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 Ayla Tremaine
Ayla Tremaine
 Posted: Feb 28 2017, 03:19 AM

Boy crazy cat lady

Age / 15 | Height / 5'1"

Pronouns / She/Her

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Palo Alto, California

Hopelessly infautated / with Reko Vitellius

Post Count/ 109

Kelli | She/Her

Character Name: Ayla Tremaine
Face Claim: Dove Cameron
Blood Type: Pureblood
Hometown: Palo Alto, California
Birthday: November 19th
Friends: Kit Reid, Sawyer Matheson, Ariel Thornton, Reko Vitellius, Claire King
Enemies: Spiders

Ayla Francine Tremaine is lithe, lean, and feminine. She's on the shorter side but has been described as being mostly legs. She carries herself with poise and has excellent posture (something her mother has seen to over the years). While she has yet to blossom, Ayla is starting to show subtle hints of womanhood.

She is rather fair skinned and takes a great amount of time caring for it. As with most Tremaines, Ayla has blonde hair which hits her just below her shoulders. The young girl prides herself on her golden mane and it is normally perfectly styled. Her younger brother, Milo, often complains about the amount of time it takes her to get ready in the morning, and she hasn't even started wearing real makeup yet.

Ayla’s face is heart shaped, with a slightly over-sized forehead and dimples on either cheek. Her eyes are large and green, a trait passed down from her mother's side. She has naturally long eyelashes and well-maintained eyebrows--not too thick or thin, and well arched. She has a slender nose with a tip that points ever so slightly down, and full pouty lips (which she has used in the past to get her way). When Ayla smiles, she lights up the room, and she is often told how pretty she is.

She is definitely prissy and enjoys wearing shirts, dresses, and the color pink as much as possible. The Tremaine family spares no expense when it comes to appearances, so Ayla and her siblings are always very well dressed. The young girl also has a golden heart-shaped locket that she is rarely seen without.

Ever since she was a baby, Ayla has been a happy child. Bright and bubbly, she was very eager to make friends and please her parents from an early age. She tries her best to meet her parents' expectations and can be a bit of a perfectionist in that respect. She knows exactly what is expected of a lady of her socioeconomic standing and fears her father’s authority too much to stray from her family’s beliefs. Her mother, however, has instilled a “kindness regardless of status” mentality in her children; so even though they are discouraged from pursuing relationships with those some would deem beneath them, they shouldn’t be cruel to them.

As the oldest of the 5 Tremaine children, Ayla feels she is somewhat responsible for making sure her younger siblings are doing their part to keep up appearances. She considers herself to be somewhat motherly or a leader, whereas they often refer to her as bossy. Milo and Len do anyway.

While Ayla isn’t the smartest girl to attend Ilvermorny, she’s definitely not the dumbest. She’s bright enough, and generally does well in her studies, but she finds other things more interesting--fashion and boys, for instance. The young Tremaine can often be found daydreaming about her future and what it may hold-- future husband included.

The Tremaine family spans back hundreds of generations. The present patriarch is Magnus Ilmarinen Orrick Tremaine III, Ayla’s great grandfather. The family originates in Sweden, but Magnus II migrated to the United States with his wife in search of more opportunities for his family, and in order to keep his bloodline pure. They settled in the bay area of northern California, more specifically in Palo Alto where the family has lived ever since. Magnus III married a pure blooded woman named Francine Oliver in the early 1960’s and they had three children, Alyssane, Magnus IV and Atticus. Magnus IV married a pure blooded woman from Southern Oregon name Celeste Reynolds. Together, they had 5 children; Magnus V (Ayla’s father), Astrid, Bethel, Roland, and Eileena.

Magnus V was betrothed to Rosalie Mortimer at age 16, and they married shortly after graduation. Magnus followed the footsteps of his father and got involved with magical law, while Rosalie quickly became pregnant with their first child. There was a lot of pressure to produce an heir, so though 11th months after Ayla was born, her brother was brought into the world kicking and screaming. Even though she was only a little under a year older than her brother, Ayla definitely took on a caretaker role, always making sure his tie was on straight and that his curly blonde hair was presentable.

As they got older, Ayla and Milo became more like oil and water. Ayla being very accepting of her lot in life, and Milo actively rebelling against it. When their sister Olenna was old enough to develop a personality of her own, she and Milo became inseparable, something Ayla secretly resents. Luckily, around that time, Aurelia was born, and then 5-year-old Ayla had someone new to dote on. A year later, the 5th and final Tremaine child, Declan, was born. Though she didn’t have a job, Rosalie was usually busy with social obligations, so most of the child-rearing was done by nannies. She did, of course, organize influential play dates and hire the best music instructors, tutors, and art instructors money could buy.

When Ayla received her letter, a big party was thrown in her honor, followed by a shopping trip with her mother and lots of tears from Ellie. With the best school supplies available, and a brand new high-end wardrobe, Ayla anxiously awaits the wagon to Ilvermorny where she can begin to forge friendships and pave the way to her future.

Ayla has been taking private piano lessons since she was 4 years old. Once she began to show interest at the age of 8, her parents also sprung for voice lessons as Ayla loves to sing. She has dabbled in string instruments but found that it wasn’t her style. Her mother also insisted on ballet lessons since she was 5, and while the posture and poise stuck, Ayla was more interested in making the music than dancing to it. She has a cat named Albus that is her baby and is obsessed with fashion.

 photo ayla2_zpsqop0drmh.jpg
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