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 Ethan Murray, 5th year Pukwudgie
 Posted: Jun 16 2018, 12:38 PM

Layls, Cuts, Ayla

Age / 1 year | Height / 7 ft

Pronouns / All

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Everywhere

Taken / Atop Mt Greylock

Post Count/ 30

Mysterious Ones | All

January 1st
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Mixed Blood
Styles, Harry -- Murray, Ethan
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: Ethan is a slender boy standing at 5'9 feet tall - soon to be 6'0. At the top, there is wild bush of brown wavy haur that never wants to listen to him. He has a friendly face that could be described a puppy-like. In contrast to his brothers, he has hazel eyes just like their mother. However, he has dimples when smiling just like them.

PERSONALITY: Ethan is often described as the perfect mix between his two older brothers, but he is also the spitting image of his mother. He has a caring personality filled with sympathy and genuine kindness. The boy believes that every person is good human being, and will never get mad, frustrated disappointed because of the actions of someone else (well, he doesn't show it). He always tries to see the perspective of the other person. Because of this, he is easily manipulated and also is afraid to say things truthfully. He doesn't want to hurt people.

Academically, he is quite average with no class really being the best. The boy also can't pick a favorite one, because all of them are fun in their own ways. He is ambitious to make sure that he gets decent grades in each class to not disappoint his professors or his parents. In most cases, he has a good relationship with his teachers and could be considered a teacher’s pet. However, he would never snitch another student.

Compared to his older brothers, who both had a reputation as an extremely good student or a class clown, Ethan has always tried to stay in the background and just go with the flow. He easily accepts the labels that other people put on him. Most people would know him as the younger brother of _____ or the friend of _____. He doesn't mind at all, because he highly values his friends and most of all, his family.

Besides all of that, Ethan can be really indecisive at times, even to the point he can't decide which quill he wants to use. Compared to his brothers, he isn't as eloquent or charming. However, he is pretty good at dealing with dominant, aggressive personalities despite his passive nature. He also isn't very opinionated.

TALENTS/SKILLS/HOBBIES: Ethan doesn't take pride in any talent, skill or hobby. He is interested in all sort of things, and is open to try new things. However, he has always loved to bake and cook, and despite his denial, he is actually really good at it.

LANGUAGES: The Language of English and Sympathy.

BRIEF HISTORY: Ethan Murray was born in Atlanta, Georgia as the third - and last - son of Anthony and Georgia Murray. There is a four year difference with his eldest brother, and a two year difference with his other brother. His parents are both mixed blood without any exact knowledge of their ancestry. Both of them attended Ilvermorny in their teenage years and shared the same house, Pukwudgie. The two fell in love while working together in a Herbology class once. Their shared passion of herbology resulted into them creating a large farm for all kinds of magical herbs and plants outside of Atlanta. The family has two houses, one in the city and one outside of it with the farm.

His family is a stereotypical, loving Magical family, but they don’t shy away from communication with non-majs. During his childhood, he played along with his two older brothers and developed a strong bond, even though they liked to tease him often. No rivalry existed in their youth as the three brothers had their own things to shine in. The oldest being quite intelligent and eloquent seeking a career in politics and the younger one helped their father on the farm mostly. Ethan had a particularly good bond with his mother. He liked doing chores, and loved helping his mother while cooking or baking because it made her smile.

The boy didn’t have a lot of friends around his age, besides his brothers. Most of them were way too aggressive, so Ethan preferred to stay inside and do board games, or do crafts with his mother. It was a bit different when he was in Ilvermorny. A lot of the older students were on friendly terms with him because of his older brothers, so he had someone from the start. In the nect few years, Ethan became close friends with a few individuals.

Reanie, 20, CET, She/Her

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