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 The diary of pureblooded princess Ayla Tremaine, J/k, but seriously, don't peek!
Ayla Tremaine
 Posted: Feb 28 2017, 03:27 AM

Boy crazy cat lady

Age / 15 | Height / 5'1"

Pronouns / She/Her

Blood Type / Pureblood

Hometown / Palo Alto, California

Hopelessly infautated / with Reko Vitellius

Post Count/ 110

Kelli | She/Her

OOC: Flashback to the night before Ayla left for her first year at school.

It had been a long day. The ideal thing right now would be a hot bath, followed by a warm mug of butterbeer and her super soft pink bathrobe. Ayla and her mother had just returned from school clothes shopping and doing some one on one bonding. Both were things Ayla loved. Her feet were sore, and though she was ready to relax, she still had a lot of packing to do. One of the benefits of being a pureblood was having house elves who would do that for her, but there were some things she wanted to do on her own.

Ayla climbed the large marble staircase to the second floor and made her way to her bedroom. She passed by the room belonging to her sister Aurelia, and poked her head inside, looking for the six year old.

“Elle?” She called as her green eyes scanned the room. Nothing. She and her mother had eaten dinner out, so maybe the other Tremaine children were in the dining room. It also wasn’t unusual for Aurelia to be down at the stables or playing with Declan somewhere. The door to her room was cracked open, and she just assumed that her bags must have already been brought up. Instead she found her six year old sister unpacking her trunk, much to the dismay of their house elf Eevee.

“Please stop, Miss Aurelia!?” The small elf squeaked.

“Nope. She’s staying with me.” The little blonde girl replied, tossing a book to the floor.
“Ellie...that’s enough.” Ayla crossed the room and knelt beside her sister, smoothing her hair as she looked into her sister’s puffy eyes. “Sorry Eevee…” She said, addressing the house elf that was now attempting to refold everything and return Ayla’s clothing back to her trunk.

“You can’t leave me! Who will I have tea parties with?!” She sobbed, throwing herself at her older sister and wrapping her arms around her neck.

Ayla couldn’t help but laugh. Even at such a young age, Aurelia definitely had the most tender heart of all the Tremaine children. She hugged her sister before pulling back to look at her face. She gently wiped Ellie’s tears away and smiled at her. She knew Declan was too young to appreciate the finer points of a tea party, and Olenna was more of a tomboy. However, if she threatened to tell everyone at Ilvermorny Milo’s full name ahead of his arrival, she just might be able to con him into dressing up for a cup of tea with their sister.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be home for Christmas. In the meantime, you can sleep in my bed, and I’ll make sure Magnus VI meets you for tea.”

 photo ayla2_zpsqop0drmh.jpg
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