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 Kiva Kijewski-Jareau
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau
 Posted: Mar 26 2017, 08:55 PM
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau

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Kiva Ariella Kijewski was the Care of Magical Creatures Professor, Horned Serpent Head of House, and the Deputy Headmistress (much to her dismay) for Ilvermorny School for fifteen years before becoming the Headmistress. She has been the Headmistress for the last ten years. Born and raised in New Mexico by her Muggle Father and Witch Mother, Kiva has grown to appreciate all forms of life. Her father, a Zoologist at a local Zoo, taught Kiva everything he knew about animals and often would take her to his job site and allowed her to interact with some of the smaller, plant eating animals. It was the times she spent at the Zoo with her father that Kiva fell in love with working and learning about animals. Her father's passion became her own. When Kiva turned 11 she attended Ilvermorny School as a student and was sorted into Pukwudgie House.

Most people believed Kiva to be a rather shy, but intelligent girl. That still has not changed. Kiva was always crafty with her charms and excelled in Transfiguration knowing that these were what she would need most when it came to her future career. Though she was always friendly to everyone, studying was what she was best known for.

After graduating from Ilvermorny, Kiva became part of a research group that travels the world studying all forms of creatures, magical and non-magical. They lived amongst the animals in their habitats to learn all they could about them. It was during these times where her charms and transfiguration skills came in handy the most. Kiva has lived all over the world in such places like the Amazon Rainforest, Romania, India, Africa, and various places throughout the Far East. She worked along side the research group until she was twenty-five. She left for home for personal reasons and took up the position of CoMC Professor. She has been at Ilvermorny ever since.

When Kiva turned 30, she took her life into her own hands in a different sort of way than with her career. She became a mother. Her priorities shifty greatly after giving birth to her son in ways that Kiva had never even believed possible. She lived purely to hear her son laugh. Every little moment with him changes Kiva in a tremendous way. Her life no longer revolved around her career but around Emery. She would give her life for him if ever asked. Emery even made Kiva more sociable. She had joined a 'Moms' group and hangs at the nearby park where she has become friends with other mothers and fathers. It was difficult for her to do as a single mother, but she learned to balance her life as a professor and as a mother with the help of her own mother, Melissa.

Kiva began dating her long time friend, Jeff Jareau, father of Chloe (a childhood friend of Emery's). The two had met eight years prior when Kiva joined the New Mom's group near her home town. Jeff was a new dad to Chloe (her mother left her and wrote off all rights to her, leaving her in the care of her father) and Kiva wanted to have others to lean on, so they had joined the group relatively at the same time. Both hit it off, but never considered dating until years later. Six months later, Jeff proposed to Kiva and she agreed.

The summer just after Emery's eighth birthday, Kiva and Jeff married. Kiva adopted Chloe and Jeff adopted Emery, making them an honest family. A few months after their wedding, Kiva adopted Angel Shield as well as Aya Bly. Both children were abandoned by their parents, so Jeff and Kiva felt the best place for them would be at their home. In addition to their new teenage children, Kiva and Jeff had a baby of their own, Harper Melissa Kijewski-Jareau born the following June.

Name: Kiva Ariella Kijewski-Jareau
Birthday: April 23rd
Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Height: 5'2
Body type: Athletic
Hair: dark brown and curly
Eyes: Hazel/Honey colored
Parents: Melissa (homemaker), Derk (retired Zoologist/deceased), Walter (step-father)
Siblings: None
Husband: Jeffrey Jareau
Children: Emery Derk Kijewski-Jareau, Chloe Elizabeth Jareau, Aya Bly, Angel Shield, Harper Melissa Kijewski-Jareau
D.O.B.: Emery - April 20th, Chloe - February 5th, Harper - June 30
Relationship: Married to Jeffrey Jareau
Bloodtype: Halfblood
Nicknames: Kiki, Kitten, Profski
Familiar: her previous familiar, Ria, passed many years ago
Fav drink: Water
Fav food: Bananas
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