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 Suzie Gura, Practice Makes Poison
Suzie Gura
 Posted: Jul 21 2017, 05:49 PM
Suzie Gura

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Name: Suzie Gura
Age: 16
Year: 5th
House: Horned Serpent
Blood Status: Halfblood
Home Town: Allagash, Maine. Population 238 while she's at school
Wand: 13" pine with a basilisk horn core, simple design

Physical Appearance
Suzie is small, thin, and pale. She has a glass eye, but it's not super noticeable and it hasn't impeded her much. Her lack of interest in activities that require depth perception is unrelated, but she'll play that card if someone tries to force her into team athleticism.

She wears robes more often than are required, because she likes having the extra places to conceal small things. Her familiar is a cane toad named Cain, who is quite affectionate.

Her voice is monotone and quiet, and she typically smells of rotting wood and other greenhouse smells.

Canon Family (Updated as Needed)
Dad, Robert, is a wizard and runs a successful apothecary business.
Mom is a no-maj with a green thumb who grows the plants for the potions and poultices dad makes.
Unnamed Cousin is a chef at Doma Na Rahu, a Hungarian restaurant in NYC.
Cousin Caleb is responsible for the loss of her eye as a child.
Aunt Linda, Caleb's mother, is scary and matronly.

In The Classroom
Suzie is very good at the classes that interest her. Holding her focus as a teacher, however, is difficult. She loves Potions' lectures on toxins and antidotes. She excels at care and handling of poisonous creatures. Her knowledge of venomous flora is impressive. She just doesn't enjoy the "boring stuff," which means she hasn't retained much of it. Her DADA isn't terrible either; an in-class meeting with a boggart inspired her to learn some fear-based magic. She gets by academically by excelling in niche areas of class and trying not to snore audibly during the rest.

Out of Class
Suzie is self-assured, slightly sadistic, and quiet. She has a small circle of friends (but has no objection to making more) and is fiercely protective of them,
not that she'd admit it. Her reputation as 'the quiet weird one' hasn't gone away, but after a bullying classmate turned green in first year, the teasing mostly stopped.

Annoying Habits & Others
She has very strong opinions on personal space. Specifically that other people should not be in hers, unless invited.

Suzie speaks Hungarian and plays the oboe reasonably well.
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