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 The Willows vs. The Hawthornes, A Romeo and Juliet Story
Walter Willow
 Posted: Dec 13 2017, 12:08 PM


Age / 16 | Height /

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Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Long Island, NY

Single and ready to mingle ;) /

Post Count/ 78

Walter |

The Hawthornes are pure-blood descendants of the great Hawthorne Clan of New York, and have been mass producing Hawthorne wands for ages. Thus their competition are the Willows, who just so happen to be their next-door neighbors in the Hamptons. Eventually love will end the bitter feud as one of the Hawthorne children will mutually fall in love with a Willow. The question is ..... who will it be? (I think it will be fun once all three characters have an author for a group vote on Chatzy to see who our fellow authors want to end up together!!!) Once one Hawthorne and Willow have been selected, the other two pairs will just remain friends and nothing more once their familial feud is over as they will eventually be brother and sister in-laws.

Meet the Hawthornes:

Frederick (Freddy) Henri Hawthorne (open) 15 years-old: Eldest and wisest of the bunch. He unlike Walter doesn't waste his time flirting with every attractive girl. They usually come to him, so why bother hunting them down. Freddy is stuck up and rather snobbish. Focuses on schoolwork but is also interested in Quidditch as he has a love for flying. He has a major rivalry between Walter and the two constantly argue. He desires an eventual position at the MACUSA. His potential love interest is Veronica Willow. His suggested face claim are: Brooklyn Beckham, KJ Apa, Peyton Meyer, or Zachary Gordon.

Angelica Felicity Hawthorne (open) 14-years old: Imagine Regina George from Mean Girls as a witch and it basically sums up Angelica. Although she may look like one, Angelica is far from an angel. It will take a long time before she eventually loses her arrogant and bossy façade. Deep down she is a nice person, but fears that people will take advantage of her if she shows them kindness. She will try to throw Veronica off her game. This Queen of the Plastics main nemesis is Veronica. They compete in everything they do ever since they were little. Her potential love interest is Walter Willow. Her suggested face-claim are: Lili Reinhart, Dianna Agron, Lily-Rose Depp, or Hayden Panettiere

Bianca May Hawthorne (open) 11 years-old: The youngest and the most rebellious of the Hawthornes. She just wants to travel the world and go on many different adventures. She unlike the other two will instantly be Xavier's friend regardless of their families conflict. The duo will become best-friends that have a penchant for exploring. Her potential love interest is Xavier Willow. Her suggested face-claim are: Sammi Hanratty, Willow Shields, Camren Bicondova, or Sadie Sink

I recommend using one of the face-claims I put because I think they really give off the physical quality of the character. Even though some of them have different hair color, their expression is quite similar. If you would like to adopt one of them but don't like the face-claims, just let me know your suggestion and I'm sure it could be implemented!

Please PM me or just respond to this thread if interested. For additional details please don't hesitate to reach out for me!!! I'm looking forward to lot's of rivalry and fun threads together!!!! Let's make this happen!!!!!! http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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