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 This Can't Be True, One shot closed
Amelle Nicchi
 Posted: Feb 8 2018, 06:49 PM
Amelle Nicchi

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Amelle had read the article over and over again since she had picked up the paper that morning. She still couldn’t wrap her head around what it was that she was reading. There was no way that Alfie would have been involved in this. He had always been such a loyal Auror even when he was no longer working as one. He was one of the purest people (not in the sense of ‘pure’ but one to follow the moral rule book) that she knew. This had to be a joke, right? Some sort of set up? They were trying to drive him out of wherever he was hiding and by making him one of the most wanted Wizards could do just that.

She dropped her head into her hands as she thought back to the last time that she had saw him. He had been wearing a horrible disguise. One that had given her the creeps and made her want to wash her hands immediately after seeing him. She hadn’t wanted to know just how rough his current job was for him and knowing just how undercover he had to be where he had to send some strange man to find her and deliver a portkey to her late on Halloween night had really concerned her.

Amelle had wanted him to quit whatever he was doing and come home with her. She hadn’t voiced it, she had only told him to be safe and that she loved him. He was her best friend and in a lot of ways, her platonic soul mate. She didn’t know how to function properly without him and being at Ilvermorny was difficult without him here with her. Lyall made it easier, of course. She loved him and he was always so patient and sweet. But Alfie was her best friend and she had always pictured them annoying one another until they were well into their 100s.

This article could not be real. This wasn’t her Alfie. This was not her best friend. This couldn’t be her best friend, could it? “Oh Alfie,” She said quietly to the paper. “What have you done?”

Alfred Pye

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