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 Plot Generator Rules / Guidelines, Please Read First!
Nikon Vitellius
 Posted: Apr 25 2018, 12:42 AM

Age / 19 | Height / 6' 4"

Pronouns / He/Him

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Somerset, VT

Single / Eye on one...

Post Count/ 162

Kitsune |

Been a little light headed when it comes to posting or things becoming slightly more on the tired side of the same sided coin every day?


Hey! I’m one of your amazing Moderators, ‘Nikon’ and I’m glad to announce I’ll be taking over this fun little concept of the site. I am hereby your Plot Master! Ready and eager to make your life interesting, fun and dramatic!! Maybe with a side of chaos and complication…but that is just some of the possibilities.

Before we get to the juicy stuff, few little guidelines I’d like you all to understand;

• Plot Generator is not here as a substitute for you; this is a RP site and you gotta do the hard work yourself. This is only the ‘just desserts’ you receive for good behaviour (with a cherry if you’re lucky).
• Each Author may only offer one character for a plot at a time and after the completion of the plot, a time period of ‘one month’ must be met before another character can be submitted. This applies to all types of characters (big, small, human or not).
• Near all plots created come with only a handful of details and will require a minimum of 2 characters (the max is up to you). The plots are for your brain to become a buzz with ideas and have a little fun. We’re not in the habit to dictate how to write your characters. If you require further input to your plot, PM is always open for this; Title this accordingly please along with what it is that you’re requesting assistance with.
• Signing yourself/characters up to Plot Generator means you’re placing yourself/characters into the randomized gamble and as such the consequences. Unless there is a Major reasonable disagreement to the resulted plot given to you, there will be no ‘redraw’ and the time period will still be in place if the plot is written or not.
• Final point I’d like to be clear; Plot Generator isn’t under Admin control. For any reasons relating to questions/concerns/requests/ideas/complaints or anything else of the related sought they are to come to Me, The Moderator. The Admin team have complied with this and will only become involved if a mediator is needed, which I hope is the last resort.

Random Plot Generator started up as a fun little way for authors to get outside the norm of school life posting and have some excitement. This ranged from mishaps in the classroom to embarrassing situations and all the chaos in between when you mix teenagers and magic school. All plot ideas in the generator have been approved by the Admin and Mod teams but please be advised all school/writing rules still apply when you’re enjoying the excitement of your plot. If you have any ideas you’d like to see come out of the generator by all means send me a PM with the details and I’ll see what I can do!


Perhaps as common as once a month, a bigger plot will be offered up to the site authors. This consists of a more elaborate randomized event that will involve a larger group of characters and perhaps a little more, ‘freedom’ revolving some rules (Admins are still in right to PM if concerned for thread content). Authors whom participated in the Month’s Plot cannot submit themselves/characters again for the following Month. This is to ensure that all author whom wish to participate get a chance.

Plot Request Layout

You can do this in any way you want but I’ve created a short sweet example if you wish to follow it. Each part explained.
“Character Name” – This should be self-explanatory
Location: School, Grounds, Town – Select one of these unless you want something very specific in that case list it. E.g Classroom
Excluding: - This part is where you list thing you do NOT want to thread/write about involving the character. It can relate to the type of plot to simply wanting a plot with only one other person.
Key Points: - This is anything extra you wish to inform me about. You’re welcome to leave this blank.


“Nikon Vitellius”
Location: Town
Excluding: Love plots
Key Points: Something adventurous or funny.

To request a Random Plot Please start a New Topic and I’ll get back to you soon as I can!

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