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 Journal of Aiden O'Neil, Don't look! Nothing to see here...
Aiden O'Neil
 Posted: Feb 24 2017, 11:09 PM
Aiden O'Neil

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Fuzzy Time to Aiden's 5th year

Let's Talk Girls

Aiden sat at the table listening to the adults converse about boring life stuff that he didn’t really care much about. He had found out earlier that day that Lucette and her parents would be spending New Years with them. He was both ecstatic and uncertain about the news. He had really enjoyed his time with them when they had stayed in France over the summer and he had really enjoyed the time he had spent with Lucette. But that had been summer and Aiden had sort of believed Lucette to have been a bit of a dream. If he saw her now, it might really ruin his memory of his time with her. However, things were set in stone regarding their arrival (which was the next morning) and there wasn’t anything Aiden could do at this point.

“Oyi, Aiden!” His Aunt Tally called out, finally getting his attention. She laughed by the startled look on his face. His Aunt Tally wasn’t really his Aunt. She was his mother’s best friend and had been since they were small children. She was also Aiden’s Godmother, so she was basically family to him. When he was little and she had spare time (she was a Healer in a NYC Magical Hospital, so she was always on call or working long shifts), she used to take him out for surprises. She would take him to festivals or to the ocean. Sometimes she would take him shopping and let him get whatever he wanted. She did the same for her own niece and nephews, so it wasn’t like he was completely spoiled with all of this. He sometimes wondered how come she never married or had kids of her own since she always seemed to enjoy spending time with him or her niece and nephews, but his mom wouldn’t really get into it. He didn’t really know what to think about that.

“Sorry, I stopped listening to everyone when they started talking about what the banks were doing.” Aiden admitted, getting a frown from his Grandfather O’Neil and his mother. The rest of the adults just laughed. His cousins were gone this holiday, off to Europe to connect with their soon to be in laws or in law hopefuls. It was just Aiden this year. He hated being younger than everyone else. He was stuck here listening to boring chat while they were off in Europe to party.

“I was asking about school. Your mom told me that you made Student Council like she did! You ass kisser.” Tally teased, receiving an elbow from Aiden’s mom and a look. The O’Neils looked uncomfortable by her language, but since Tally had been in their lives for so long, no one really said anything.

“Thanks.” He replied, grinning. He knew it was her way of saying congratulations, so he didn’t take any offense to it. “But now my biggest problem is finding a date to go to the Christmas party with me.” Aiden replied, adding, “Mother expects me to show off on the dance floor with the perfect lady.”

“Are you telling me that there aren’t girls hanging off you at all hours of the day at Ivermorny?” His Aunt Tally asked, slightly mockingly.

“Oh they are. I’ve got ladies galore at Ilvermorny. But it’ll be a difficult time trying to pick just one.” He replied.

“Aiden, please do not talk about women like that.” His mother said. Aiden apologized. Sometimes he forgot that his mother didn’t like how casual his Aunt was about things. His parents were part of the ‘barbaric’ tradition of betrothals that his Aunt was against as she felt that women were treated like possessions. So, his mom always tried to downplay things and remind him to treat everyone respectfully.

“I was thinking about asking my friend to go with me, but I don’t really know if she has someone else in mind to ask her or if she’ll be offended by me asking her…”

“Why in the world would she be offended?” Aiden’s father asked, concerned. Aiden shrugged. “That’s nonsense. You’re friends, I’m sure she’ll be okay with it.”

“Who is she?” His mother asked, but Aiden remained mum on the subject because he knew his family would immediately start to work out a possible future there and he did not want to overstep that line.

“Don’t worry about it. She’ll definitely say yes.” His Aunt Tally whispered.

“What makes you say that?” Aiden whispered back.

“Because you are handsome and a gentlemen. Only an idiot wouldn’t appreciate you asking them to a dance. Even if you are just friends.” His Aunt stated to him. Aiden smiled, feeling a little better about things now.
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