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 Charmed Silent, Advanced Charms
Briar Rose Scribe
 Posted: Jan 31 2018, 09:59 AM


Age / 24 | Height / Average

Pronouns / He/Him

Blood Type / Mixed blood

Hometown / Greylock

Dating / Craig Meyers <3

Post Count/ 125

The Foxy One | Any

The first thing students will see upon the board when they enter is the three words: Vinegar into Wine. And under that: In Silence. That last part was underlined. Once everyone was seated and quiet Professor Scribe smiled then spoke. "Hello, class. Today you will be turning Vinegar into wine without speaking. I'm sure all of you have been practicing your non-verbal casting so that part shouldn't be any trouble. The charm you will be using today is: ego imvinum." The young teacher then gestured to everyone's desks. "As you see you already have your goblets but take note that they aren't filled.

"This is actually the first part of your lesson. First, use a water-producing charm to fill the goblet with pure, clean water. Then turn that into your vinegar. You may not use verbal spell casting for that either. The second part of the lesson is, of course, turning that vinegar into wine. Could anyone tell me the consequences of miscasting your vinegar when turning it into wine?" He picked the first student he saw raise their hand and nodded when they gave the correct answer. "Yes, exactly. You could get some explosive results. . . or poisoned, disgusting wine. As if being disgusting wasn't enough." Professor Scribe chuckled then moved on.

"When you think that you have done the spell properly then call me over and I'll determine if you have made safe to drink wine." That part of the lesson he was quite confident he could handle. Without having to drink a ton of wine as well. "Alright! Get to work, and bonus points to the first student to complete both parts of the lesson successfully!" He clapped his hands and motioned for all the good students to get to work.

((OOC: To reply to this lesson, please create a new topic below or reply to another student. Remember to stick to the site rules. Feel free to tag Professor Scribe if you need assistance!}}

{{OOC: In addition I'm very sorry for this late lesson! I made up the spell for the vinegar into wine so you can use it if you want or keep it vauge. Either way is fine by me!}}
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