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 Sorin Voronin
Sorin Voronin
 Posted: Dec 31 2017, 11:18 AM

Age / 12 | Height / 4'6"

Pronouns / He/Him/His

Blood Type / Mixed blood

Hometown / London, UK

Too Young /

Post Count/ 35

Reanie | She/Her

NAME:: Sorin Voronin
AGE:: Eleven
HOUSE:: Horned Serpent
YEAR:: The most beginner of beginners - a first year
WAND:: 11" Maple wood w/ Phoenix Feather
PATRONUS:: Antipodean Opaleye, however can't perform it.
PLACE OF BIRTH:: Londen, United Kingdom
RESIDENCE:: Voronin/Ramsay House
LANGUAGES:: English, Basic Russian

Sorin is a short eleven-year-old boy, secretly praying for a growth spurt. The poor boy’s hair can’t be tamed and he also refrains from doing so. His black curls won’t even listen to him. In contrast to his twin sister, his eyes are a bit darker brown while they share the same fair complexion. He resembles his father quite a bit, even though he isn’t aware of it. He has got a skinny body type.

Sorin is reserved and calm, especially compared to his twin sister Sorcha. Despite the first impression, the boy isn’t easily bullied. He knows how to deal with those that try to make fun of him, by killing them with kindness, his wit and staying his calm self. The boy is a rational thinker and approaches social interaction through this aspect of his personality. However, he might get heated during an intellectual discussion. He might come off as someone unemotional due to his way of speaking and his lack of showing diverse emotions. Nonetheless, Sorin is clever and naturally intelligent. Besides that, he is also studious. He is a lot more book smart than street smart and some of his interactions with a stranger may be seen as ‘awkward’. Sorin can also be stubborn and possessive at times, especially while interacted with those familiar to him. Additionally, he doesn’t particularly like sudden changes, perhaps due to his loyal nature.

Sorin – ironically – is obsessed with dragons, thinking that those are the most beautiful magical creatures in the world. His obsession was caused by his father – who was killed by dragon. His dream is to have the same job as his dad – which is a dragon breeder. The boy asked every Christmas for a dragon egg, without any luck. Besides obsessing over dragons, Sorin likes to delve into the world of books – informative and fictional books. He has read a book series about dragons multiple times by a famous wizard from eastern-Europe. Besides speaking English – in a adorable British accent – he can speak basic Russian.

Sorin was born and raised in The United Kingdom together with his twin-sister Sorcha. After his father’s dad – when he was only just five winters young – his mother broke down. Fortunately, their Uncle – the Auror going by the name of Cutter – helped their household go through the dark times after the unexpected death. The boy barely remembers his father, which upsets him enough. In contrast to his sister, he didn’t try to search for his father. Instead of searching, he just read the books about dragons that their father had left them. By reading them, Sorin felt like he was reading them with his father again. Luckily, the presence of his uncle made sure that the boy knew how to defend himself and what it meant to be a real men. He also learned how to cook and clean, even though he did the latter more because of his sister’s amazing skills in the kitchen. He liked helping in the kitchen though. During his childhood, he put the recovery of his mother as his priority compared to making friends. He loved telling the stories from the books he read to his mother, recommending lovely books that helped her recovery.

Sorin respects his twin – Sorcha – a lot. He loves seeing her bold no-nonsense personality in action and especially loves her cooking. The boy was a bit bumped that he wasn’t in the same Hogwarts house as her, instead he was sorted into Ravenclaw. Nonetheless, the house did fit him perfectly. He is a bit afraid of continuing his studies at Ilvermorny, but he also know that he has nothing to worry about with his Uncle and Sister there as well. His aspiration is to become a dragon breeder.
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