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 Craig Meyers
Craig Meyers
 Posted: Nov 11 2017, 12:37 PM


Age / 33 | Height / 5'9"

Pronouns / He/Him

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dating / Briar Rose Scribe

Post Count/ 65

Cutter | Any

Craig Meyers



Craig Meyers.




30 / July


Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Blood Status



YVine, 8", unbending, Demiguise Hair.


Steel, marshmallows, raw meat and some weird flower.



Spoken Languages

English, Latin, Greek and Egyptian Arabic fluently.





Horned Serpent.


Sexual Orientation


Relationship Status




Johnathan Meyers - Muggle - Archeologist


Adrianna (Perkins) Meyers - Witch - Homemaker


Bree Meyers - Witch - Archeologist


William Meyers - Wizard - Archeologist


Craig is five foot nine and one hundred and thirty-eight pounds. He has gray almond shaped eyes and he keeps his naturally wavy, sandy blonde hair, three to five inches long. It often looks as if his locks have a mind of their own. He uses his left hand to operate his wand and his right hand for digging. Craig prefers to wear light and bright colors as they reflect the sun's rays, a trick he learned on several of his dig sites. He is rather lean due to his former profession, spending much of his time digging for treasures of the past. He speaks English, Latin, Greek and Egyptian Arabic fluently and can keep up basic conversations in many more languages.

The parents lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Craig wasn't even a thought yet, but his sister Bree was born! Adrianna had to explain to her husband that she was, in fact, a witch, as there was a distinct possibility that their children would have magical abilities. Jonathan was frightened at first, but he loved his wife and daughter too much to give up on them. He began studying archeology to have a better career to support his family. Craig was born, happy, healthy and he didn't cry. He didn't stop moving, either, until he fell asleep. Life was somewhat uneventful until his younger brother was born. Jonathan graduated from the University of Calgary and had begun his career by joining the Leptis Magna project. Distance didn't matter much, he was able to see his family regularly with Adriana and her magical traveling abilities. Craig shows signs of magic at the age of six. He was always a hyper and easily excited as a child; his first experience was at the Calgary Stampede. He was allowed to try a ring toss to win a new toy for a prize and he was so excited to win a plastic locomotive, that he managed to cause real puffs of smoke to raise from the stack. His mother quickly charmed the witnesses to wipe it from their memories. She took home immediately to begin teaching her restless boy the necessary control to avoid magical outbursts; it wasn't easy, but he was willing to learn. Craig was accepted into Ilvermorny and quickly sorted into Horned Serpent. His school years were hard for him, while he had the smarts to learn anything, he often lacked the focus. Once they discovered that he shouldn't consume ANY sweets, his grades improved drastically and he could concentrate on anything he put his mind to. Craig excelled in History, Transfiguration, Ancient Runes and Defense Against the Dark Arts. While he did very well in school, the real excitement started during his summer vacations. The family would join their father on his dig sites, where all three children assisted in any way that they could. Anything from serving drinks, to removing useless rock from the immediate site and any task in between. All three kids learned how to properly clean artifacts the muggle way and were able to assist with the finer details of the job after that. They also learned several languages to better communicate with the locals, by the end of school, Craig could fluently speak Latin, Greek and Egyptian Arabic on top of his native English. As much as Craig enjoyed working with his father, he took on the opportunity to join several witches and wizards on a different archaeological endeavor, seeking information and magical artifacts. Craig was encouraged to drink an animagus potion which enabled him to transform into a light patterned ferret. The smaller burrowing form enabled him to reach potential artifacts before the archeological team wasted days or weeks on a dead end. His knowledge of runes and other ancient languages became extremely important in deciphering potential traps, hexes and curses surrounding the sites. He voluntarily registered himself with the ministry, once he returned from the first dig. Craig was informed through that there was a position available at Ilvermorny as the ancient runes teacher and he decided it might be time to settle down, so to speak. He was 32 after all. He put in his application with the Headmaster. He is eager to share his experiences with the classes, to show how useful runes are in an exciting way.
The man is a bouncy, happy ball of positive energy. Always eager to make friends, he doesn't have any problems approaching strangers as if they've known each other forever. Do NOT feed him sugar, alcohol or caffeine. He will bounce off the walls as his body burns through the stuff and he is difficult to understand until he crashes.

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