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 The School History, And other important facts
Kiva Kijewski-Jareau
 Posted: Feb 20 2017, 12:56 AM


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The History

Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was started in in 1620 by Isolt Sayre and James Steward when their magical adoptive sons became of age and needed a place to learn. This is the first magical school established by a No-Maj (Muggle) person. The school was set in their own that was located at the top of Mount Greylock in the middle of the Mount Greylock Forest.

Each of the sons were able to name the houses of the school. Chadwick created Thunderbird and Webster created Wampus. Isolt created Horned Serpent while her husband created Pukwudgie. The school had only the two sons as students and Isolt and James as teachers, but they remained steady and soon began to enroll the magical children of the local Native American tribes, Wampanoag and the Narragansett. By 1634, there were enough students enrolled to form house competitions.

As the school grew, so did the structure in which they taught in. By the 18th century, the school had grown to become a granite castle and had so many students that additional staff had to be taken on. Due to the increase in population, they decided to make the school a boarding school to accommodate the needs of the students who travelled long distance. The school had earned such high honored reputation around the world that the founders had to place enchantments on the school to keep it hidden.

However, in the 18th century, an ex student revealed the location of the school to the non-magical community and it became one of the greatest breaches of International Statute of Secrecy. This breach created the passage of Rappaport's Law** and had a large affect within the magical community and the school.

By the 1920s, Ilvermony had become one of the greatest magical schools in the world and remains so even in the modern day.

The Houses and Sorting

The Horned Serpent is the house that represents the mind and favors scholars, the Wampus is the house that represents the body and favors warriors, the Thunderbird is the house that represents the soul and favors adventurers, and the Pukwudgie is the house that represents the heart and favors healers.

Students are sorted in the Entrance Hall with the older students watching from above in the balconies. There are four wooden carvings of the House representatives. When the student stands in the center of the hall on the Gordian Knot, the statue of the house that wants the student will react. The Horned Serpent's crystal on its forehead will glow, the Wampus's carving will roar, the Thunderbird will beat its wings, and the Pukwudgie's carving will raise its arrow.

Additional Information

Since the school was founded by a Witch and a No-Maj (Muggle), the school's history has tended to be more democratic, accepting, and quite liberal in terms of who the school accepts. As a result, please try to be more open to the idea of creating Halfbloods and Muggleborns or Liberal Purebloods (like the Weasleys or the Longbottoms) when deciding on a character.

The Uniform

The School's uniform robes are blue and cranberry. The colors honor the founders; blue for Isolt as it was her favorite color, and cranberry for James for his love of cranberry pie. All of the students robes are fastened by a gold Gordian Knot. Underneath the robes are the uniform.

Females wear pleated skirts to their knees with either high socks or stocking, a white blouse with a tie; the males wear pants, a white button down, and a tie. The pants and skirt color options are cranberry, blue, or black. The ties are in the school colors. During cooler months, the students do have the option of wearing sweaters in the school colors over their uniforms.

Students are allowed to wear their regular clothes once their lessons are over for the day as well as on the weekends.

The School Song

(Caw-caw, caw-caw!)

We stand as one, united,
Against the Puritan.
We draw our inspiration,
From good witch, Morrigan
For she was persecuted,
By common wandless men.
So she fled from distant Ireland,
And so our school began.

Oh-oh! Ilvermorny, Massachusetts
We choo-choose it!
We choo-choose it!
The wizard school supreme,
Your castle walls that kept us safe,
Our days with you, a dream!
You taught us all our magic
And now one thing's quite clear.

Where'er we roam,
Where'er we roam,
Our one true home,
Our one and own,
Is Ilvermorny, dear!

**Please note that due to the Rappaport's Law was founded in 1790 in American Wizarding Law (ie, Magical were not allowed to interact with Non-Magical. They could no befriend or marry). This law segregated Non-Magical communities from Magical communities and is what has caused hostility from Magical communities towards Non-Magical Communities. It also dictated that anyone under the legal age was not permitted to carry a wand outside of school. This meant that students would obtain their wand after their sorting was complete at the school and that the wand remained at the school whenever the student returned home. This law was repealed in 1965. Parents of students at school in modern times may recall this law and have been impacted by it in some way.

Credit: This information was provided by Pottermore and HP wiki.

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