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 Eoin Chevalier, E twin #2!
Eoin Chevalier
 Posted: Aug 22 2017, 07:44 PM


Age / 12 | Height / 5'1

Pronouns / He/Him

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown / New Haven, VT via Ireland


Post Count/ 31

Clary | She/Her

Eoin Chevalier
October 27th
New Haven, VT
He, His, Him
Horned Serpent
Chapman, Dean Charles -- Chevalier, Eoin
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Eoin has dirty blonde hair that is brown in the dark but can be more blonde in the sunlight. His bright blue eyes matches those of his twin sister. He's skinny and a little bit on the taller side but not a whole lot taller than his twin sister. He prefers to be dressed in darker but more sophisticated looking clothing. His pea coat is his favorite thing that he owns clothing wise so usually you’ll see him wearing it, especially if it is cold out.

PERSONALITY: Eoin sometimes feels like he is lacking in emotion always feeling indifferent to everything going on around him. He is polite and feels that manners are the most important thing in a person so he has good ones. Eoin is quiet and fears speaking in public due to his deafness but around his family he will speak and sign at the same time like the rest of his siblings do. He always writes down in his journal the different things he experiences or feels because he thinks it’s a better therapy than talking about it. In general he keeps to himself and worries that no one will want to be his friend, or even worse everyone will find him weird.

TALENTS/SKILLS/HOBBIES: Eoin prefers to be reading books or writing things. His goal is to one day write a novel of some sort. His skill includes transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures


BRIEF HISTORY: Eoin lost his parents at 10 and the memory is still fresh in his brain. He used to be a happy go lucky kid, always seeking adventure but after the loss of his parents, he closed up a lot and hid inside his books. He is much more quiet than he used to be and sees himself as dark and twisty- the best way he can explain himself. He wants to be close with his siblings but he feels that being as sad as he is, it will rub off on them and make them just as miserable. He keeps everything inside and avoids letting out the slightest hint of emotion. He craves human contact most of the time and wants to be close with his siblings but he is afraid that they will close him out. He overthinks everything and is also scared to get to close to anyone because he does not want to lose them like he lost his parents. Eoin wants to be happy and so he writes out his feelings often in what he calls “Parental Loss.” - the novel that he has been writing. He keeps his notebook with him to write anything down that he may feel or witness- it’s like his therapy.

Clary, 22, EST, She, Her

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