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 Gift Giving, One shot closed
Harper Jareau
 Posted: Feb 13 2018, 01:10 PM
Harper Jareau

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Harper had been devastated when she had left the Grand Hall back during the Return Feast because she had finally had the chance to meet and befriend Nancy, the school library ghost, and had completely blown it. Her mother had been right. She had upset Nancy and now the older girl would never want to be her friend. Harper had cried a little that night but covered it up when her roommates all came back to the dorms from the feast.

She had sulked for a couple of days after the interaction but then after some self-reflection, Harper had decided that she wasn’t going to go back on her word even if Nancy never wanted to see her again. Harper enlisted the help of Hawk the Pukwudgie and Memie the House Elf who were both intrigued by the idea of keeping foods contained so that they could grow rotten. Memie was less enthused by the idea of having said foods then placed in the library, but Hawk had a devilish grin on his face when Harper gave them her idea.

Over the weeks, Harper and her friends collected different types of foods to experiment with and at the end of various weeks and stages of these foods, she would sneak through the library to find a place to put the food for Nancy to find. She placed the containers without lids in random places, hoping that Nancy would be happy for the surprise gifts. Harper’s favorite had been the cake because even though it was rotting, it didn’t smell and didn’t look too bad. She had wanted to try ice cream, see how to get that to work, but the ice cream just melted.

Harper had just attempted to toe a container of old spaghetti into the Restricted Section (she wasn’t allowed in there so she was trying to keep from breaking the rules) when Librarian Sata had caught her. After she had explained why she was doing it and that she was hoping to make Nancy happy because she really missed food, Sata had allowed her to put her gifts to the ghost in the corner of the library on a table where Nancy was often seen. She thought for sure she was going to get expelled or given detention and her mom would have thrown her out of the house, but the Librarian hadn’t been as mean as she thought he’d have been.

She wasn’t sure if Nancy was getting any of her gifts or if she likes them at all, but Harper hoped that they at least brought a smile to her face whenever Harper left her a new one.

Nancy Bishop Sata for mentions
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