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 Sofia Moon, Napping, Sleeping, Daydreaming
Sofia Moon
 Posted: Jul 10 2017, 05:01 PM


Age / 18 | Height / 5'9"

Pronouns / She/Her/Hers

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Winnipeg, Canada

Single Pringle / Herself

Post Count/ 148

Reanie / Ren | She/Her/Hers

user posted image

user posted image

Name: Sofia 'Myun-Hwa' Moon
Hometown: Winnipeg, Canada
Age: 18
Birthday: March 14th
House: Wampus Alumni
Bloodtype: Pureblood
Occupation: Criminal Justice Student & Shop Assistant at Oasis Fashion
Wand: Maple, Fur of a Wampus, 14 inches, Pliant.
Patronus: Dog (Chow Chow)
Amortentia: Smell of cotton candy, smell of the refreshing air on a sunny day after a rain.
Face Claim: Baek Su-Min

user posted image

Sofia is a young woman that stands at a tall height of 5’9, which may come to a surprise as she is from East-Asian descent. In particular, she is from Korean descent. The color of her skin is pale with a warm undertone, indicating the royal status that her family had in their home country a little bit over a century ago. Her face is small and sculpted in a form that resembles a heart. The heart face is contoured by a long wave of dark brown – sometimes mistaken as black –, wavy thick hair. It is filled with a small nose with a high bridge and plump, small lips. The opening to her soul – the eyes – are hazel colored, a common trait in her family. Her eyes have a form that is commonly seen in those of Korean descent, yet they are a little bit bigger in comparison even though she has mono eyelids.

Even though her normal complexion is stoic and as if she hates everything, her smile and laugh is that of a baby. It is a playful kind. Her eyes also seem to be closed when she smiles and a lot of wrinkles appear on her nose bridge as well as small dimples. Her face doesn’t have a lot of moles as there are visible only two. One under her right eye and one between her left cheek and her chin. Her body has got a small frame and her curves are average-sized.

user posted image

Sofia is a cynical creature with a little bit too much honesty in her system. Sofia doesn’t give any care about other people’s opinion. She is just unapologetically herself and others have to deal with it, if they like it or not. She seems lethargic because she sleeps often and it is her favorite thing to do in her spare time. However, she is a hardworking, passionate witch with a warm heart. Sofia cares immensely for her loved ones, especially her younger sister who lives at home. She would literally get killed for them. Sofia also can only be hurt emotionally by her loved ones.

Sofia is quite distant and introverted, so she doesn’t make friends/connections quickly. Even though she grew up in a huge family, she was mostly neglected by her parents who both are workaholics. She found her social life in those years with magical creatures and her younger sister. She doesn't put much effort in things that are useless, according to her, which includes maintaining a social life.

Sofia is also a bit too blunt and stubborn at times. Her filter is almost non-existent and causes her to speak weird things. People might see her as peculiar due to this.

user posted image

The family Moon – sometimes written as Mun – was an establish, yet small pure-blood family with deep connection to the royal family – that of the current Republic of South Korea - throughout the different centuries and periods. During these years, the family was seen as advisers, healers and shamans. In these years, all of the predecessors were home-schooled as they weren’t a fan of the educational system at Mahoutokoro in Japan, like most Korean wizarding families. The family eventually moved to Canada in the beginning of the 20th century for better educational and the presence of Japan in Korea in that time.

The family relocated themselves in an enormous Hanok – a traditional Korean - Mansion outside of the city of Winnipeg – as the eldest of the family found it a funny name. The family protected the mansion from the eyes of muggles as they felt extremely uncomfortable interacting with Canadian muggles. Throughout the decades, the family barely interacted with muggles and home-schooled young children before they went to Ilvermorny.

At the beginning of the new century, Sofia ‘Myun-hwa’ Moon was born as the first child of Joshua Moon and Vivian Kwon and as the 25th grandchild of her grandparents. The young child grew up with a large age gap between her and the 24th grandchild, so she didn’t have anything in common with most of her cousins. Additionally, her parents were passionate people that put their work before anything, so Sofia was mostly neglected – not in an extremely bad way- by her parents. For dinner she would hop from table to table each day and joined another uncle or aunt. In her spare time, she would observe her cousins, who attended Ilvermorny at the time, doing magic tricks and played quidditch. If she wasn’t observing her cousins, she would be playing with the many magical creatures that also lived at the mansion. Her grandfather was as obsessed with magical creatures as was Sofia, so they bonded very well over these years.

In her sixth year of life, she became the big sister of Rosemary Moon, the most adorable breathing thing in the world. Sofia became a bit more independent in the years passing her birth because she filled the gaps that her parents left. As the youngest and 26th , the last, grandchild, her younger sister was adored by everyone which kind of made her the polar opposite of Sofia. However, they could still play like the best sisters in the world. Until, Sofia started to attend Ilvermorny after her 11th birthday.
During her school years, Sofia felt homesick and extremely uncomfortable. She didn’t know how to interact with others as none of them were her family, and she already found it awkward to socialize with them. So throughout her school years, she was in the background and observing her classmates. She worked hard at school, but didn’t make any effort to do extracurricular or go on adventures. Her grades have always been great because of her parents' pressure on her to do well as the next head of the family.

Class // T.O.A.D.S. // H.A.W.K.S.
Astronomy // E(xceeds Expectations) // DROPPED
Charms // O(utstanding) // O(utstanding)
Defense Against The Dark Arts // O(utstanding) // O(utstanding)
Herbology // E(xceeds Expectations) // DROPPED
History of Magic // O(utstanding) // O(utstanding)
Potions // A(cceptable) // A(cceptable)
Transfiguration // O(utstanding) // O(utstanding)

Arithmancy // A(cceptable) // A(cceptable)
Care of Magical Creatures // O(utstanding) // E(xceeds Exceptations)
Non-Magical Studies // E(xceeds Exceptations) // E(xceeds Exceptations)

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