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 Niamh Chevalier
Niamh Chevalier
 Posted: Apr 10 2017, 05:25 AM

Age / 16 | Height /

Pronouns / She/Her

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / East Haven, VT via Ireland

Single /

Post Count/ 0


Niamh Iona Donovan Chevalier
Birthday: April 28th
Age: 13
House/Year: Pukwudgie, 3rd year
Blood Type: Halfblood
Wand: Hawthorn, Dragon Heartstring, 12 1/4″, Brittle
Patronus: Wild cat
If your patronus is the wild cat then you are intelligent and quick thinking.
Quick thinking you often outsmart those around you.
Often quiet and reserved, those with the wildcat patronus do have a sharp side.
If the wildcat is your patronus you have a fiery heart. This feisty streak makes you formidable compared to most opponents.
Tough and clever, you are resilient enough to withstand events others could not and intelligent enough to excel in anything you choose to do.

Physical Appearance:
Niamh is a little on the short side, and average weight for her age. She has pale skin, and a splash of freckles across her nose (which she feels is a little on the large side and isn’t particularly fond of). Her face is round, with large, expressive hazel eyes and thin lips. Her hair reddish brown, and she usually keeps it pulled back, even if that means putting her hearing aids on display.
She uses an amalgam of British and Irish sign language to communicate with her siblings, so her hands are usually always in motion. She’s also very expressive with her face in order to get her point across since she doesn’t really use vocal communication.

Niamh uses clothing to express herself to the outside world since her speech is limited, and often enjoys quirky patterns and colors. She’s a big fan of comfort though, and tends to stick to jeans and simple tops when she’s not in her uniform. She does skirts on occasion, but growing up almost smack dab in the middle of all the Donovan-Chevalier boys, she tends to dress a bit more on the tomboyish side.

She is rarely seen without a notebook in tote, and a writing utensil in her hair as this is her main form of communication with those outside of her siblings. She also keeps a set of headphones with her. She observed that people don't tend to bother you when you're wearing them, so she'll wear them when she needs a break from her hearing aids, people, or both.

Back home on the farm, Niamh was a happy, fun loving girl, who was always willing to lend a helping hand. Whether it was looking after the littles, helping Da with the animals, or baking and gardening with Mum; she was always in the middle of things. Her parents taught her from a young age that she was perfect as she was and that there wasn't anything she couldn't do just because she was deaf. Except hear things really well, of course.

Niamh is the 5th of 10 children, and has always tried to keep up with brothers she's flanked by in birth order. She is the closest to her older sister Chloe; who she shared a bed with on the farm, and still shares a room with, and her younger brother Loughlin.

After the accident, everything changed.

Losing her parents, her home, her country, and to degree--her language, has twisted Niamh inward. She has become more of an introvert, and often feels isolated from the rest of the world. She's still very much grieving all of her own losses, but worries a lot more about her siblings, Loughlin and the littles in particular. She does her best to comfort them as they navigate their loss together.

She feels the safest and most comfortable around them, since they are the only people in the world that understand her language, and has started to lean on them a little more since the accident.

Niamh is an observer. Since she doesn’t have much hearing, and relies very heavily on sight to be able to translate things, she is sensitive to things hearing people may not be. She notices body language and emotions more easily than hearing people. She is also usually patient, you have to be when you have nine siblings. She does often get frustrated with communication barriers--finding it difficult when her pen can’t keep up with the thoughts she’s trying to express.

Niamh, like her biological parents, loves plants and animals. She also is an avid reader, but doesn't have much time to do so when she's at home because there are younger siblings to entertain-which she does happily.

Because writing is her main avenue of communication outside of her siblings, Niamh spends a lot of time practicing her penmanship and calligraphy. She figures that since her handwriting is how she represents herself to most people, it may as well be pretty.

While she isn’t able to hear much, Niamh is a big fan of music--particularly anything with a good strong beat. She likes the way music feels in her body, and picked up the bodhran so that she could join in. The Irish drum is held against one’s side and played with a stick called a tipper. Because of this, the vibrations are very easily felt, and Niamh is able to make music without being able to hear it clearly.

Niamh’s language is a mixture of ISL and BSL that her Da had used. She can do some lip reading but it's incredibly difficult, particularly since she isn't used to American accents. She uses lipreading a tool to help her decipher what someone is saying, rather than a cureall. With her hearing aids, she can usually pick out what people are saying to her, but she is still getting used to them, having only had them since she’s been in the custody of her uncles. For the most part, Niamh is nonverbal. She does have some vocal ability, but she isn’t comfortable using it outside of her family.

Brief History:
Niamh was the fifth born of the ten children, to Samantha and Arden Donovan. Like her father, Niamh was born legally deaf. Homeschooled, and unschooled by her mother, Niamh was taught to read, and write, and was given the tools she needed to thrive on the farm just as she was. Her parents opted out of the arduous process of teaching her to speak, since they didn’t feel she needed to change in order for the world to accept her. For the most part, the children were secluded from the magic world. They were similarly excluded from muggle culture. The farm they lived on was their world, and then suddenly, it wasn’t.

On was January 15th, two days after Loughlin’s 11th birthday, Arden and Samantha took Loughlin to get his first wand. They piled into his father’s beat-up truck, leaving Saoirse, Niamh’s eldest sister in charge of the younger kids. They had just pulled out of town and onto the highway when it happened: Another driver, driving under the influence of recreational narcotics, came at them the wrong way.

Niamh’s parents died on impact, as did the other driver. Her brother Loughlin was the only survivor, though his foot was badly injured. The police notified Waylon first, who then contacted the rest of the kids. It would be a while before he could travel to Ireland from America where he lived, since he was a squib, so the Donovan children relied heavily on themselves and the help of neighbors during the first few days after the accident. They took turns visiting Loughlin in the hospital, but Niamh quickly became a fixture in her brother’s hospital room.

Waylon and his partner Edmond took the kids in without a question. In the coming months they would purchase a larger house, take all 10 children to therapy, and cart Loughlin to two separate surgeries for his ankle and a slew of physical therapy. Niamh hated leaving Loughlin in the hospital, and would try to spend as much time with him as possible.

They applied for adoption, not because they wanted the kids to forget their birth parents, but because they wanted them to feel safe and secure in their new home, and the adoption was finalized for all 10 kids in August.

Niamh was fitted for hearing aids by her fathers, in hopes of helping her understand the new world around her. The adjustment has been difficult for her, but she understands that it’s supposed to help. Neither of her new fathers know the secret language that Niamh and her siblings share, as in America, they use American sign language, not Irish or British.

Another aspect of the adoption was education. Since 6 of the children had received Hogwarts letters, it was clear they were going to need to be schooled in the ways of magic. Waylon and Edmond contacted Ilvermorny, and Niamh and her siblings were given leave to attend the school.
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