchemy abilities. Finds her interesting.

It's Complicated

Bridget Lavale - First a friend of Chloe's, Cian and Bridget spent some time together over the summer. Cian found it surprisingly easy to talk to her and feels that Bridget just seems to get him. He has been wanting to spend more time with her back at school. -- After the events in the library, Cian does not know where he stands with Bridget. -- Since the library, they have made up. However, Cian still feels as though Bridget does not trust him. He does not know how to be a friend to her and is simply leaving it to her to come to him.


Briar Rose Scribe - Briar is teaching Cian wandless magic. The lessons are slow going, but Cian is working hard to master them.
Kiri Allain - Cian thinks Professor Allain is one of the coolest people. She has been teaching him voodoo magic to help him master spell-casting.
Samuel Acres - The new school counselor. So far Cian likes Sam. He feels bad for undoubtedly disappointing him with the fight.


Sata - The librarian caught Loughlin, Kiernan and Cian out of bed early in their first term. Already a tense situation, Sata put not effort into communicating with Cian, who has disliked Sata ever since. Although Cian spends a lot of time in the library, he does his best to avoid Sata.
Will Urikhvost/“Professor Uri” - After the mostly disastrous potions lesson, Cian felt that Uri was pushing too hard and offering no sympathy. He felt undermined and attacked. Since then, Cian dreads any substitution by the Russian professor.
Cecilia Rumm - Although Cian has never had a conversation with Cecilia, he has decided that he doesn't like her. Like Logan, she seems to always be at the center of Chloe's drama. While Chloe has tried to get Cian to sympathize with her more, he still doesn't like her.
Logan Beaumont IV - A friend of Chloe's and previously Cian's tutor. Cian has mixed feelings about Logan. While his interactions with him have been fine, most of Chloe's drama seems to revolve around Logan. Cian thinks he may not be the best friend. -- Since his discussion with Chloe and her admission that Logan wanted to date her but keep it a secret, Cian's wariness of Logan has become outright dislike. His mother threw away everything about pureblood society for the life she wanted and his uncle was disowned for being a squib, so Cian has little sympathy for Logan.
Edwin Murray - A one way rivalry? Cian dislikes Eddie based on reputation and what he believes was a manipulation of Laila's feelings. Eddie had no idea Cian existed until he was punching Eddie in the face.

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