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 Lucas Grey
Lucas Grey
 Posted: Feb 15 2018, 08:04 PM


Age / 26 | Height / 6'1

Pronouns / He/Him

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / London, England

Single /

Post Count/ 25

Clary | She/Her

Lucas Grey
Age: 26
London, England
Amortentia: Engine oil, leather, cinnamon

Physical Appearance: Lucas keeps to wearing dark clothes and leather jackets. His hair is a dirty blonde and short and he likes to keep some scruff on his face due to pure carelessness. Lucas has one blue eye and one brown eye due to heterochromia, just a random inherited trait he received. He’s tall standing at 6 feet and stays in shape having a toned muscular body.

Personality: Lucas is hesitant to open up about his past, it would take someone really willing to get to know him and special for that to happen. Otherwise, he is fairly outgoing and a flirty guy. He enjoys interesting people and adventures. He tries to be kind where he can and keep up with his good deeds. Ultimately, Lucas can be very broody but he has the biggest heart that he wears on his sleeve most of the time.

History: Lucas grew up in England and went to school at Hogwarts being sorted in the slytherin house. His mother was a pureblood and always encouraged his magic however, she died when he was 11 two months into his first year. It was a moment of being in the wrong place at the wrong time for his mother, walking by a gang of dark wizards who were trying to cover their tracks.

His father was at first completely okay with the magical world until his wife died and he hated the community and therefore mostly shunned his son for what he was and what Lucas reminded him of.

During his 7th year he met Daisy and his whole world changed. He did not hate his life as much and he actually felt accepted for who he was. They immediately fell in love and since it was legal, as soon as they graduated Lucas and Daisy moved in together. They saw no harm in waiting however, after living together for 6 months Lucas found out about a deep dark secret of Daisy’s. Her family was involved with dark wizards, and she like them became involved as well. They were a mob of wizards who in an underground circuit, prejudiced in most ways believing a certain kind of wizard should only exist.

It only took Lucas a month until he was unable to hide the fact that he knew for he was only halfblood and felt the need to confront her. She denied every bit of proof that he had found and he just let it slide as if he was imagining the whole thing.The next morning after that fight, he woke up to find that she had left however, it seemed that she was kidnapped. He was slipped a sleeping drought which meant they were around when they were fighting, and the signs of a struggle were apparent. Lucas never gave up on her, he had a friend who was an auror who taught him Occulmency and once he learned when he was 22, he slipped into the mob world pretending to be a pureblood in order to find his beloved. After 2 years of pretending to be something he was not he learned of her death and disappeared to find himself again.

When he was 26 Lucas came across the small town of Greylock and decided that was what he needed to move on and make a new life. Leaving everything behind, Lucas drove his motorcycle as far as he could, shrunk it and hopped onto the train for a new life.

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