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 Mae O'Reilly, Clever Clumsy Clown
Mae O'Reilly
 Posted: Aug 27 2017, 09:57 AM

Age / 31 | Height / 5'4"

Pronouns / She/her

Blood Type / Muggleborn

Hometown / Manhattan, NYC

In love with herself / Also a little bit of Calyn

Post Count/ 104

Reanie |

Mae O’Reilly
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Birthday: October 4th
Age: 30
Blood: Muggle born
House: Pukwudgie Alumni
Hometown: Manhattan, NYC
Profession: Potions Professor at Ilvermorny.

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Eyes as blue as Ariel's ocean, hair as blonde as Rapunzel's locks. Yet the latter has faded away as Mae has been dyeing her hair since graduation. Her natural color has been changed into a ginger that fits her pale skin.

Mae is a woman of average height with a lack of curves. She describes herself often as a woman trapped in a little boy's body. Her face gives also more of a masculine feel than a feminine one. Her features are strong, especially her jaw and eyes, and fill the oval shape. Her smile, even though hidden at times, overshadows her pretty face and shows a warm person, but when her plump limps are together she seems chic.

user posted image
‘A clever clumsy clown.’ – Theodor O’Reilly

Mae is an extrovert to the bone. Some may say that she is an attention seeker, but she doesn't really care. The woman thrives on social situations and would go through a lot of obstacles to be included in a conversation. Throughout her youth and beyond, she hasn't had any social mishaps with friends though. This is because of her tactic to be distant to everyone. At a young age, she included reverse psychology in her interactions with others. She would be kind to everyone, she would joke with anyone, but she wouldn't be close. Mae would never talk about the details of her life but rather focused on superficial conversations and relationships. When these things become deeper, she would avoid the conversation with a sudden joke or use her natural clumsiness to do something clumsy.

Even though she has hit her thirties, she hasn't really done some seriously adulting. As she wasn't forced to live in one location, she always ran away if problems would occur or things became stressful. Mae is chaotic, which is a great combo with her clumsiness, and loves a relaxed atmosphere without any rules. It makes her irresponsible and immature, which hasn't really changed from her teenage years. Her curiosity for others makes her a great listener as well as a great talker. However, her curiosity can become quite obnoxious. It would delete all 'mind your own business' and 'privacy' terms out of her dictionary and it wouldn't be useful to talk about this issue with her as she would avoid and make a joke out of the situation.

The adult train hasn't hit Mae yet and she fully knows it. She doesn't really care that she doesn't act her age and only sees the positives. Well, she is the epitome of optimism. So it would be quite rare to see her with a negative emotion on her face.

user posted image
╟0 – 11 years: The Start of Her
In her early life, she had barely any knowledge about the existence of magic until people came knocking on her door when she turned eleven. Her life was that of a spoiled brat, as expected of a rich only child. Her parents were graduates with a Ph.D. from Ivy League schools. Her father had been working as the CEO of a successful family company dealing with clinical biochemistry and similar things, her mother had a high position as a chemistry professor at Columbia University. Despite their busy schedules, they made a lot of time for their daughter. Their schedules worked around each other perfectly and if it had to, they brought their work home to the giant apartment in the middle of Manhattan. It made Mae fall in love with chemistry and science as well. The values of optimism, love, and kindness were a center of their parenting. That is why, even though they’re scientist, they didn’t think weird of the witchcraft news.
In her childhood years, she never had genuine friends. It was a mix between the spoiled, arrogant children of other rich families in Manhattan, or children (the parents) that wanted something from her parents’ wealth. Clever Mae saw through these so she always made distance with others by being the class clown and kind to everyone.

user posted image
╟11 – 17 years: The Class Clown
The class clown transferred over to Ilvermorny. Even though, nobody knew about her parents’ wealth, she still kept people distant with constant jokes, laughter, and unlimited kindness. The jokes turned over the years into pranks, which led in turn to a lot of points loss and a certain reputation. Mae was a good student, and somewhat an overachiever and teacher’s pet as she was friendly with some of them.

In her school years, she had, as expected, a perfect affinity with potions and herbology. She passed every assignment without even trying and would read books about it. In her eyes, it was a magical version of chemistry. Her obsession for potions was out of this world.

In the end of her 7th year, she managed to get an empty potion classroom to herself. Obviously only after a lot of begging and being the top student. Mae was experimenting, eager to find something new. However, to her dismay, her experiment resulted in an explosion. It didn’t cause catastrophic damage, but it damaged her pride a bit, the classroom and left a burned scar on her nape. Most people thought that it was a prank, so she played it off as one. She eventually graduated from Ilvermorny after a lot of punishments.

user posted image
╟18 – 30 years: The Freedom of Travel
After Ilvermorny, she didn’t really know what to do as the adult part of the wizarding world was a mystery to her as well. She decided to get a job at a small science paper where she could travel the world and meet other wizarding communities. During her twenties, she mostly traveled around the globe, specifically in South America and Africa. In the scientific newspaper, she wrote about potions, herbs, plants, and alchemy in other cultures and the history of it.
In her 28th year, she published a book about her most particular findings which became quite successful in certain communities, but it wasn’t groundbreaking. The paper eventually fired her as she was too expensive for such a small paper. Mae became homesick for magic while searching for jobs and residing in the muggle world, so she eventually settled down and applied for the potions position at Ilvermorny.

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