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 Bed Wetting., Closed.
Akira Tanaka
 Posted: Oct 11 2017, 08:26 AM

Age / 11

Blood Type / Halfblood

Hometown /

Single / None

Author Alias / Redshirt


Post Count/ 27

Late one Saturday evening.

Dear Hikari,

School isn’t too bad here. I’ve made some friends with others in our year. They are weird like us and fun.

Harper - She’s really cool and wants to be a superhero when she grows up. I already think she is. She’s got this thing about death that’s weird, but I don’t know how to celebrate our ancestral stuff with her. I gum up the words every time I think to try to bring it up. She danced with me during Halloween and we went through this maze and weren’t scared at all! She was Wonder Woman and I was Cyborg. It was awesome.

English is pretty complex. I’m only just starting to get their jokes. I feel like I’m a robot when I speak. It’s so tiresome translating everything that I feel like I’m lagging IRL. Anyway.

Serenity - She’s such a badass. She’s got this wolf-looking dog named Wolfe. Sometimes I get to pet him, but not very often because he’s her service dog. Once in class, she had this seizure and it was pretty scary. She’s always proving herself though I don’t think she needs to. She’s competent and we challenge each other academically. I hope to bring her over for a visit. She can’t fly without assistance in case she has a seizure, but I think she could fly at home because they would be super sensitive to any changes to her, you know?

Eric - He’s really cool, too! I’m not biased. He’s a metamorphmagus! I think he likes Serenity because he’s always making fun of her. They’re usually paired up during class, but I guess the same goes for me since we’re all pretty ahead of the class in our studies. Sometimes he’ll change his hair and be silly with me. He’s teaching me some idioms so I don’t sound like an idiot. (That’s funny in American because of the word sounding so similar i-d-i-o-m v. i-d-i-o-t (baka)!)

Rose - She’s Korean! I like talking with her because it feels most like being home. We’re in the same house so I see her all of the time. Though she doesn’t like it when I tell her she’s impulsive, I like how spontaneous she is. She reminds me of my little sister. She’s got an older sister at school, too, but she doesn’t seem to like her all that much. Maybe I’m wrong? They barely hang out. Not that my older sister hangs out with me often.

Lucy - She’s so excited all of the time! She and Rose like to bounce their hyper off of each other. She’s really nice though and we’re housemates, too. I like it when she sits with me during meals. I never have to say a word, she’s what we call a chatterbox. I like how she tries to diffuse a situation, but sometimes accidentally escalates it. She’s really great. When you visit, if you visit, she’s def one of the first ones I’m going to introduce you to. I think you two would get along like red beans and mochi.

Tally - She’s such an airhead and gets super aggressive much like Lina. I think she’s really cool. I even signed her cast! She broke her arm early on in the school year from a drunk driver - that’s someone who was driving a normie car while under the influence of alcohol. I want to break that guy’s arm because Tally is nice and she’s struggled a lot with classes because of it. Oh! She’s a complete normie so she doesn’t know anything about the magic world. You should’ve seen the look on her face that first day I tied her shoelaces up for her with a basic kid’s spell. You’d think I was some great magician. xD

Noah - He’s got a stutter, but he’s really good with animals and is so cool. I think he likes Harper. I don’t have any evidence or anything, I just get the feeling. I want to hang out with him more, but I don’t really know how to say so without looking silly. We have enough mutual acquaintances that I’m not too worried about it.

Kai - Another first grader that I don't know much about. I'll see if I can partner with her in class and learn a bit more about her. She's mostly Harper's friend from the looks of it.

Jack - He’s so silly, but he has balls. He’s always looking for a fight it feels like, with his chest puffed up or something. He smokes, too. Reminds me of your uncle.

Erin/Eoin - They’re twins! It’s pretty neat. Eoin is deaf and she signs with him. I def think they’re Italian, but apparently her accent is Irish. Pretty cool. I don’t really talk to them much.

There are a lot of people with self-importance at this school. Bullying is everything they say it is. Serenity and a few others try to stand up for me, but I wish they wouldn’t. I don’t need them to, but they think I’m weak or something. (What a laugh, right?) I don’t think discipline is a big deal to Americans - maybe that’s why obesity is such a big problem here? Anyway, I just thought you’d have a laugh to know I’ve been bloodied up a few times. I’ve tried to tell them it wouldn’t be fair if I did fight them, but I think they think it’s an English joke.

I’m sorry it took me so long to write you, but you know I’m terribad about keeping up with my letters. Thank you for all of your letters. I’ll send you some funny American food and money as soon as I coordinate something with my dad. Nobody has taken your place here, don’t worry!!! In fact

Akira had fallen asleep on his writing, pages spread out around him. His Thunderbird-themed covers were messed up from his squirming and he was still in his day clothes on top of his previously made bed. Often Akira fell asleep like this. So exhausted was he from being unable to sleep the last week, he finally conked out hard.

Daniel Park
For honorable mentions: Harper Jareau Serenity Vitellius Eric Dobson Rosemary Moon Tallulah Ahkram Noah Jenson Lucy Blackwood Erin Chevalier Eoin Chevalier [@Kai Tsubaki] Jack Wagon
Daniel Park
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 01:55 PM


Age / 13

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Chicago, USA


Author Alias / Reanie


Post Count/ 29

Daniel just wanted to sleep. Too bad that his roommates had different plans for the evening. Some other Thunderbirds from the other third-year dorms had gathered in his dorm room. The boys had invaded his privacy, taking a seat on the side of her bed. He wanted to kick and curse at them to go off his precious bed, but he didn’t really have the energy for it. Throughout the late night talk, he barely listened. Danny was mostly thinking about the astronomy book, he was hiding under his pillow. It had taken him a while to get that exact book. He straight up refused to talk to students helpers in the library, and he especially didn’t want help from the librarian. Luckily, he had found the book earlier that day, super excited to read it. Unfortunately, his friends had other plans.

Most of the people gathered in the dorm room were followers. The three main guys of the group were Chad, Josh, and Brad – which were all of his roommates. That trio didn't seem to have any values or morals in life. Daniel was neither a leader or a follower, but most individuals of the group listened to him quite well. He didn’t think everything that the three guys did or said was ethically right. Instead of saying something, he just listened and try to erase all of their words from his memory.
The reason why he hung out with them, even though he didn’t listen to them? They were his roommates from day one, they were open to accepting them in a group. When he entered Ilvermorny all on his own, they made him feel as if he was back home. Even then, the bitter teenager hung out with bullies at school. Naturally, he developed to be one of them. It was such an easy way to release his anger and feelings. Daniel had slowly become addicted to it.

Right now, his peers were talking about some of the first year recruits, specifically about a Japanese boy. Apparently, he had some nerd costume and spoke as if he was raised by robots. The wizards, especially the three mentioned specifically, were discussing their arguments to despise the younger wizard. The constant nagging gave Daniel a massive headache, so he tried to stop them by giving a snarky comment. “If you dislike him that much, just dump him in the lake instead of constantly nagging about it.” Most of the boys were quiet by the blunt remark, which was weird cause Daniel was known for it. However, Chad – the self-declared leader – chuckled away. He stood up from his bed, patting Danny on the shoulder. The taller boy complimented him for giving them such a good idea.

The next hour, the three leaders started to prepare for the plan while Daniel was patiently watching over it. Apparently, he was in charge of keeping control over one of the legs and doing all the talking, because it was ‘his’ idea. The other limbs would be controlled by the other three passive guys in the group. Chad would be the ‘leader’, Josh would put the pillowcase over the poor boy’s head and Brad would tie him up.

It was way past midnight when the bullies successfully entered the first-years boy dorms of their house. It was easy to spot Akira’s bedside. Like the nerd he was, he laid under a collection full of paper with text written on it. They divided themselves two on each side of the bed. Chad was counting down from 3 to 1, and each boy grabbed one of the small Thunderbirds’ limbs. Josh immediately put a pillowcase over Akira’s head to make sure that he couldn’t recognize them and make his voice less audible. Then Josh proceeded to nod at Daniel.

The Korean boy was a bit hesitant, not knowing what to say, however, a pat on his shoulder made him a bit more courageous. “Just stay still and nothing will happen,” he lied, looking at Chad for his acknowledgment.

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