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 The Mellow Morrison, Imogen's younger brother
Imogen Morrison
 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 05:49 PM

Immy. Mimi

Age / 16 | Height /

Pronouns /

Blood Type / Mixed blood

Hometown / Carmel

Single / And on the prowl

Post Count/ 23

Shellers | she/her

Okay you lovely lot. If anyone would like a boy character/has the time for one, I have a fellas for you.

Name: Oscar Morrison
Age/Year: 13/3rd Year
Face Claim: Steven R McQueen

Personality: Oscar is the more chilled sibling but not by much. He's definitely easy going and likes to be outdoors but he's less argumentative and enjoys music to let his frustrations out more than dangerous and reckless outdoor activities.
His favourite and better classes would be Astronomy, History of Magic and Transfigurations and the weaker ones would be Potions and Herbology.
Due to his easygoing nature, Oscar is a genuinely funny and good person to be with and is difficult to anger. If you do make him mad, he does get Hulk like and if you hurt his older sister... Be prepared, for a teenager he's pretty feisty.

Anything else is up to the writer. Obviously there will be similar personality traits to Imogen but it's more of the case of where the character guides you.

Name: Jamie Morrison
Age: 41
Face Claim: George Clooney or Robert Downey Jnr
History: Born into a well established and prominient Pure Blood family in England, Jamie and his younger sister Isabel ((his wife's best friend)) moved to the States with their parents when they were ten and five respectively. When Jamie started at Ilvermorny he was Sorted into Pukwudgie and excelled at Potions, No Maj Studies, Charms and Herbology. Despite everyone wanting him to be a Healer, he had a great passion and natural ability to be a chef. During his time at school he had a couple of Pure Blood girls he dated to keep his father happy and the blood lines "clean".
It wasn't until he turned 21 and his father died in mysterious circumstances that his sister told him that Tallulah's fiancé broke up with her and that was when he found out that this teenager had always had a crush on him, to the extent that everyone thought that the pair were meant to be together. A few months after finding out, Jamie travelled to Sweden to open a restaurant and to see his soon to be wife.
He met Tallulah a few months before she graduated Durmstrang and the pair of them had an instant chemistry and connection but kept their relationship quiet until she had graduated. Eighteen months later, the pair married nine months after that, Imogen was born.
The family moved back to America from Sweden almost five years later. He opened up a successful hotel and restaurant in Carmel and Tallulah joined MACUSA. Both Jamie and Tallulah said it was because things got too dangerous when in actuality it was because new information into his fathers death but after eleven years he had come to dead ends..........
Personality: The love he feels for Tallulah is second to none. Both his wife and children mean the world to him and would never hurt or leave them. He's compassionate, caring, methodical and calm and doesn't believe in Pure Blood pacts or keeping the magical world pure. His easy going nature makes him easy to talk to and makes friends easily.

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