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 Alexander W. O'Malley
 Posted: Jun 20 2017, 08:06 AM

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He has a very solid build, with well defined muscles but not to the point that his biceps bust out of his robes. He is active, and works out regularly. His dark brown hair is kept short, and is usually styled to give that "bed head" look. He has a beard and mustache, which he also keeps short and well groomed. His nose is well proportioned to the rest of his face, and comes to a slight point. His lips are heart shaped, and the lower of the two is fuller than its upper counterpart.Alex's eyebrows are a predominant feature on his face, and are usually furrowed, causing shallow lines to develop across his forehead. His eyes are slightly almond shaped and carry a hazel hue, with usually play on the side of green. Alexander William O’Malley was born and raised in Portsmouth, England. His mother, a 17-year-old squib named Fiona, left her newborn son on her parents’ doorstep and fled the country with her much older boyfriend. She’d never know her son, or play a larger role in his life. This left Alex to be raised by his grandparents, one half blood, one Muggleborn. His grandparents seldom used magic around young Alex, fearing he would turn out like his mother, and not wanting to alienate him. This, of course, only increased the boy’s fascination with magic when he finally started to show signs of his ability.Alex was sorted into Ravenclaw, though he secretly felt that he belonged in Slytherin. He studied hard, learning as much about magic as he could, and practicing every spell he could get his hands on. He had friends he would practice dueling with, and dated a little, but he tried to avoid cultivating relationships he didn’t think would help him reach his potential as a wizard. Magic, after all, was a gift as far as he was concerned and he was determined to be the best at it. Alex wasn’t malicious when it came to his magic use, however, and delighted in sharing his knowledge with others. He volunteered to tutor the odd underclassmen, and started to develop a love for teaching as well. He went to University to get his degree in magical education. Immediately after graduating, Alex began an internship as a teacher’s aid at Durmstrang. When he wasn’t teaching, or studying himself, Alex was living it up at the local pub, drinking the night away only to wake up beside someone he didn’t know. It was in Durmstrang that Alex had his first taste of the dark arts. As an aid, he suddenly had access to areas of the castle and information his students did not. He found it all fascinating, and strived to learn as much as he could, whether or not he had the desire to use such magic. After two years of being an aid, Alex took the reins as the Charms professor at Durmstrang, a post he held for 10 years until family circumstances caused him to move back to England. His grandmother had passed away, and weeks later his grandfather passed. Alex always suspected he died of a broken heart, even though he wasn’t sure how that felt. Even though he was sad about the deaths of the only family members, Alex had to move on. He needed to delve back into teaching (and alcohol) to bury his feelings. From there, his life spiraled out of control. While he was able to acquire and maintain a teaching job at a lesser known English wizarding school for several years, his evenings were spent drinking in random bars with random women. His drinking got worse and worse as he tried not to feel anything. It got to the point where booze and women were all he cared about, and he eventually lost his job, followed by the house his grandparents left him. This was a sobering reality for Alex. He’d never truly been alone in his life, and here he was. He needed a new start. A new life without the stigma of being the town drunkard, a chance to recover, and to move away from the memories. He took every penny he owned and moved to the United States, with little money, and only his teaching degree as a backup plan. The first step to sobriety was to admit that he had a problem, and he began going to AA meetings while staying on the couch of a former classmate while he got back on his feet. Alex got a job working at a small cafe in Phoenix Arizona, and picked up as many hours as he could. Long shifts lead to a new addictive habit--caffeine. This one, was at least more socially acceptable, and not unrelated to his present job. Being a 40 something waiter wasn’t what Alex had planned for his life though--so he turned back to his books.His thirst for knowledge, and coffee, set him on the unexpected path of becoming a coffee connoisseur and a businessman. He studied roasting techniques, extraction methods, and of course latte art. Alex worked at the cafe, studied at night, and picked up an astronomy teaching gig on the side. It was a lot of work, but he managed to save up enough for his own cafe--only the location was going to be Greylock Massachusetts. As fun as the coffee scene was, Alex felt the call to return to teaching and Ilvermorny was the most prestigious wizarding school in all of America. In the shadow of Mount Greylock, Alexander opened The Grind, a sizable cafe on James avenue. This way, if he ever wanted to venture back into teaching he could. Until then, he was satisfied with a great cup of coffee.Kelli - 32 - PST - PM For discordSUMMER
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