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Posted by: Eoin Chevalier Jan 9 2018, 07:52 PM
Eoin kept reliving his time with Harper. It was the most fun he has had since he became friends with Noah. He laughed with her and even was able to show off his skills in transfiguration and he was always proud of those moments. But most of all, he was excited to have a new friend that actually wanted to learn sign language just to talk to him and everyone else like him. And he was more than happy to teach it.

However, he had not heard from her since that evening and him being him, he did not want to bug her. So, he sent her one note and one note only and if she replied than he would be ecstatic if not, well that led to his current state. It had been a few days and he had not heard from her and well he was unsure of the emotion at first but then he recognized it, and recognized it all too well. He was sad, he hoped that soon he would get to hang out with the fun loving spirit of Harper that brought him a lot of joy, something unfamiliar to him but until then, he would sulk quietly.

His quiet sulking in bed was interrupted though when someone walked in the room. He tried to stay ominous so that the other boy would not approach him but Eoin's face just kept it's sad expression when he looked up and saw him.

Sorin Voronin
Harper Jareau -for the mention

Posted by: Sorin Voronin Jan 10 2018, 07:59 PM
It had been quite a busy day. Classes had tired Sorin out quite a lot. He didn’t want to blame anything else, specifically the time he spent reading after classes in the library. It would be perfect to read the book he bought on Valentine’s day in bed and then sleep. Besides the topic of the book, it brought a lot of good memories from Valentine’s day back. From breakfast till dinner, the day had been suspecting. Sorcha and he had been able to make their mother happy and even brought her to tears of happiness. It was the goal to make her not think of dad on a day that was dedicated to love. His family had celebrated the love between relatives, not love between significant others. Just the thought of the day, made him smile. He loved to see his mother happy. She deserved to be happy.

Sorin walked into the dorms with his curly hair messy like always. He tried to be a bit quiet because of the potential that his roommates were sleeping. It wasn’t really bedtime yet, it was just evening. He actually expected most of his roommates to be in the common room, playing games. It surprised him to make eye contact with Eoin. It surprised him even more to see him with a sad expression. What could have caused that. He didn’t think he was the best fit to comfort his classmate, but he had done a good job during Valentine’s day with his mother so he had some confidence in it. Slowly, Sorin approached Eoin. “Are you alrigh’?”” he spoke and signed simultaneously, quite slowly. He had learned some ASL already, but it still felt awkward to him so he had to speak to make sure that he was right. “Can I ‘elp?” he continued as he stopped when he stood a feet away from Eoin’s bed. His expression was filled with concern for his housemate.

Posted by: Eoin Chevalier Jan 15 2018, 05:03 PM
Eoin was shocked, and he let the emotion show on his face as he watched the boy in front of him sign and pretty well too. He spoke along with it but that did not bother Eoin. He was just surprised that someone other than his siblings already knew how to sign.

Eoin got a bit excited to sign back to someone. Yes I am fine, just feel a little sad tonight. He did not want to share too much because he did not want to scare the boy away. Too much emotion would surely scare Eoin away so he tried to be as normal as possible. Eoin then realized he has seen the boy around and all he knew was his name.

You don't have to help me, you can go back to whatever you were doing. I don't want to bother you. Eoin was not sure how well Sorin understood sign language but he figured if he did not understand him, Sorin could stop him and he would write it down. But when Eoin saw the concern in Sorin's eyes, he quickly turned away before he spilled all his guts. Really I'm fine, he signed before he laid on his side to read his book.

Sorin Voronin

Posted by: Sorin Voronin Jan 20 2018, 12:35 PM
Sorin wasn’t surprised to see a shocked emotion on his roommate’s face. Sign language wasn’t a common skill. Perhaps because it wasn’t as easy as he had hoped. Besides some basic Russian, the British boy only knew English. He had no experience in learning other languages, so he started off with a lot of difficulties. However, he thought he could consider himself basic at it. He knew how to sign basic sentences in everyday conversations, really slowly. The Horned Serpent saw some excitement in Eoin’s otherwise solemn expression. It made him a bit happy to know that his efforts to learn something was appreciating. Sorin concentrated as he watched the other boy sign. “Fine… feel… little… sad… tonigh’…” he murmured to himself while looking at this roommate sign. Sorin nodded and signed back. “That sucks.”

Before Sorin could ask what was making him so sad, but the blonde boy started to sign something more complicated. He could identify some signs quickly, especially those he used before. The messy-haired boy interpreted it as that Eoin didn’t want to be a bother or something familiar, which made Sorin pout a little bit. He always felt weird when people didn’t accept his help. Maybe he became a bit obnoxious after trying to comfort her mother all the time. Others could think it was weird for him to meddle with their business. His housemate confirmed once again that he was really fine, which made him nod in understanding. “Okay,” he said. However, he could tell from the facial expression that Eoin wasn’t really fine like he stated. Sorin sighed and walked over to his own bed, glancing at Eoin who started to read his book. The bloke suddenly thought of an idea while he kicked off his shoes. He quickly grabbed the book that he wanted to read and walked back over to Eoin’s bed, jumping on the end of it before sitting down in a cross-legged position.

You know, the best cure for sadness is fun company,” he said and signed with the best of his abilities, shooting his roommate a warm smile. It wasn't what Sorin normally did, but something inside of him felt like he was responsible.

Posted by: Eoin Chevalier Feb 5 2018, 11:40 AM
Eoin did not see if Sorin went away or not but he assumed that he would get the hint if he turned on his side so that he could not see him sign. However, he felt the bed move when Sorin jumped on it but with his own book. Eoin glanced over and saw what he signed and he could not help the small smile come to his face at the boy who just would not give up.

Alright, what are you reading? He moved to sit up in his bed so that he could see more clearly at the book Sorin was reading. Eoin secretly hoped it was something about dinosaurs or some cool plant that made some special potion, or maybe something completely not magical like a whole other world type of story; the possibilities were endless. But he believed that he would be able to see if they could be friends by the book he was reading.

Eoin's own book was about sign language and spells. Ever since Cian showed him the book at home Eoin had been obsessed about finding any and all books about it. He needed to be prepared once Cian was ready to teach him about it, and then there was always the possibility that he could learn wandless magic. Nevertheless, he was going to be prepared and learn about whatever he can for when the time came. Mine is about sign language.

Eoin considered Sorin for a moment, and realized that he was a little slow with his signing, perhaps Eoin should be writing what he is saying instead of signing it, he just assumes once a person can sign one word they can sign anything but that's not always the case. Do you need me to write instead of sign? Eoin did not want to be so self centered on the matter so he took is skills into consideration.

Sorin Voronin

Posted by: Sorin Voronin Feb 6 2018, 04:40 PM
Eoin seemed to be okay with his sudden approach. It made Sorin quite happy. Even though he knew how to comfort his mother well, his social skills with those around his age were still awkward. His book even got the attention of his roommate’s curiosity. It took a solid minute to interpret the sign language from him. As soon as he understood it, the British bloke signed back quicker than most times. Dragons. It was actually the first word that he had learned in sign language during his reading sessions at the library. The words after that were the specific kinds of dragons. Perhaps he was a bit too obsessed with the creatures. He knew all of the details of the most common dragons. Recently, more exotic dragons have caught his attention. Too bad that the books about them were extremely expensive or just barely filled with any information.

Before Sorin managed to sign a similar question, the other boy answered him. It was as if he was reading his thought. Could deaf wizards do that? Or was it just their compatibility? They were in the same house, after all, so they must have things in common. The dark-haired child was curious if his housemate was also interesting in things like dragons? If they found a common ground, communication would probably go faster and better. Then he didn’t only learn ASL to make sure that he didn’t have to clean up the mess of all of his roommates. Sorin liked cleaning for his mother, because well.. his mother was amazing so she deserved it. His roommates didn’t deserve it just yet. However, Eoin was on his way to that spot, especially after his considerate suggestion.

After translating it in his head, the eleven-year-old Horned Serpent nodded, making his black curls dance, and gave Eoin a thumbs up. It would probably go a lot faster than through sign language. Nonetheless, their interaction gave him the motivation to study it faster and better. “I’m slow, aren’t I,” he signed, chuckling because he mocked himself, " Is the book interesting?"

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