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 Akira Itsuki-Yoshi Tanaka, Thunderbird
Akira Tanaka
 Posted: Sep 1 2017, 09:00 AM
Akira Tanaka

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"Kaizen - continual improvement." -Papa

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Full Name: Akira Itsuki-Yoshi Tanaka.
Nicknames: Yoshi; Tanaka.
Birth date: October 31st.
Current Age: Twelve years.
Occupation: First year student.
Ilvermorny House: Thunderbird.
+Cherry wood | Akira loved the honors he received when the cherry wood wand picked him. That said, it’s infused with incredible power.
+13" | A bit difficult to pocket is Akira’s chief concern so his parents bought him a holster.
+Dragon heartstring | It was rather intimidating for him to realize this powerful power picked him. Whenever he performs magic, the wand flexes its own will on him, requiring him to maintain the strictest of control and mental strength. Especially since he seems to pick up spellwork as easily as he breathes.
+Solid | “A wand of this flexibility will become extremely loyal to one owner and one owner only, usually people of great moral integrity. It is a wand that usually heavily specializes in only one area of magic of its owner's choosing. Owners of this wand are generally known for their reliability, their friendliness, and their character. They may find it difficult to understand views that differ from their own but are usually able to politely disagree.” SOURCE.
Blood Status: Halfblood.
Social Class: Honored.
Character hometown:

Sora Tanaka | father | Muggle-born | an executive officer for BrewCo — Mahoutokoro graduate. Through perseverance and hard work, he has managed to rise in the ranks of renowned company, BrewCo. It is based out of Japan, but is looking to expand to America despite political tensions. Sora is rather rigid, having high expectations for his children. Nevertheless, he loves them dearly. He married his magic school sweetheart a year after they’d graduated. He’s in his early 60s. His parents are proud of his endeavors even if they don’t quite understand the mystical bit.

Akari Tanaka | mother | Pureblood | Japanese auror — Mahoutokoro graduate. She’s as incredibly strong as she is beautiful. She’s followed in her parent’s footsteps and has recently transferred to the MACUSA office to work with the Ministry of Magic embassy’s aurors in their caseload while her husband remains in America.

Adoptables: Older sister (14, third year at Illvermorny) and adopted younger sister (10).


user posted image

Akira cuts a tall figure for males his age, a couple of inches above average at 152.4 centimeters (5’ even). He’s around 43 kg (a little over 90ish lbs.). He has his father’s eyes, but his mother’s fine hair. His almond shaped eyes are dark and generally intense. His hair has copper lowlights that blends into a dark caramelized nut color. His unblemished face is striking with lips that cut a rather serious, but tender line across his serious visage. He has a rounded chin. On the whole, his body is built thin with lean muscle mass and his fingers are callused from the work he does. Generally he hides behind glasses for schoolwork, but doesn’t need them otherwise and will set them aside when he’s not reading.


His (short) illustrious history is primarily steeped in his schooling. Since the age of six, he has been attending Mahoutokoro School of Magic like his mother and father before him. To instill discipline, his maternal grandfather and mother insisted he learn an instrument on top of his lessons in Aikido - both were meant to prepare him for his wand discipline since he’d shown magical ability at a young age. They him settled with the piano and he was as talented as any other student that practiced, but his real love was for the double bass though it was a challenge to wrap his arms about it. Aikido he took in stride, having played around with his older sister when she started and learning things from her. (Even if he had to unlearn the bad form he’d inadvertently picked up!)

Akira has been playing with magic from a young age, borrowing his mother’s wand to create bubbles in baths much to his older sister’s glee. Akira and his sister would borrow their father’s to poke at various plants, pretending that they were going to concoct something for his father’s company. Akira has always been close to his biological sister. His older sister is capable of holding her own and is skilled in Aikido. He looks up to her as a role model.

After he started day school at Mahoutokoro School of Magic, his parents adopted a foreign little girl. She’d been a part of something going on with mama’s work so he accepted her as he would any stranger. His older sister insisted he treat her more informally. It’s been years and he’s grown accustomed to her presence in their family.

This year, his family has relocated to America because of a new corporate building in DC for BrewCo. His mother has been reassigned to MACUSA in local office. When his mom would be away on assignment, his father would occasionally take him and his sister(s) on business trips with him, a live-in nanny in tow. Otherwise he’d stay with his maternal grandfather at home. His grandfather did not travel to America with the family and Akira misses him greatly.


Akira is often mistaken for a gentle soul. His quiet regard is considered yielding and soft because he’ll let others do as they will to him. However, it’s only an illusion of carelessnesss. Akira picks his fights carefully thanks to his mother’s training and that one of the required classes at Mahoutokoro was Aikido. Nevertheless, he’s rowdy with family, but reserved around strangers because of his father’s stance on business etiquette. Instilled in him are the usual epithets: honor, duty, family.

He’s outwardly a bit serious until he’s comfortable with someone where he feels that he can make jokes. Like any other kid, he’s fun-loving, enjoying playing games and with friends. Though there’s a difference between attending his father’s business trips and suddenly being tossed into another culture to live. He thinks a lot of what Americans do is weird and some are pretty rude. His mother has been grooming him and his sisters for the last summer in American tradition for and culture to help ease their transfer. He has a mixed review on the differences between them, but tries to respect them as best as he can understanding that they likely aren’t trying to insult him.

He hopes to take after his mom or dad and takes his studies very seriously. He’s a helpful soul and very proud of his magical prowess. He’s receptive to criticism from trusted sources, but resents foreign peerage telling him how to conduct himself academically. His older sister is his role model.

Changes to his underlying personality would not be surprising, especially since he’s still very pliable.


Akira has a mild interest in snakes, fish, and spiders. He likes an assortment of animals, but those are particularly interesting to him. He enjoys flying on flying creatures and is surprised that Ilvermorny do not regularly ride animals, but broomsticks.

He loves maps, thinking the coolest thing ever would be to find treasure!

He’s particularly talented in domestic duty magic (cleaning, cooking) due to his training in Japan and their scholastic pursuits between writing, maths, history, and the sciences.

He’s fluent in both Japanese and English (spoken and written). He knows a bit of Mandarin and some Korean (particularly spoken, not written), and knows a plethora of greetings and basic salutations in various languages from his father’s travels, but is not fluent. While he's fluent in English, he does not understand all of the English/American idioms. He also struggles to translate it emotionally, meaning that when he speaks English, he tends to be pretty monotone without much self-expression.

He enjoyed and has been practicing Aikido since he was four. He’s by no means an expert, but he wants to continue this practice. He’ll eventually develop a taste for Krav Maga. Regardless, the Aikido flowing style of martial arts is reflected in how he spellcasts.

Akira is fairly well-traveled. During school breaks he’d go with his papa on business trips. He’s not very well-versed in everything about the countries, of course, but it’s given him a taste of how big the world is and occasionally how small minded some folks can be. In particular, he’s fond of Sweden - he likes how they prepare their fish.

Other things he enjoys: robots! He hopes to someday learn how to summon or make a stone golem or other robot-like creatures.

Akira is also extremely interested in superheroes. In particular, he loves all of the mech ones which ties into his love of robots.

He also likes brooms jousting with his sisters. (Generally when their parents and live in nanny aren’t watching. Grandpapa sometimes joins in.) Broom jousting is when you sit on a chair backwards with a broomstick and try to hit the back of your sibling's chair. Works best with rolling chairs, but magic will work in a pinch!

Academic Coursework:

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Care of Magical Creatures
History of Magic
Magical Theory
Akira Tanaka
 Posted: Sep 5 2017, 01:12 PM
Akira Tanaka

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First Year


Plot goals: [1] establish being bullied, [2] identify lifelines for the school year.

Baggage: It'a a rough start with the train's faulty magic delaying the start of the new term. Someone stumbles in on a homesick Akira, offering to help, but Akira only wanted to be left alone. This incites the bullying, a group of four kids who've now made it their life's goal to make Akira's life hell incarnate.
One Paw at a Time...: Akira sees no respite during the sorting, however, Lucy and a few others stand up for him against his bullies. He's sorted into Thunderbird.
[+]The real treasure was the friends we made..., Along the way!: MASSIVE first year thread. Akira is tasked by some upperclassmen to put this golden quill somewhere or else the school would be destroyed. A metric ton of first years join him to help save the school!
[+]Hospital Tag Alongs: The day after the Golden Quill Adventure, Akira is victim to a hexed door. Bloodied up, he seeks treatment in the hospital wing and see Tally, a girl he'd met the day before. He signs her cast and become quick friends.
[+]Bed Wetting.: Akira falls asleep writing a letter to a friend back home in Japan. He falls victim to some bullying from a housemate.


The Superhero League and the Rose: Akira, Harper, and Rose meet up to tackle the maze together! Akira as Cyborg. Harper as Wonder Woman. Rose as herself.
[+]Halloween Maze - First Years: Lucy, Jack, Serenity, and Xavier catch up with Akira, Harper, and Rose while they're still in the swamp for an epic DC V Marvel showdown.
All Claws on the Dance Floor: After convincing Serenity to leave Wolfe with the headmistress, Harper and Akira convince her to dance with them. Eric joins. They boogie.



[+]Partners in Crime!: Akira and Serenity join up to tackle the dummy dark wizard course. Eric joins them followed by their bullies. Serenity suffers from a seizure.
[+]Feather Weather: Care of Magical Creatures. Akira, after being pelted with spitballs by the bullies, joins up with Noah and meets an augurey and a phoenix.
[+]Fluffy! Fluffier! The Fluffst!: Charms. Rose, Tally, and Akira talk about their first accidental magical experience and how they evaded being taken into custody!

[+]Idle Ramblings: After one of their flying lessons, Jack leads a banterous discussion among the firsties.



[+] indicates WIP.
Underlined threads indicates completed thread.
Strikethrough indicates a completed arc.
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