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 Robin Lutero, figuring stuff out since 199X
Robin Lutero
 Posted: Jul 12 2017, 06:52 PM


Age / 26 | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / San Diego - CA

not interested / thanks

Post Count/ 10

lari |



26 – July 9th
San Diego – California


Outgoing, open minded, bold, practical, and somewhat organized. Kind and sweet are traits that aren't easily noticeable on Robin’s demeanor, but she tends carefree and fun around her friends, she doesn’t have any problem meeting new people and talking with strangers neither, although she wouldn’t really stay around anyone she didn’t liked or needed enough. She has amazing deduction skills, is very perceptive, and was described by a lot of people as nosy, great traits for her work, but from time to time, she wishes she could just turn it off in her personal life.


Robin is the youngest daughter of a family of wizards, she’d grown up with two brothers and two sisters in the suburbs of San Diego. Her parents did a great job of growing her up in that family, there was even times when all her brothers would get jealous for her for being too spoiled, but that changed as the time passed by. Everyone of her brothers and sisters have graduated in Ilvermorny, everyone but her.

The young Thunderbird was an excited student of witchcraft and wizardry, sometimes even too much, and she had to go through a lot of pressure from her family to make it into the wizarding world, but the young girl was a bit reckless, and that plus an act that she described as “controversial” during the end of her sixth year, got her expelled from the school. Thus, limiting her dream to become an Auror just that, a dream.

Back to her Hometown, the Lutero’s family biggest disappointment finished her regular High School and even enrolled into a college, only to become a college drop-out one year and a half later. The former Thunderbird tried her best to fit into the no-maj society, she tried regular jobs, made lots of no-majs friends, whom first noticed that Robin would be a great detective, and she was living quite well overall. She was still unsatisfied anyway. She knew what was out there, but always tried to suppress this desire of going back to that fantastic way of living. So, then tired of living a unsatisfying life-style, Robin decided to change. She used the name of her family and her connections within the wizarding community to pick up the slack and get her studies on par with the rest of any Ilvermorny’s graduate.

By the end of that period, Robin found herself broke, she was a great witch, but even so, still broke. She tried to use her wizarding skills to work as an investigator in San Diego, it was great, hot weather, interesting cases, being payed, maybe it was a bit too great, and as anything that looked to great, that business ended as fast as it started, the MACUSA didn’t took long to notice a wizard, who wasn’t one of theirs anyway, meddling with no-majs affairs with magic. Robin didn’t had any plan, she wouldn’t be able to sustain herself being a simple detective without any cool magic up her sleeve, but was at that point that she’d remembered a place, more exactly a kind of place, where she would be able to work her magic without anyone noticing, and of course that Greylock wasn’t her first option, but where else could she go with that limited budget? She got there ready to open up shop and get some clients in, there was no way the MACUSA would complain about her helping out fellow wizards on a town full of them, in exchange of money, of course. And thus, we reach this point of Robin’s life


• She can’t bear with the coldness of Greylock and will be using spells to make the air feel hotter in her room.

• Robin got hooked on no-maj tech and its wonders, and she’s always looking for ways to recharge her phone in a town without electricity, as it’s also very handy during her investigations.

• Her place always looks disorganized to everyone who isn’t her, emphasis on the looks. As she says that there’s always a reason for it to look that way and she knows exactly where is what she needs, most of the time.

• If she isn’t on a job the easiest place

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