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 Puff! Puff! Puff!, CoMC Beginner's lesson
Briar Rose Scribe
 Posted: Dec 11 2017, 02:28 PM


Age / 24 | Height / Average

Pronouns / He/Him

Blood Type / Mixed blood

Hometown / Greylock

Dating / Craig Meyers <3

Post Count/ 124

The Foxy One | Any

Briar sat behind Professor Locklear's desk in the Care of Magical Creatures classroom. Beside him, on two tables were cages of adorable Puffskeins. Many of the cream-colored balls of fur dozed contentedly while others snacked on some scraps he proffered from the kitchens. All, regardless of what they were doing, hummed. While Briar waited for the first and second years to file in he readied a stack of papers to pass out. "Welcome class! Professor Locklear was indisposed today so I'll be filling in. I hope everyone had a great break!" He smiled at the class, and hoped they wouldn't be too upset with what he had to say next.

"Before we start with today's lesson I thought I'd test your memory with a pop quiz!" Oh the groans he received. "Oh, it's not that bad. It's just some questions about what you've learned and some on safety." He passed the quiz -just one sheet and only ten questions- out to everyone and gave them twenty minutes to complete the quiz. Each question was straightforward and simple. The first five asked questions about the creatures they've learned. One specifically about the differences between a Phoenix and an Augury. The last five were on safety rules and similarly easy. Once everyone finished Briar collected the papers.

"Congratulations, you survived the quiz. I told you it wouldn't be that bad. So now onto the lesson! As you can see I have quite the collection of Puffskeins here. Today, we'll be shaving their fur. Each of you will pair up and work together to shave your Puffskein. Take care to ensure comfort from the creature and that you cut long, even strands. Can anyone tell me why we collect the hair?

"Yes! Exactly." He said to the student who answered potion ingredient. "You can tell if you have a content Puffskein by its humming. Should any of you hurt or nick the skin I will subtract house points. So be careful!" He clapped his hands then motioned for everyone to pair up. "Find your partner then come up to receive your puff. You'll find shears and scissors at the back of the classroom."

Briar made sure every pair had a puff and would then walk around the class as everyone worked.

((OOC: To reply to this lesson, please create a new topic below or reply to another student. Remember to stick to the site rules. Feel free to tag Professor Scribe if you need assistance!))
((Bonus points to the student who answered Briar's question and did well on their quiz.))
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