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 Arne Reinhardt, How you doin'?
Arne Reinhardt
 Posted: Apr 24 2017, 12:12 AM

Metal Charmer To Be

Age / 17 | Height / 6'0" / 1.82m

Pronouns / He/Him/His

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Turners Point, WA

Single / On the prowl

Post Count/ 145

"Jane Doe" | She/Her/Hers

Arne Reinhardt
AGE | 17
DOB | July 4
HOMETOWN | Turner's Point, WA
7th YEAR
Liberal Pureblood
FC: Lautner, Taylor
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: For most of his life, Arne was small. Around thirteen he hit a growth spurt and is now considered average height for his age. He will continue to be average height for the rest of his life, likely never to pass 6'.

PERSONALITY: As a child, Arne loved to mess around and goof off. He was rather carefree and happy go lucky. As he got older, he realized he would never measure up to his perfect older brother and as he entered puberty became moody and impatient. He withdrew into himself and began to take life even less seriously than before--if he couldn't be Tobi then why even try?

Life at Ilvermorny lightened him up considerably, almost to the point of returning to his old self. Arne still hangs with a group of boys who would be considered stoners, but he is not and will never be into the hard drug scene like the potions users at his school.

TALENTS/SKILLS/HOBBIES: Despite his lack of trying in school, Arne has a talent for potions--which he used to use to (safely) mess around until his latest detention during his sixth year which sent his mother through the roof. Since then he has calmed down in potions class and mostly does the task at hand even though he'll sometimes self-sabotaoge just for fun.

As far as hobbies go, there is nothing Arne loves more than kicking back with Cass at the lake and lighting up. He frequently comes late to class with a light cloud of cigarette smoke around him (he'd stop for the right girl) and spends his weekends eating cherries with Cass.

LANGUAGES: English (native language); Arne's father is from Germany and he grew up speaking German with his paternal grandparents who don't speak any English. However as a result of his puberty shut down, Arne has forgotten most of his German and while he can kind of understand it, he has a hard time producing it.

BRIEF HISTORY: Arne's father is tough on him and his mother is loving. He has one older brother, Tobi, who he (secretly) looks up to and who left home before his 7th year of Ilvermorny (Arne's fourth year). Arne has a younger sister, Mathilda, who is a first year this year (IS 3) and a younger brother, Hugo, who is seven years younger than Mathilda.

Arne is also close with his cousin, Ulrich, who is a year younger than him and also in Wampus. Ulrich has an older brother, Liac, who is the same age and best friends with Tobi. Liac and Ulrich have a little sister who is a year older than Mathilda but who isn't attending Ilvermorny.

Jane Doe, 23, Central European Time, She/Her

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